Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Sunday Account....

My brief account on what I did today, till now... 7.46pm... (miss u, son...)

This morning we woke up at 7am... yes, very early...cos it was my turn to co-worship in church, my girl and I have to reach church by 7.30am to do some last minute practising before service starts at 8am. During the midst of singing "Our Father In Heaven", my tears came to the brim of my eyes... it was indeed wonderful to worship in church...

After the service, Fernie and I went for our breakfast in Woolley. We met auntie Christine there and we sat together to have our morning meal. These were what we had...

ma lai koe (brown sugar cake?)

lor mai kai (glutinious rice with chicken)

Fernie & I ordered hokkien prawn mee....

After breakfast, we went home and did our usual stuff. I onlined to see whether Aaron was online or not, but he wasn't, he must still be sleeping cos of the 6 hours difference. Funny, when he was in KL, I din't miss him as much as now.... maybe now he is thousands of miles away, the thought is different, I keep thinking and missing him lots....

Ok, back to my daytime story... around noon, we went for a facial and body massage. "WE" - my Mama and I... Took her to have a time of her life... the lady boss did a nice soothing relaxing facial on her, in no time my mum went to dreamland, she must be pretty tired, her soft snores could be .... when she woke up, she was treated to a Body Massage.... hmmm... she loved it very much!

my mum...before going to "dreamland" ..hahaha...

We reached home around 4pm... and 2 hours later, we had our dinner along the Lau Pak Khuan Road, just next to the Shell station, opposite Fatimah Hospital. We ordered 4 dishes but 2 of my vegetable photos didn't turn out well unfortunately... .

Fernie loves this kau yoke (yam with stewed pork)

i love yam too...

teochiew style steamed talapia fish...

another of Fernie's favourite..

Well, that's my programme for today!
How about yours?


  1. haha...maybe he is still recovering from the time difference jet lag. my sunday was normal, whole day went for CG and church. :) quite nice...

  2. I know how you feel, I felt the same when my daughter left for further studies. Take a while to fill up the "vacuum". You will be OK. Take care

  3. must fong sam ok...
    son already big... as long he told u he arrive safely liao..ok lo

  4. Gab: last time in KL also not worry.. :)

    Cheah: yeah, i was telling myself.. give a week or so..then i get used to it.. but needs him to msg often too..

    Rachel: yes... he is 21 over..but to me, always my boy.. give me some time ... yeah..

  5. don't worry..he will be fine..

  6. what a nice sunday. those food is making me hungry again. hey, has Aaron called back?

  7. wenn: yes.. with God's grace, he will be...

    Barb: we chatted thru skype last night.. today not yet.. he must be out touring around cos starting work tomorrow... that is why i miss him today...

  8. claire, can u be my shrink? i pay u per hourly.. hahahaha.. u ask how my day had been.. i think i need to book at least two hour session with u.. ;P

  9. do you have musicians for the worship? & you practise just before service starts?

  10. wow.... what a great sunday for u! I love the prawn mee ...and the fish! haha...should bring tai yee for more massage...pamper her la..haha..

  11. Body massage... best lorrrrrrrr.... I haven't go for body massage yet.. ^_^

  12. A very busy day for you. I especially liked the brown sugar cake...My day has been spent just puttering around. Tried to put together a small bookcase but it had very shoddy pieces so gave up on it. Then I cleaned out clothes I don't wear and will donate to our hospital's Thrift Shop. And of course checked out my favorite blogs!

  13. Your mama fell asleep while doing facial? Guess the lady boss is really good huh! :p

  14. i loveeeeeee kau yoke....another thing to eat next time i m back hehee :) you really know what to eat..

  15. wah dreamland?? i like :) im sure that fish is deliiiiiicous rite?? :)

  16. Me doing some groceries shopping with my mum. Clean my aquarium. Dinner with my wife and family.

  17. Yummy food and what a nice treat for your mum! :-)

    Distance definitely makes hearts fonder! Cheer up, baby birds have to leave their nests one day... although the Caucasians seem to do it better than Asians (I know, I know, my time will come :-S)

  18. Yummy yummy yummyyyyy~

    My Hmmmm........Nothing special I guess. :)

    Happy belated MAF ....Mid Autumn Festival... :)

  19. What a day for you,,,,,, glad that you enjoyed yourself well,, take care now

  20. Merryn: come come.. i will not charge u, give me a free lunch will do... but u must tell me every details, yeah?

    SBJ: meals per day.. haha...

    doc: yes, we do have musicians, for sunday, just 2 organists.. plus my tamborine.. hahaha..

    Chris: yeah, will pamper her.. how about u? hehee...

    CathJ: u should go for one la.. it really destresses one..

  21. Cheryl: so your sunday is well spent too!

    Tekkaus: either she is good or my mum is real tired! hahaha..

    manglish: so u love it too? my girl also seems to like everything that i do too!

    kris/nadia: yes, fish was nice if u eat it fresh from the wok.. super hot that time...

    superman: good, doing groceries with mum and spending time with family.. well, that is what sunday is for.. huh...

    BoeyJoey: yeah, before u know it, they are already grown up and having a life on their own.. now that i m a mum, i finally realize this new change of life...

    elaine: thanks...hope u enjoy your festive season too!

    eugene: hope u enjoy yr day too!

  22. Facial, massage and food! What a nice Sunday!

  23. I love lor mai kai...and body massage too! But masseur must be good and strong - otherwise, too fat - no rasa! Hahahahahaha!!!

  24. I love loh mai kai too...!!!
    wah.. wake up so early on Sunday.. hahah.. if Sunday, i wont wake up unless it's at least 11am..

  25. AnnieQ, yes..very nice and money spent a lot too! hahaa...

    STP: over here a lot of lor mai kai to choose from..i take u to the sedap sedap one next time... about massage, sorry, i cannot help u :) seems there are no big strong masseur as far as i know.. hehee.. unless those hanky panky ones.. :) no need to massage u la.. just go to any supermarket and sit on their ogawa armchairs.. all free of charge some more.. hahahaa..

  26. what a nice Sunday you had.
    with those good food make me hungry hehe.

    Our Sunday? We went to the church around 6pm to attend the holy mass. But I was there ½ hour too early because I was doing my tasks before the mass started. It was my scheduled to help before the ongoing mass and welcoming all the peoples who arrived.

    then went home for family dinner and preparing for my little boy school things, before Monday morning.

  27. im sure your son misses you too! wah massage, i wannnnnnt! facial, i neeeeed one! hehe... good food! good food!


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