Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Little Bit Of Cough...

What a tiring day!

Early-early this morning around 7am, my siblings and I went to Penang to Mount Miriam Hospital. By the time we reached there it was around 9am, upon entering, we baru realized that we didn't have any masks to wear. Nurses, patients and visitors alike, most of them were masked... the scenario made us felt "inadequate" and we felt like we were at a high risk area of getting infected....

After registering with the nurse, we went to find a "suitable" place to wait. There were only 3 or 4 people waiting at point A. So we sat down, our eyes glued to the tv while waiting. Then suddenly an elderly lady came sat right in front of us.... and.... started coughing, coughing and coughing non-stop for some seconds. OH gosh! She was without a mask, we could hear her phlegm croaking at her throat.... gosh....

What did we do? My brother got up, he walked to the canteen some steps away, my sister also walked off to Point B... and I? Sitting there, watching the old lady took out a spoon and drank 2 tsbp of cough mixture. One man sitting beside her also got up too and walked away.... After him, my turn to go too...

That sat me thinking ... was it actually rude for us to get up and walk away when someone is coughing and coughing? We didn't feel nice but what to do... with the H1N1 scare, a little bit of cough sound send people scurrying away nowadays!


  1. Don't feel bad, I would do the same thing.

  2. i will do likewise,,, so what you were doing in Mount Miriam,,, ?

  3. that person should at least cover her mouth..that's manners..

  4. firstly, let me apologise again on the miscommunication on the delivery of the mooncake... thousand apologies..

    and 2nd.. me too will walk off.. siapa tau..

  5. Aminos..nowadays people are very more worried..

    Eugene.. u too? went to do some check up..

    Wenn, yes, she should but she didnt.. just coughed and coughed.. those days, ppl dint mind so much..but nowadays..

    cynthia, it is alright.. not to worry about that.thanks for delivering too.. :)

  6. thanks Miss Claire for dropping by...its my pleasure always having u in my sanctuary:-)

    hey dont worry about h1n1. ur healthy and be healthy ok...

    take care:-)

  7. i would walk away too.. pretend to go to the toilet.. haha.. =P

  8. Veta... thank God for each blessed day...

    Kenwooi.. we r great pretenders.. have to be..since h1n1

  9. Better walk away...go toilet for a while also better than stay there.

  10. I don think it's rude to walk away... just to avoid. Anyway, we should challenge the person who coughing without mask.

  11. it's ok..i would also walk away. The lady shld have more social responsibility ...

  12. Ayooo Claire.. If the H1N1 is just a cough and will cure after take a cough syrup.. Maybe I wouldn't mind..

    But seems this virus can killed within 7 days... we better try to avoid from people who is coughing!!!! (>_<).. unless you don't love your family anymore and it's ok to get infected... auchhhhhh.... My boy having a mild cough too.. Seen doctor already, thank God its only a cough.. T_T

  13. Mery, next time must remember to wear mask and gloves too if possible.. alamak!

    TZ, how about with a fren or someone casual we just got to know.. i think they would understand if we keep a distance away... right? has come to this stage that when we talk, it has to be at least a metre away...

  14. Cath i was has come to this stage that whenever we heard any coughing, we have to walk away.. hope your boy boy will recover fast... take care..

  15. Haha... I would walk off, too, if someone was coughing next to me without a mask on, and with so much phlegm in the throat! I face that almost everyday in the LRT. Fortunately, these people have the courtesy to put on a face mask. Even I do, too.

    While "sharing is caring", I can assure you that in this case (cough, flu, A(H1N1), etc. etc.) "sharing is definitely NOT caring".

    Henry Yew

  16. Oh yeah, better be rude than be sick.

  17. Why don't they get some mask?Are they( masks ) running out of stocks,too like here in Japan?I'm scared of H1N1,too.I don' t want myself to get sick because I have children--if I were in your shoes,I would do the same.

    re:very funny,Claire!!I don't want to eat in front at the pc when there's a lot of foodie and I'm seeing lots of food here at your site,too--I'd grow wider lol!!\(^0^)/

  18. I believe it was a right to do.. we need to protect ourselves too and our family and friends.

    But I would suggest if you are going to a clinic / hospital it is much more advisable to wear a mask. Afterall this is where all the patients go to and we don't know if they have the current disease.

    If I had a mask on, I might ask her if she were doing ok and maybe give her a pat on the back.

    But did you all know that a doctor told me friend whom was diagnosed with H1N1 "Everyone have H1N1 virus in their body. It is just waiting for time to break out and attack".

    So in this point I feel that, it isn't the sick people who are infecting us, we are all already infected, we just need to stay healthy in order to boost our immune system so it can fight the virus that is already in us.

    But I think it is still a very common response to move away.

  19. I would do the same too, better be safe than sorry. The person coughing should know better too, that she's supposed to be wearing a mask!

  20. I stop breathing for like "20 seconds" *faint*...
    And I wear mask too!

  21. I don't think you should feel bad. Just do it politely. Health is very important, especially that you have kids in the house.

  22. i also will walked off ler....take care own self first ler....prevention first!

  23. Clarissa : yes, over here, masks are a controlled item now.. i asked in few pharmacies..all sold out .. dont know why... so now i tissues or handkerchiefs instead...

    Henry : i remember u posting about h1n1 lately too..yes, ppl should take more precaution esp when they r sick.. close mouth when sneezing or coughing... those with weaker immunity will get infected fast...

    Ladyviral, agreed... forgot to wear masks when we went there yesterday, we wanted to buy and then was told all sold out..

    Krystal, better stay home..if possible..nowadays i do my groceries in sundry shops.. or pharmacies..

    Josephine..the virus is actually air borne, yeah, better to walk to an open area.. haha...

    Hi Grace, it is not feeling bad... sort of funny... nowadays we feel so sensitive..each time someone coughs or sneezes, we walk away involuntarily..

    Via: guess we are all doing that during this scare..

  24. my husband was at the petrol station, queing to pay for the drinks, when the person behind him cough, he terus angkat kaki.. left the place macam baru jumpa hantu!!!!

  25. hahaa..Merryn..that serious too? very very sensitive issue nowadays huh? one cough, people scurry away.. u know what.. next time if there is a long queue, we pretend to cough, can? then the queue will become shorter and shorter.. provided ppl dont chase us away..hahaa...

  26. For me I will cabut jugak leh if someone is coughing and coughing near me...

  27. chubs..thanks for coming by..

    Amy, we are all scared mice..hahaa...

  28. Hi Reanaclaire, it is not rude to walk away. That lady was rude in the first place.
    Suggest you wash your hands every time you return from outside.

    These flu going around is bad, but washing hands will help.
    You keep well and have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

  29. Thanks U.Lee for flying over from Toronto... yes, we need to have good personal hygiene , special care nowadays...
    u have a good weekend too, U.Lee..


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