Friday, October 16, 2009

Do Yourself A Favor (MY)

Gavin needs help! Not in money kind, NO... just read on... (excerpts from here)

Gavin has Tay-Sachs disease, in layman's term it means it has something to do with damaging nervous and brain systems, can never able to speak, will not be able to eat solid food, no cure at this time... etc...

Parents, please visualize this...what would u do IF you have a child described as above?

You fight for a chance. Yep, that's what you'd do. And that is what the parents are doing. And we, parents with kids, need to help.

Here's how - Hope for Gavin (please click for more details).

Trust me, to help Gavin, you don't have to fork out lots of money. It's gonna be fun. It won't take a lot of your time.

I'm actually very excited about exploring my hidden artistic skills for this project.

C'mon, do yourself a flavour this Christmas. It's good for the soul when you give a gift of love.

Words with Italic were written by a Malaysian Mummy staying in Thailand... she has taken the initiative to take the first step to help why can't we? If we can blog about our daily lives, we can do an "added" bonus to our blogs by spreading the word around to those in need too.....

I don't know exactly how I can help, I am "art-less" when it comes to handicraft, but give me scissors and paper, I may be able to cut... (how about that, goolymama?)

How about You? Some of you, I know have some talents... if you think you can do more than cutting papers, then click onto her website and see how you can help Gavin...

The theme for blogging is slightly different from nokia Blogging means Connecting People To Help One Another!

Read for more details in her post in Do Yourself A Favor in her blog. Thanks..

(this is not a paid post :)


  1. wah wah...
    i am first..
    i not yet read!
    but i am first!
    i am first!!!

  2. Good to help if I can. Will check it out!

  3. dolly: first prize to u... hahaha...

    IM blogger..will check it out...

    Pete: what i can...not so sure how to help.. my thai blogger will tell me.. :)

  4. claire.. i'm pushing forward all my christmas craft post now.. it was suppose to be published only in november but i'm pushing it forward to next week. i've done some christmas tree ornaments and all and i hope they can do dat too besides the card. i'll work on a card real soon..

  5. wow Merryn.. let me find out how to help.. i am also not so sure how to go about it... did u read the details in the blog? i feel so overwhelmed.. lets hope all these helps...

  6. I hope Gavin can recover and get well soon! :(


Thank you, readers!

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