Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Raya Gathering

Today is Hari Raya Open Day, a lot of people from some various departments were invited to celebrate this special Raya occasion, I heard many as 1,500 people would be there. One of the VVIP invited was the Perak Chief Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Dr. Zambry bin Abd. Kadir... the present CM of Perak. Much have been heard about him but I have not seen him face to face till this morning.

Those who were invited were required to wear formal and to my surprise, our CM was very simple, instead of baju melayu, he just wore a tie and long sleeve shirt. Ok, let me get back to the occasion. It started at around 9.30am, invited guests besides the VIPs, orphans from various homes, the media, were also invited for this Raya gathering. Food was abundant... there was no need to rush for the them....

the VIPs tables

the desserts

the laksa-s


fermented glutinious rice if i m not mistaken

nasi dagang... ??? rice...

eaten with curry fish..

the satay-s (grilled chicken & beef)

the satay sauce..

curry rendang chicken

eaten with lemang

the lady singer rendering some raya songs..

the Perak Chief Minister & the officials...


  1. The Chinese woman who put him in power didn't come?

  2. wow..delicious..if i m still in sch, i would hv enjoyed raya celebration too..

  3. Not too sure heard Raya also got 'chap goh meh' kinda celebration where another round of kenduri on 15th day of Raya. True kah? Yah lor Kenwooi after Deepavali then Xmas then CNY..

  4. William: think she wants to show up? all this politicians.. sigh..

    Ken: yeah in 2 weeks time... wonder got celebration or not...

    Wenn: u wont miss it .. typical food..

    Cheah: raya normally one month.. .. so it will last until 22nd of October?

  5. I want tapai! It's been ages since I treat my brain to that! Dont care about the rest of the common food, you shud have at least mail me one tapai! And even if it turned out bad (as in basi) I wont know, coz.. tapai mah! lol..

  6. toking bout all the festivals n celebration kan, i kinda miss out a few for my craft blog u know. i was concentrating on halloween, which obviously didnt make any sense in malaysia, then now on xmas. no deepavali or raya crafts leh! mebe next year lah kan? hehe

  7. Wowww.... food sedappppp.... ayoooo nak makan ketupat lah....hihihihi

  8. wah the satay mmmmmmmm, can't wait to balik kampung (malaysia)lah.

  9. Looks very interesting and the food looks very good.

  10. OMG! So many glorious food! Lemang...ouh...the rendang! :p

  11. Merryn, we have something in common here at last.. hahhaa.. i also like tapai, took 2 before i walked away.. yeah, deepavali another 2 weeks away, so r u going to invite me to eat tosai? :)

    CathJ: memang sedap but all not healthy food la.. lemak and more lemak.. :)

    SJB: where r u residing now.. ok, must go to yr bloggie...

    Cheryl: the food looks nice but not healthy, as i said earlier.. hahha.. take a bit here and there is okay though.. :)

    Tekkaus: yeah, lemang, i didnt even touch.. resisted them.. yehhhhhh

  12. Hi Reanaclaire, nice pics. I have not eaen tapai more than 30 years....but sure love the nasi dagang and lemang.
    Have fun, Lee.

  13. waaaaaaaa the nasi dagang looked very very authentic...i have not eaten nasi dagang for a long long time....and lemang also.....when i was working in pahang these are my 2 favourite food....:)

  14. a very fun and YUMMY event!
    i wanna eat everything!

  15. Sometimes I am confuse as who is the legal CM for Perak.

    P/S: During my stay in Ipoh, I explore mainly Ipoh Old Town and Greentown as I don't have much time as I was attending my sister's wedding there. I also visited 1919 Restaurant and Gallery which you had reviewed

  16. i never go to any minister's open house. tot there would be tonnes of people who never see food b4. hehehe. the tapai is soooo tempting. gonna ask my mom to make some for me lar. :)

  17. and a reader getting jealous of all the food you managed to eat.. aiyar!

    Got tarpau? :P

  18. I love lemang & rendang... yum yum

  19. Wah wah,,, you rub shoulder with the VVIPs one,,,, you must be happy lah... I still prefer Nizar..hahahahah

  20. See anyone wearing pakatan Tshirt? ha ha ha!

  21. A window to a new culture:) You have an amazing blog or rather blogs. Keep up the great work...your posts are very interesting.
    Thanks for your visit..do keep coming!!!

  22. the food look real tasty. I've never been to this type of open house.Scred. Heard of the horror where people rushing for food. Normally go to friend's open house only.

  23. Nasi dagang! Waiting for that to be sold at my kampong stall!!! Then I will post on that! Drool! Drool! All the nice food... Wah! The singer so sexy, the body like hour glass... Sure the buaya's eyes popped out! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  24. U.Lee: u really miss those, right? i didnt take lemang, the nasi dagang filled me up to the brim.. hahaa..

    Manglish: young man like u can eat those but at my age, i have to refrain la ...

    Lululu: eat, eat.. jom.. makan..

    BF: dotn ask who the legal one is.. i also am not sure about that.. :)

    Miche: I didnt go to minister's house.. this is an office open day.. i also dont like crowded places..

  25. Ladyviral: do u want my weight too? no la, didnt tarpau.. so malu-ing la..

    BoeyJoey: i didnt take lemang this time.. the nasi filled me up.. very chai la..

    Eugene: i also have the same preference, but what to do.. case still going on and no outcome yet.. so meanwhile, we still have 2of everything.. perak is different!

    Pete: wear formal, cannot wear black la..hahaha..

    A New Beginning: welcome to my blogs! yes, do keep in touch..

    Small kuching: no need to rush for food, thank goodness..

    STP: ok , i wait for your nasi dagang in yr blog..

  26. wow, seems all the food are so tasty

  27. wow, so much food :) err..can u eat kah...after seeing 'em faces? hahahhahhahahhhha

    B ;)

  28. Hazel: i didnt eat much actually.. dont like so heavy spicy breakfast... just walked around snapping pics..

    Anonymous: what do u think? hehe.. the looks lasted me till dinner.. so guess yr answer..

  29. my company also ever done something like that during hari raya, but this year cut down already due to eco crisis.. T.T

  30. Dolly: good move too.. then can also cut down some calories ma.. :)

  31. Hmph...never been to an open house, and don't intend to. It's the time you see people rushing for food like there's no tomorrow (that's what some people had experienced), and tonnes of food being wasted because of greed.

  32. wow..your raya makan makan is a BIG one wor, somemore got VVIP invited!!


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