Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lumut, Sitiawan & Kampong Koh..

From Kellie's Castle Batu Gajah, we proceeded our journey to Lumut, to show my JB frens the (as if there is something special about that) ... walked around and look see, look see, nothing much, mostly holiday goers, waiting or embarking the ferry to go across to Pangkor Island.

After an hour or so, we adjourned to Sitiawan, just drove past and went on to Kampong Koh to have our belated lunch there. I took them to this Ah Pek restaurant, been there few times but this time the food was so so only. Either they have changed the owner or the chef has left, the food served yesterday was a bit bland to me....

the or chian...
sitiawan style..
crispy all round..

nearer version...
this was not too bad...

sweet sour crabs
was not to my taste

the claws looked big but when "hammered"
the flesh has already "shrunk"
due to starvation...

stir fried greens...
(not sure of name)

steamed senangin...
(sorry, dont know english name for this)

and the half left mee sua with red wine chicken

The bill came to RM128/-
expensive or not?
i feel it was a bit over charged...


  1. nice one. yealo, i think a bit overcharged.maybe the crabs a bit exp?

  2. Eyew...I think I'd stick to the or-chian Penang-style...or the way they fry it at Kpg Buntal, Damai...near Kuching. Also crispy and definitely looks nicer than this!

  3. havent tried sweet sour crab b4. must be scrumptious. like sweet sour pork.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  4. Gab: yes..overcharged.. dont go there next time..haha...

    STP: different stalls, different styles..i like this one cos not so oily and lembik... btw, what is so nice about or chian hor?

    SJ: this sweet sour crabs not so nice also.. i think gourmet square in ipoh lagi better..

  5. should go to tg tualang..famous for seafood..

  6. I like the last one mee suah with red wine chicken! Yummy yummy!!

  7. Wenn: yeah, we should have gone tg tualang instead...

    annieQ: actually i dont quite like but once awhile, ok..fine.. :) i prefer the local char mee...

  8. Hmmm... i thought Kg Koh should have better food than this ;-)

  9. I think it is a bit overpriced as it is not in KL. What is the first dish? Vege?

  10. A little overpriced....Claire dressed like Japanese tourist? LOL
    Senangin is Treadfin fish, the one with 'misai' is called Fourfinger Treadfin....quite a funny name, huh!

  11. pureglutton: really not nice.. ipoh also better...

    Cath J: not worth la... too expensive

    Celine: im sure KL better..anytime..

  12. The mee sua with red wine chicken is my favourite dish! But in KL very hard to get this.. =(

  13. gosh, great food & food... im getting hungry de :)

  14. Alot of nice makes me feel hungry now.

  15. How come the Or Chien looks so weird! LOL :D Very different from what we have here in Malacca. :p

  16. guys ate so many things! Must be yummy aye! The crabs look very nice too. Yum yum!

  17. Really overcharged if the taste just so so ..

  18. Aeiween: about the mee sua, i prefer it to be eaten with minced pork cantonese style.. hahaa.. old habits die hard..

    Irene: live to eat, right? :)

    MeRy: yes, food does tempt us.. now i also feel hungry too..

    Tekkaus: yes, different style, i think this must be deep fried la.. penang style is softer... so it depends on individual liking.. i tried the malacca one, near Jonkers street, a housewife did that for us, i forgot the name.. soft like penang one too..

    C.Alv.B: yes, if the food were tasty, then it is worth paying.. but if not, i feel they overcharged us..

  19. Aunty, RM128 is too pricey lah! Hmmm... next time instead of going to Sitiawan for seafood, you should consider going to Tanjung Tualang for nice crabs and prawns! RM120 total also you will pay happily! All fresh!

  20. Crab!!! I love it so much... Sitiawan not a bad place huh?

    Wai Keong

  21. People said Ipoh got a lot of good food and it is true! I like the crabs. Look delicious.

  22. Henry: I is not the place, but the timing. Everywhere we went, most places were crowded and the food were sort of bland during this festive season. Maybe after this week, it will be back to normal including the prices.

    Wai Keong: Must try more stalls then only can compare.. kg koh have lots but i hv yet to find a good nice one...

    Superman: If u ask me, IPOH now is not as famous as before.. when it comes to making money, they just dont care less about the quality anymore..

  23. so expensive le. except for the crab,the rest of food are biasa-biasa saja

  24. sitiawan food quite nice one wor....wah, the oi chien, looks yummy ler...and lots of oi chen in it.

    rm 128, a bit expensive it seems.....thought is shud be bout rm 80-90 there since got crab dish there

  25. the or chian looked delicious....i am a sucker for or chian hahahha....RM128 ar? i think quite standard these days once you ordered crabs....

  26. the mee suah with red wine chicken is something new to me. i wonder how it tastes like.

    thanks for visiting. :)

  27. Crab meat shrunk due to starvation? Hahaha... I thought the meat shrunk because it's cooked!

  28. claire! u went to the place i grew up! i grew up in sitiawan and i missed that place so much! so how was kampong koh? full of bird's nest? gosh.. i really must go back there one day..

  29. these are so yummy, Claire :-); am drooling right now!

  30. got some crabs today too...that looks yummy, i like sweet and sour sauce that's why

  31. Wah Wah, the or chian looks bad lah,,, come come to penang,i will show you all good or chian is,, btw,, RM138 is expensive too....

    this is the only foodie pictures of yours that did not get me drooling away...

  32. Mama Mia: yes, that was what i tot time no more going there..

    Via: if expensive but nice, then worth it..but this meal was not at all, so next time no more visiting there..

    Manglish: if the crabs meat did not shrink, then ok..hahaa.. as it had, then it was not worth it..

    Life Ramblings: this red wine mee sua is famous in sitiawan, normally for confinement ladies.:)

    BoeyJoey: at first i tot they shrunk due to overcooking too, but it was not dry at all, the meat was still fresh, only the meat is not fully developed, if u get what i mean.. hahaha...

    Merryn: aiyah, then i should pay a visit to your hometown, yr house there... say hi to yr aunties, uncles.. etc etc... lol...

    Cecile: looks good but didnt taste as good as it looks.. :)

    Amy: your cooking will be definitely better than the ones i show, i m sure.. :)

    Eugene: ok, next time i wont miss calling u .. i got yr number safe in my hp now...

  33. claire, pangkor nice or not? cheap or not for me the very kedekut one? planning to go there lah, nice or not?

  34. feel hungry seeing all these delicious food, thanks for adding a return, i already add you in my blog link

  35. My Reality: i didnt go pangkor la.. i went sampai lumut saja then makan, after that balik ke ipoh.. i dont like ferries, if possible, refrain from going to islands..

    Hazel: thanks for coming by.. do keep in touch..

  36. wah wah wah... why suddenly family holiday ge????? like a mini reunion...not cny yet wor!

  37. oh boy, my mouth is watering now. the dishes look yummy. hey, the name of the restaurant is sooooo long and funny :)

  38. I think they overcharge ..thought u guys are 'water fish'.. probably too much hype on kg koh already

  39. maybe that's the standard coz u got crab?
    hahah.. i dont know..
    but 128 for 4 dishes, it's quite expensive like that loh

  40. Psst...! I don't think the crabs shrank. People say at certain time of the Chinese month, they are busy mating - too active, not no flesh! Dunno how true! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  41. Rachel: no need cny one..when it comes to eating, anytime also can! hahaa...

    Barb: next time dont go to this shop.. either they simply cook them or it was festive season yesterday that they simply charged as well..

    Chris: water fish we were really.. but my fren paid...dont know he heartbroken or not.. i was..

    Dolly: memang expensive.. i think normal days below 100rm nia..

    William: the food was not good actually.. :)

    STP: how crabby..
    pssst.. really true or not.. maybe we ask eugene??? he stays near the beach, right? hehehee...

  42. aiks, that bad? rmbr i saw from someone's post that the food's good.

  43. James..but not the other day when we went... dont know why...must be festive season..

  44. Wrong day, wrong time and wrong place. sigh!!!!


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