Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back To Good Old Days & Our Ways..

After 2 months of confinement, both mother and child are doing fine. The new mummy slimmed down a lot whereas the baby gained much. Fair enough.... Thanks to her confinement lady, she has lost a lot of weight, according to her, her confinement was a nightmare, a tragedy! On the positive note, she is now a slim young lady who is now on her way to gain back the "must lost weight!"

Well, she can afford to gain weight but how about me? I have added much flesh here and there even before she came back. Now that she is with us again in the office, there will be no slowing down in FOOD. Breakfast and lunch is a MUST, before her coming back, I can skip lunch happily... (yes, Lynn, I really did skip :)

Ok, so what did we eat for breakfast? Here there are... my yummy chee cheong fun, my favorite and the man did it MY WAY I wanted him to....

the sauce - EVERYTHING PUT!

then lunch time... this...

packet of rice with 3 dishes - RM2.80

followed by one bowl of beancurd
(tau foo far RM1.50)
how not to gain weight??
Eat la.. worry later...


  1. this is ok what, breakfast is a must and your lunch, so little rice won't put on weight one la. Someone said, eat 5 small meal a day, we manage to lost weight wor.

  2. wah! i'm the first to comment ar. hahahhaha :P

  3. ok la.. nvm on the weight.. we will see more food post la..

  4. eat to live...enjoy wat we eat but never overeat?food are just so scrumptious and tempting..esp im msia..vr hard to resist isn't it?

    ps you dotta is lai hun fen?

  5. Yummy beancurd! aiyar eat now worry later! You not fat also mar... Wanna say fat, I fatter lor...

  6. Annie Q: yes..u r FC today..haha..
    agreed with u, breakfast is very important but must eat healthily.. is chee cheong fun healthy or not? :) wallop first.. worry later..

    Cynthia: will try to snap our breakfast pics from now on.. :)

    SJ, yes, in Malaysia food is the best.. apa pun ada.. u name it, we got it, hor? :P

    Ladyviral: ok, dont say who who fat.. sensitive subject right? as i said , eat first la.. lose weight later..

  7. you have an excuse to eat more lor! LOL :D

  8. ur breakfast really is mouth watering man!! lunch is so cheap over there isnt it? beancurd is so yummylicious.. i can have the whole barrel! But I kenot lah claire, I cant eat like you. Else sure turn into some kind of over inflated balloon! :(

  9. Tekkaus: i have an eating passion.. i bet most of us do, right? :P

    Merryn, one day we eat together and see siapa makan more... yes, i can drink that beancurd 2 bowls anytime.. can u cook that for me?

  10. You are SOOOOOOOO slim, what is there to worry about?...Your friend's baby fat kah? Aiyor...cannot be overweight oh!!! Doctor sure will scold!!! But I think fat babies are fat guys! Hehehehehehe!!!

  11. my friend but only 70% full..

  12. hey STP, i m short ma..furthermore, u havent seen me yet, pics can be misleading, in actual fact i m rounded but of oourse, i dont wanna "win" u la.. hahaha... i let u have the honour...
    my fren's baby is now 6kg, 2 months old, ok lar... but my fren is slim now..

    wenn: i think i eat 101% la.. now i m standing up typing this...

  13. Worry later??? wuakakkakakka...

    eat 1st and worry on the same time... baru boleh pakai... ahahahah... like me lah.... hahahha

  14. I ate more than you but still cannot gain weight, sigh! All the weight gaining stuff cannot work on me leh!

  15. Cath J, when eating time, no care less.. after that only care-full.. hahhaa...

    Pete: ohhhh.. u make me so jeless...

  16. but i think you are still ok. not even overweight. If i have a body like u, i wont worry much. Will eat and eat and enjoy!

  17. tiee: thanks for the encouragement to continue eating but i know myself, my metabolism has slowed down these years.. gonna be careful too, oh, btw, will add u back to my roll tonight...

  18. packet of rice with 3 dishes - RM2.80?!?!?! *pengsan*

  19. irene: why pengsan? too cheap or too expensive.. must be cheap right? mine is small rice.. but it is more than enough for me... cukup cukup makan.. better than cooking on our own hor?

  20. Not bad ya. The rice is charged very reasonably.


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