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A New Blogger Around The Block

It was raining very heavily around 4pm when I received a twitter message from one of new found blogger who is from IPOH too. Just got to know her for a week or two, she twitted saying that she has baked some peanut butter chocolate cookies and wanted to give me some to try.... How kind of her!! Isn't that a nice surprise on a dreary and wet Thursday?

After some sms-ing and few calls, we decided to meet Maybank Ipoh Garden. When I reached there, I called her and asked her where she was, then I saw a lady holding the hp walking pass my car....I called out "Agnes!" She turned around...hahaa... so I was not wrong... If she didn't turn around.....hmmm... then.....

After exchanging our gifts with each other and a brief chat, we left our separate ways...hahhaa.. maybe one day we will meet up again and hope some other bloggers will join us as well...

her gift to me...

special homemade cookies... hmmmm....

my son exclaimed "WAH! A giant Cookie!"
and started walloping it....

Thank You, Agnes!


  1. Haha! You're welcome again. Hope you all don't mind about the size. My Maine did not allow me to spend precious time moulding the cookies. So I had to just bake huge ones as per the recipe to save time.

  2. Agnes: next time after baking, call me again... i not hak hei one.....hahaa....

    Ken: come over to my house now if u want... hahhaa...

    Abiel, yes, one also enough..

    Cynthia: yes.,good hor.. she pandai to bake too.... me the lazy one...

  3. Besar nya cookies.. i oso wanna be fren with agnes. i oso want to stay in ipoh. ppl say ipoh girls all pletty pletty.. if oni i was born n bred in ipoh, i wud have look better today! LOL...

  4. wenn..yes, she is nice, i wonder what she will bake next time

    Merryn, jangan cakap begitu... u r also one of the beauties in KL.. and Malacca... :)

  5. No photo of Agnes?...I love meeting fellow-bloggers and becoming real friends with them - especially when we've communicated via our blogs and seem to click together so well...

  6. STP, no photo cos she just wanted to pass over the cookies to me at the bank would look rather odd to take pic on the pavement in the evening, drizzling... haha... but u can see her pic in her blog.. very young lady...

  7. so good leh, i want to hv some too...ada lagi kah?

  8. Lei cheok ho lah,, got cookies from Agnes,,,,,,

    anybody out there can give me free freebies,, and i will be sure to promote you to page rank 10/10..


    hey Claire,if you happen to be in Penang tomorrow, let me know if you are free to meet up,, only before 3 noon, cos will be busy after 3..... you know my phone right and that of my wife's ?

    tak care now

  9. ok.. eugene..i give u freebies when u come ipoh.. so if i go pg, ada freebies from u tak? haha...
    Ok, will call u if i can make it before 3pm, cos need to enrol my son in college before 1pm.. will not disturb u after 3pm... *wink*

  10. Waaa!!! so lucky ah u Claire!!! so far I've only been gven 2 slices of carrot cake by a blogger in Kota Kinabalu :)

  11. I love to bake those...but always don't have time...the cookies must be delicous :)

  12. nice of this sexy mama :D she even bake? how talented :D Maine did not come along?

  13. Ooooh I love peanut butter chocolate cookies! Waaa I miss it! And those looks yummylicious! I want also! Courier please! :P

  14. Miss Mathew: dont count the food, appreciate the thoughts, indeed we r blessed to have nice bloggers from all over.... :)

    Ruby: A giant cookie.. just like those in the fairy tales.. :)

    Ken.Mrs.Craig: homebaked is always the best.. fresh and nice..

    Barb: u know she is sexy? hahaa.. she is one pretty mama, no, maine didnt come along, raining la..

    Ladyviral, go to her blog and ask her can courier or not..hahaa..

    Tiee, she and the cookies are nice.. :)

  15. You have a very thoughtful fren altho you have not meet her before.

  16. yes, sarah's parents.. hahaha.. sure has good bloggers around..

  17. Very big cookies and it looks yummy.

    It is always nice to meet up with blogger friends.

  18. hey why not reserved some for to to try it

  19. Mery, they r indeed yummy...haha... yes, nice to meet up too..

    Bugs, u come ipoh.. then only talk talk..

  20. Nice hugh Avent baby milk bottles bag...he he he!


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