Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two By Two

Ever since I found out that Elinluv is so "pandai" in cooking, baking, grilling, and all the "ings", I followed closely to her blog. More or less I became a "copycat", if she cooks this today, I cook that tomorrow... she sort of gives me an idea what to cook and what I don't understand, she will teach me (face-to-face).... I appreciate her patience very much...not easy to teach someone like me.... lol...

"Elin, don't ask me to read your recipe, I remember better if you tell me straight in my face.." And this was what I did when she told me how to cook this savoury butter chicken...

my first step to frying the chicken cubes...

aahhh... jadi pulak...

Fernie loves this very much... hope Andy won't see read this post, he will not be able to concentrate on his studies if he does... but in another 2 weeks, he will be home to savor this!!

Ok, here's the ingredients by Elinluv... for the method, u know where to go, right? But when u r there, don't do one thing please!!! Never to compare my picture with hers, OK? hehehee.....

one big chicken breast – diced into bite-sized cubes

a pinch of sea salt

a dash of white pepper

1 heaped tbsp of corn flour

1 egg white

a cup of panko brad crumbs/ cornflour

vegetable oil for deep frying

2 sprigs of curry leaves

2 pips of garlic – chopped

2 bird’s eye chilli – deseeded and cut into half (i used one eye chilli, fernie & i cannot take too spicy)

1 tbsp of curry powder (i didnt use curry powder)

½ tbsp of olive oil (i used normal oil)

2 tbsp of butter (1 tablespoon cos i scared fattening)

1 egg yolk – whisk tog with 1 tbsp of milk (i didnt use milk)

this is kau kei soup with fish balls

anyone wants this recipe?? hahaha..
i m sure many know how to do this..
ask me if u don't
(now can berlagak a bit)


  1. LOL? You modify here and there make your own version of the butter chicken cuz you're scared of being fat ah, Claire? Aiyoo, nonid to scared fat lahhh, eat abit nia wun grow fat so much lah, Claire.... I everyday eat oily oily things... summore owez in the middle of the night... before I go sleep... oso not yet fat. LMAO....:_P

  2. LOL? You modify here and there make your own version of the butter chicken cuz you're scared of being fat ah, Claire? Aiyoo, nonid to scared fat lahhh, eat abit nia wun grow fat so much lah, Claire.... I everyday eat oily oily things... summore owez in the middle of the night... before I go sleep... oso not yet fat. LMAO....:_P

  3. oh cleffairy, u dont hv to comment two times to remind la ... hahhaa.. i m not that old yet, have to nag me twice one shot!!

  4. hi claire

    I can cook only fried vegetables and chicken stew - enough to get by la. Won't starve. No need recipe, simply "campak" (dump in).

    My language blog is here. Do pay a visit.

  5. hello claire,
    maybe I should try this too.
    copycat ?me too haha. every time you posted foods here, I used to think that I will cook same food as you shown. Thanks for that, you always make me craving all the time haha.
    happy sunday

  6. wah... home cooking..
    MSG free cooking..
    i want to go home.. >.<

  7. WAh...macam like PERSONAL COACH...good for u.

    I'll be in ipoh tmrw..... to eat eat eat...

  8. hi Kev..long time no see .. yes, been there to the english blog.. useful to my girl..and of course to me too if i can concentrate at this age...:)

    Weng: if i can do it, u can do it much better...hahaa....

    Dolly: that was what my son said when he saw that just now.. hahaa..

    Rachel: yeah, she is good, real good.. minat sangat.. whereas i, cook cos i have to.. :) hey, tomorrow u r in IPOH? i be in pg.. sigh.. got something to do there as well as to see my son..

  9. Wow, yummy... i think when i stay with my husband both of us will ty out all this cooking hehehe.

    Anyone knows what kau kei vegetable is called in english?

  10. ola! can i come savor ur cooking one day? i still want that potato chicken of urs.. nyek nyek..

  11. ladyviral, i dont know what it is called...this vege is a stalk like and has thorns...just pluck the small leaves only.. seems it is good for our eyesight.. go to the market and ask for "kau kei choy" hahaa...

    Merryn: next time when i go KL i cook and tar pau for u la... nyek nyek.. macam very cunning laughter..

  12. I love fishball with veggie. The taste are so fresh and clear. Thanks for sharing Claire :)

  13. wah....your cooking improved a lot ah?
    The chicken cube looks delicious.

  14. Awesome! I really hope you can dish out this yummy chickens in front of me now Claire. I'm so hungry!

  15. vanillaseven: i dont like oily soup.. so i made it as clear as i can.. less oil and no meat...

    Chrisau: mother's genes run in us :)

    SJB: oh, not chef yet.. cook in own home.. for guests, it will be embarassment.. hahhaa...

    Tekkaus: u prepare this yourself, is very easy.. if i can do it, u can too!

  16. hahahhaahahha.......i just popped over the saw her blog....hmmm....ok ok i wont say anything but i am sure the chicken tasted good......i love anything with curry leaves....:) i am a HUGEEEEEEE curry fan

  17. The chicken look nice! Making me hungry early in the morning. Will hop over there to see the Sifu of yours in cooking.

  18. Hi Reanaclaire, you sure one heck of a mom, a woman hard to find nowadays.. A lovely woman with a passion for cooking....
    that chicken dish looks so good feels sinful to eat, ha ha.
    By the way, if and when you cook fish head curry, send me telegram, ha ha.
    Have a nice day Reana, Lee.

  19. Yum yum, butter chicken....should be very flavourful!

  20. Wow..the name already so tempting - BUTTER CHICKEN. I like food with BUTTER. and what more FRIED!!! But for the 'kau kei choy'...very bitter le. MIL cooked that soup very often and I will normally said "Yes, I drank already" but I did not. Sssshshhhhhhhh....... I'm very bad hor!

  21. Gosh! The chicken really got me drooling... Slurpsz....

  22. I want to cook this too! Is it hard Claire?

  23. manglish: makes u want to come back to malaysia or not?

    Superman: u flew over to my sifu? so fast u flew back .. really a superman!

    U.Lee: hey..i wont send any telegram to u la.. your wife can cook better anytime... hehee...

    Pete: Next time i must put more cilipadi..then baru got kick .. haha..

    mNhL: hey, the kau kei soup is not bitter at fact sweet soup.. are u sure it is the same vege u took? :)

    STP: TRY to cook this.. put more curry powder and cilipadi... hotssss...

    Agnes: if i can, u can do much better... hehehe.. easy job!

  24. Wah can??Its so nice..makes me hungry early in the morning..hehe

  25. looks yummy. il try to fry chicken with curry powder

  26. Hi there! thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    Oh, I love butter chicken, but never cook one myself......your recipe looks simple. I must try it out one day. I have start cooking since my confinement as I do not like to eat out nowadays, not with a little baby. Too troublesome. Pretty to eat at the comfort of our house. :p

  27. It's life Claire... we will definitely run out of idea on what to cook.. that's what friends recipes are for... hihihihi...

  28. I love to "show off" my butter chicken!! Easy to cook and very yummy but but but very fattening!!!!

    Pppsstttt...i don know what is kau kei soup lei. How does it look like? I mean the kau kei? hahahha

  29. wow..i would love that..home cooked food is the best..

  30. Wow..looks yummy by the picture...mmm...see you are a good cook lah my dear!

  31. son: wei wei wants this the first day he comes back to ipoh..he said.. hahaa...

    imelda: yeah, with curry powder nicer anytime...

    Rose: yes, home cooked is always the best !

    CathJ: tomorrow will go and sneak again..what's for dinner...

    tejan: must add more spices next time...

    Josephine: fattening not, right? hahaha...

    AnnieQ: small leaves with thorny stalks... ring a bell?

    wenn: ditto to that.. 2 simple dishes only but enough...

    Ummi: hahaha..dont make me laugh...i m now learning... baru learning.. hahaha...

  32. Yes is the same vege. The soup is sweet (because got anchovies) but the vege itself is bitter. My tastebud something wrong?

  33. mNhL: haha..i dont know about that , i mean yr tastebuds..but to me, the vege are not bitter at all.. :) i love eating them cos they r soft after cooking...

  34. Wow!!That looks yummy to me,Claire!!I'm sure it tastes so good!!Thanks for the recipe dear!!^_^

  35. =.= not nag you lah Claire... I have a shitty connection... using Celcom broadband... the line too slow until sometimes I oso dunno my comment been submitted twice... haiyorrr... I tell you la, you die die oso dun use Celcom broadband... keep on disconnect, can got blood pressure wan! LOL...


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