Friday, October 2, 2009

Arrivederci, AAron! Mi Manchi!!

On Wednesday, I drove to Kuala Lumpur to meet up with AAron.... yes, on Wednesday evening, I felt the tremor in Royale Bintang Hotel, but being blur as I always am, I didn't realize it was an earthquake effect, I thought they were doing some renovation that caused the room to trigger for awhile. Anyway, I was busy blogging furiously cos I couln't get into some websites using the hotel's password and ID.

THE REASON I went to KL.... yes, the pictures said it all... to send AAron off...

Where? To Italy....

Why? His company sent him for a three months internship training...

With? 2 of his coursemates as well....

I didn't want to disclose earlier cos his flight didn't finalize until the day itself, ie. on Thursday, they only got back their visas yesterday at noon.... so imagine how panicky they were.. I were too.. .. (jadi atau tak jadi, we were not sure)... but we had everything packed during the weekend, winter clothings and all were bought and neatly packed...

His friends who came to the airport...
I am very grateful to all of them
Cos they led me back to the hotel
it was already midnight!

Thank you, Billy, Kee Siong,
Winnie & Dody...

Now I am home...I am still waiting for his call from Italy... last night he told me his hp's battery was already weak... anyway, I am still waiting anxiously for his sms/call....

In three months time we will meet again....
Arrivederci! Addio!
Mi Manchi!!


  1. nice eh. too bad i couldn't go there to send him off. :) hope he has a great time there. God bless!

  2. I'm sure he will have a wonderful time! Thanks for the add and I added you too. :o)

  3. fuiyo! Italy baby! Congrats congrats.. dapat pergi sana aaron.. make sure u round round there before you balik malaysia..

    claire, u make us all sooooo suspense oni lah! hahahahaha..

  4. Gab: thanks a lot again for helping me get the number otherwise tonite i cannot sleep..

    Tammy: Thanks for coming by again!

    Merryn: sorry ah.. i dont want to disclose earlier cos plans might change, actually changed few times already, supposed to go in july, then sept, now oct.. so tat was why i didnt blog about it..

  5. wishing Aaron hv a nice time in Italy..

  6. WOW! Three months in Italy, how nice!!! I'm sure Aaron will have a good time there.

    Mummy don't miss your boy boy too much, three months pass very fast one. :)

    Have a good weekend and Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and your family.

  7. awwww....what a wonderful trip. so, did u cry when u bid him sayonara? hehehee

  8. Wenn: thanks.. i hope he really does..

    AnnieQ: will be counting the days till end dec... Happy Mooncake to u too!

    Barb: nearly did when he went down the escalator to get his passport verified.. the lump was at my throat already... :(

  9. oh that's very nice! hope he have a safe trip to there~ i never been to Italy before but i guess it should be very nice place to visit. Hey how come you didn't follow him as well? LOL

    Happy Mooncake Festival to you~ =)

  10. Aaron is sooooo lucky!!

    Anyway, Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and your family....

  11. Aaron is in Florence, Italy already..guess everyone is sleeping now..Ciao!

  12. did you give him your shopping list??? LOL.

  13. waaaaaaaaaaa..ITALY!!!! when he comes back, all the Italian he know is Dolce Dolce Dolce.....:)

  14. Wow! Italiano!!! Good luck to Aaron! So lucky...and lucky you, got such a capable son!!! girlfriend liao kah? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  15. Hey it's definitely great to see Aaron going some great place. You still manage to keep your blog nicely updated. Well, I'm sure we are all going to miss him

  16. WAH~
    Arrivederci! Addio!
    Mi Manchi!!
    what does this mean?

    Italy!! so siok leh...

  17. Aeiween: yes, i also never been.. one of my dream trips..

    Mauve: blessings from God.. yes.. praise the Lord..

    Son: goodnite..hahaha.. the 6 hours difference.. now is 6am over there when i wrote this...

    Miche: want to include yours too? actually i forgot la..

    Manglish: what is doice? hahaa.. must cari Mr. Google again...

    STP: no, not his gf la..u r more excited than i am.. hahaha... his course mate who was chosen to go along too...

    Kianhin: thanks for coming by.. u hv 3 blogs too, i notice..

    Dolly: i pun cari Mr. G to help me with italian..means goodbye, see u, i miss u! hahaha...

  18. wah, so lucky! internship in Italy! well done!

  19. Erm...actually only of it was my previous one....decided to start a new blog back then but still wanna remain the memories in that blog....that's why I'm keeping it there..

  20. That means still got chance kah? Can booking or not? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  21. Aaron looks so much like you! He's so lucky to be picked by his company to go to Italy for training.

  22. Irene: yes, thanks to God's blessings!

    Kianhin: ok, i add u in my blogroll.. can keep in touch... :)

    STP: wah, as i said, u sound more happy than i m.. psst.. can tackle yr girl or not? maybe we can be "besan?" lol.......

    Healthfreak: same mould, i guess... hahhaa...
    yes a 3 months training.. hope he enjoys himself there with his frens..

  23. hello claire,

    wow your son is lucky of having a training in Italy. Hope he enjoy himself even he is far from you.
    You are always a supportive mom for your kids.

    BTW earthquake, yes I've heard the news about that too, that the strong earthquake in indo could be felt in KL. Thanks God for always protecting us.

    have a great weekend

  24. Ayoooo Claire.... you look soo young!!! So nice lah son already grown up!!!

    Italy?? Wahhhh ... syokkk... you must visit him if got a chance ^_^

  25. Weng: thanks for coming by.. yes, thru God's grace, everything is possible.. have a nice weekend too!

    Cath J: young? when u see me in real, then u be shocked.hahaha.. anyway, good to be feeling young.. looks are not so important.. hahaha..

  26. Ahhh, that is why you came to KL....Have a good trip Arron!

  27. Wow 3 months in Italy! Nice! Don't worry Claire, good exposure for Aaron and 3 mths is very fast. Soon we will read about you blogging him coming back to Malaysia. :)

  28. wah so nice. writing this from my office. wanted 2 c aaron b4 he left tho. but nice 2 noe he is safely there. =)

  29. Pete: thanks..yes, that was the reason why.. i also hv no time to meet up with any of my good bloggers..hahaa...

    cheeyee: yes.. time flies so i always say... it will be after christmas

    Joe: yes,..he is nicely settled so far..hahaha..only he said now he misses the asian food..

  30. It'll be a great exposure for him. All the best, Aaron!


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