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My Super Series Heroes!

Best night of the year! Oh, in fact it was nearly 1.30am when the game was over... an exciting game (nearly get heart attack). My heart thumped furiously as my favorite duo struggled with the match, losing the first game and narrowly won the 2nd...when it came to the rubber set, the points were so marginal and Koo was even "flashed" with a yellow card by the umpire.

The commentator was saying "ridiculous"... how could the umpire not called the referee when the player requested for one ... the big screen was showing the playback that the Dane was holding the shuttle when Koo served wide... (doesn't the umpire know that once the player holds the shuttle, it is considered a point for the opponent?)

a dejected Koo...

But it was a blessing in disguise. Despite getting the yellow card, he persevered to the end, winning the 3rd set by just a few points....

Tan Boon Heong was smiling away, Koo Kien Keat was still in "shock?" I laughed when he put both his hands together above his head to "salute" the umpire when he won the game... To me, the gesture means "pai lei tai, fook chor lei"..... LOL....

I am feeling happy today...
time to treat myself to a KFC snack plate
add on a "drumstick" ice cream for a RM1....

and this is for munching after dinner
it's Bailey Cranberry Oats Cookies


  1. Haha looks like those I made yesterday :p

  2. :D a true Tripple K fan to the end claire! tak beli itu kereta from KFC for ethan ah? lol..

  3. Merryn: yeh...thank u.. macam i menang ke? hahaha.. nearly get heart attack last night...

    Elin: hehehe... looks familiar? din't u see the link link?

  4. hahhahahha ur cookies looked like cucur udang lar...hahahahah...

  5. I don't think they win French Open before. Let's see if they can repeat the feat

  6. Manglish: hey..if cucur udang taste like these, i will eat them every day..hahaa... good healthy cookies...

    Borneo: if china players like Cai Fu is not playing..then should have a chance... let me check the list of names tomorrow...hey,u also interested, right?

  7. Heh, so much food, didn't share with me ah?

  8. Haha, your cookies are huge!!! Look tasty too!

  9. Not so good for me..MU lost to Liverpool. *sigh*

  10. 2.10 am here and all i can think of is not sleep, but kfc. Hmmm, let me see, should I drive out and buy some kfc to eat by myself, or should I not? LOL...

  11. pete: mali mali.. KFC percuma!! cookies sedap juga!

    HN: they r not huge actually, i zoomed them up...

    Chris: hahaa. cheer up.. eat KFC!

    Cleffairy: call for McD instead.. safer, dear...

    Kikey: actually u dotn hv to miss it, they r not so nice already as those days.... :)

  12. So we won lar in the end o. you a are a badminton addict I see. :D

  13. Ha you, i thought you were playing the game isntead of KKK and TBH, actually, dont really like them(my personal feeling), they are so inconsistent,,,, sportmen are not supposed to be like that,hahahah

  14. Tekkaus: that is the only sport i know ma.. so today french super series.. hope they clinch another title eh? after this, got to wait november...

    Eugene: yes, agree with u, many dont like them.. well, i guess some do and some dont.. just a matter of preference.. other than them, our malaysia dont have better players in the limelight yet.. i dont know why i like them, i just do.. maybe i enjoy myself watching badminton, that is the reason.. :)

  15. you watched that??
    oh.. i missed it!! ><
    it must be exciting! =P HAHA
    and am curious.. you can get kfc at 1.30am?? 0.o"

  16. hi there..just droppin by again..can we exchange link? hope you'd drop by my site too..thanks =)

  17. AL: not that night la.. last night i took kfc.. one day after the badminton competition.. :0

    ismiyaki: thanks for coming by..

  18. it would be nice if our sportsmen/women were more consistent with their performance & win regularly.

    the only person who currently deserved to be call a sports hero, in this case, heroine, is nicol david.

    i'm just being cynical.

  19. Howdy...thank you for dropping by..:)

    Lucky the Malaysian's won...they should have won it in 2 sets. 1st set leading by so much...Koo 'bunga here and bunga there'...

  20. doc: yes, agreed with u and her efforts were finally recognised after a long while.. i m interested in badminton thus in the players as well...

    Nightwing: yes, i was thinking too, eh, so fast 5-1 or 6-1 in the 1st set, should be very easy win.. but then when they relaxed a bit, the danes caught on fast... our players always have this kind of spirit, when they won more points, they tend to be careless after that... :) this is my point of view and that is why my heart thumps faster when it happens..

  21. I was in my dream already on 1.30am. But tight fight really get onto our nerve when watching it.
    The cookies are so different and big!

  22. Huh? Badminton got yellow card? I thought only football got yellow, got red card! I'm so blur when it comes to sports and games... Hahahahaha!

  23. hahha..agree with manglish, your cookies look like cucur udang.

    KFC dinner, cookies as dessert so nice combination. It would be nice to eat that cookies with coffee....

  24. superman: this week another fight.. hope i can stay up again...

    stp: yes, same, they hv yellow and red cards as well for those who flunk the rules.. nv mind.. as long as u r not blur blur in yr english! yours is perfect!

    Annie: it must be the cranberries that misled u all.. hehehe.. i must not murder the pics.. do go to the link to look into the real ones.. :)

  25. Aiyo... I was more attracted by the KFC la...u made me wanna eat KFC tonigh. Original one. hehe

  26. Another meal I haven't have for some time... KFC... Yum~ But last I had it... diarhhea... I scared...

  27. oh long time i never had kfc edi.. thanks for reminding me hahha

    P/s: no 3rd. Factory tutup. And no raw material being supplied also. ;) Bankrupsi

  28. mNhL: wah.. KFC is long forgotten by most.. me too actually.. its been over a year perhaps since i last took!

    ladyviral: oh..oh.. i guess it was one of those unfortunate days..

    Sasha: hahaha... i really want to laugh when i read "no raw materials"... really!!

  29. I seldom take KFC. Somehow, I found them overpriced. So, I buy back chicken and do my own frying to save cost! Ya, restaurant will go bankrupt if there are more people like me!

  30. william: add me in too! after this meal, i wont be taking for another year...

  31. Hahahahahha..... happy and eat lorr... 2morow go jogging ah... ;-p

  32. cathJ: today did aerobics already... so tomorrow can eat more!!

  33. I didn't go for kfc. i did more worst thing last nite. LOL... I took out a few chicken wings from my freezer, and fry em with kfc batter. =.= woke up my hubby with the smell and we ate in the middle or the nite like some psiko who dun care about health. LOL...

    One of these days, my neighbour is gonna complain for my midnight cooking!

  34. cleffairy: yr neighbour wont complain, i will.. now u suggest this, i might do it one day cos i always get hungry but the time i finished my blogging during midnite or after! :)

    SJB: hey, i think there are better KFCs over there.. much nicer than KFC here definitely!


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