Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Penang Itinerary

Its 10.26am now, we r in Penang, now waiting for my kids to wake up and then we will begin our "makan" session again. Since I am only familiar with a few roads, we will go to New World to have our brunch, yes, brunch, by the time everyone gets ready, it will be after 11 when we take our meal...

Yesterday we reached Andy's college around 11am, settled all his stuff and fees before we have our first meal, it was in Penang Road...(i tell u, next time i ain't going there anymore, it was just too crowded, food was lousy except for the laksa and ain't worth to go there just for the laksa, some other place can offer just as good)

Then after our lunch, we went to check up, met up with Amy... we have a "deal", she passed over some "goods" to me and I paid her... DEAL... (ahhh....imagine those syndicate's, thanks Amy for making an effort, I hope the DEAL works.....and we will continue dealing.....

Dinner at Chilie's, after 3 hours we adjourned to Free School Garden, had a big meal again before we rounded up and back to hotel. And the rest of the night was spent watching Michael Jackson on TV.... WOW... WHAT A SHOW TO END OUR DAY! BEST!!

(oh Eugene, i realized i dint have yr number in my new hp, i didnt check when i left for penang, sorry, how to contact u ah)


  1. haha. MJ's 30th anniversary! great one! but i watched till 1215. my eyes were closing. have a nice sunday!

    ps : yea pn poh transferred to poi lam. according to sources. your girl is in wat form btw? her name? =)

  2. hey u went to Penang Road, tak makan cendol kah? there the cendol is famous one, I think u shd knw right! but memang Penang Road crowded and hard to find parking eh. I personally also tak suka go there one! If got motorbike then senang. Jz cin cai park and can taste the cendol dy...Hey I like most the "Padang" eh laksa and "cucok", u shd try it next round.

  3. wow..... bring me to Penang when im back. I miss Penang!!

  4. Penang road laksa? Whereabout is the shop? Love the noodles in Kedah laksa more than Penang style.

  5. I always love penang laksa and kueh teow goreng siham..hehehee.. have a great weekend

  6. SJ..r u a teacher or student?

    Wenn, same to u too...happy merdeka to u...

    Amy, went to penang road laksa.. tomorrow got to go back early early.. no time to eat good food. maybe go bali bali...want to join me?

    Chris, ok...i take u if u come back.. hahaa...

    Cheah, pg rd is in town... ask anyone where laksa is, they will tell u...back lane... cendol too.. famous ..

    C.Alv. same to u.. happy Merdeka!

  7. I tot only me as I need to prepare Ethan and all before we go out, it will usually be around 11 by the time we left home too... Having teenage lagi lambat eh? As everyone is getting vain.. lol

  8. How I wish I can see your country in real :) but maybe i can only a dream :)
    Dreaming is free lol.
    BTW, you are a good mom to your kids. I adore a mother like you.
    children are always the priority.

  9. merryn..u r very right.. older, slower... cos u cant control them anymore...

    weng, one day, do visit my country, Weng, i wish i can visit yours too..
    have a nice week ahead..

  10. Email Eugene ba :P.

    Hope you have a great time in Penang!

    oh by the way, SJ is a student.

  11. i was disappointed with new world food. the hawkers there seem to have lost touch.


  12. Ladyviral: i left eugene a message in msn.. but no reply... maybe he is busy too..

    Loke: yes, i agree with u.. not that nice anymore..

  13. yeah... but the shop chaRGED 40 sen more, so better stand outside and drink it... hahaa..


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