Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best Time Of The Year!

I have 101 tasks to do... (not paid posts la).. tasks nowdays mean home tasks, office tasks and kids' tasks (sorry Andy, mama here forgot to take your bus tickets, hope they r not sold out yet, if sold out, I drive u back to college personally, ok?)

This is the best time of the year, my muslim colleagues will go on half day leave tomorrow and will be on leave for the whole of next week!!! Sounds great, right? Me? I will sacrifice myself... I will stay in the office to "jaga", or in other words "hold the fort." And that is the best part of it! hahahhahaahahahah... *cunning laughter*

I really do not mind, in fact I love being alone in the office, I can do what I like, on my pc music loud loud, go for my breakfast long long, do my private matters slow slow and best of all, no one bothers me at all!!

So... to all Muslim Readers, "Selamat Hari Raya" & forgive my rantings here... (maaf)


  1. Hey, alone......yeeeee, yeeeee, yeeee, not scared ar? Heh heh, just joking larr!
    My previous boss always says 'hold the fort', but at the back of our head, we go 'YAY boss not around', LOL!

  2. Sometimes it is nice to be alone in the office. So peaceful and can do work more quickly.
    A lot of Muslim friends already balik Kampung loh.

  3. yaya.. alone is office is awesome..
    errr... can curi curi online when bored too.. hahahaha..
    selamat hari raya!
    my Muslim colleague also having 1 week holiday next week.

  4. Pete..when my boss is away, we always say "MERDEKA! MERDEKA!" hahahaa...

    Superman: yes, best alone in office, no one overlooking over your shoulder unless i see too much ghost movies..hahahaha....

    Dolly, curi ayam, i call it.. kucing tak ada, tikus mari... fyi, i m born under the rat sign.. hehe...

  5. Congrats to your new domain girl hehehe...i hope everything will work out have to inform SS and PPP that you have a new domain okay

    You will be given new codes to install in your lay out, having a new domain is a pain in a B...t hehehe.

    I never did use my domain in monetizing better, so, i can only have my domain for this year only.

    Anyway, if you have problems with SS and PPP , just send a Customer Love message, they are sooo helpful.

  6. By the way, it will change automatic in my bloglist because I am a follower of your blog hehehe. Glad I followed you hehehe.

    so, enjoy being alone in the office hehehe. I love that idea, i can work better with that.

  7. Claire : Eaten your mooncake?
    LMAO - Laugh my ass off!
    ROLF - Roll on floor laughing
    Imagine STP ROLF......rolling on floor laugh.....ha ha ha!
    Opps, cikgu going to hentam me already for writing this! LOL!

  8. that's great. happy working then.

  9. yes girl, you have to inform them...there is a topic to choose when you send them a customer love URL CHANGE, because if you dont do that, will not be paid...the post before, if click it will say not foud, 404, or REDIRECTED...

    yes, its good as new...really, you will see that the old statistics will freeze and eventually go down...

    then, your new stat will be back to 12 million...

    mine, still in go.daddy too,

    i had a hard time fixing but, SS and PPP help me really, they did it voluntarily

    the ITK codes will be change too, they gave me a new one after I informed them

    I have limited IT knowledge, so, its hard for me...i guess you and your kids can fix it easy...

    inform SS and PPP asap okay? that you have a new domain

    you can do it easy

  10. you "own" the office then.. have more space to yourself.. =P

  11. ALONE????!!!!! Haiya claire. dun la go n tell the whole world u'll be alone.. nanti got ghost go find u ler.. hahahah

    anyways, hapi holidayz to u too!

  12. Merryn... ask them to come.. i wanna be Ghostbuster part 2....hehehee...
    ok, if u fren enough, tomorrow u come and accompany me.. right?

    Ken: alone..not home alone..haha...

  13. muahaha.. ya lor, office alone very shiok de.. no one to disturb you.. plus holiday hoh, not many calls to entertain also..

  14. Just don't bring down your office Claire! :p Make sure no enemies infiltrate your fortress ok! :p

  15. you sacrificed yourself to stay at your office alone yea..can do almost wateva you want. hehe.

  16. Hahahhaaa.. l love what your 'cunning' thinking coz I'll do the same next week hhhee

  17. Cynthia, can bake mooncakes here also.. no one will bother.. but unfortunately, i no know how to bake...:)

    Tekkaus: yeah, dont invade my territory, i will put up sign!

    SJ: not sacrifice.. i m more than willing to be by myself in the office ... :)

    C.Alv.B: hey, then let us compare notes next week eh...

  18. then comes CNY it is their turn to hold the fort.....arent we a harmonious lot? hahha....:)

  19. claire..haiz..why u remove ur Cbox...wana ask u on recipe for potatoes wif pork of your best dish.. :(

  20. Manglish, yes, true.. i told my superior.. next year it will be my turn to go half day.. she said ok no problem.. :)

    Chandelier: no chatbox cos got "ghost" last time who came to haunt it... i will put back later.. when i hv the new template.

  21. hey claire!! Come shake hand with me!! My malay colik will all go cuti next week too!! Left me alone, but will still got one malay in office, since he is local. Normally raya i also alone in office and one leg kick!!! hahahahha.. Hope two of us has tone of fun in office! :)

  22. Annie Q, what shall we do next wed early early morning? Go for a sumptious breakfast first? Then come back and goyang kaki at our meja and watch MJ MTV show! hahhaa..

  23. Hahahahahaha!!!! Pete insulting me behind my back hor!!! Never mind! I'm in a good mood as my girl's home...until next Friday!!! Lucky you, pete!!!

    P.S. Aiyor, can you forget anak's ticket? Maybe you want an excuse to drive him back to Penang and meet up with Eugene? Hehehehehe!

  24. STP: phew.. i m relieved that all is good with Pete.. great gratitude to your Melissa who is here to make papa happy .. Pete, if u see this, u know what to do, huh...

    P/S: haiyah, my scheme also bocor by u already.. how u know ah.. smart ppl means smart.. yeah yeah, wanna meet eugene but then last minute son said tumpang BIL back wor.. hancur idea ku.. sigh..

  25. STP & Claire : Ha ha ha, I know this week Cikgu will be in good mood, so kacau him a bit never mind! Some more ah, he can write nice pantun in my comment leh! Very terer, his pantun asking for duit raya, ha ha ha!

  26. Pete & STP :wah.. i cannot compete with these smart alecs here.. i malu... *white handkerchief waving*

    Ok, will hop to yr blog now... (i also want to ask for duit raya from both of u.. i m eligible, right?)


Thank you, readers!

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