Monday, November 2, 2009

Choc Chips Walnuts Cookies

I'm late tonight...really late... its 11pm already... a very busy day indeed. How I wish I am at least 10 years younger, ok ok... at least 5 years younger, can ah... then I won't tire so easily.

Ok, my busy schedule started after work at 5pm.. rushed home to change into my attire for my badminton appointment. (sorry kids, monday is mum's off day from the kitchen, just go do your own cooking, OK?) No la, I am not so bad a-mother-one... got tar-pau curry fish from the canteen... LOL.. (still bad, huh?)

Anywaysss.. back from badminton around 7.15pm... Girlie said, "Mi, lets make some cookies!" HUH? At this time of the night? My body still on the cooling down mode... but seeing her anticipated face, I don't have the heart to say NO... "Ok, ok... but promise you help me till the end, DEAL?"

So.... after my shower, body clean clean, we went to the kitchen, butter was still hard but then, who cares... just do it quick and as Frank Sinatra said, "Do It My Way" (elin, don't laugh!)

My way... yeah... All who see this, please don't laugh, OK (but u can snicker, though :) )

The making of an amateurish cookie maker...

the dough...

(Elin, i know u r stiffling your laughter now...
i can sense it!)

my odd shaped cookies in the baking...

and after 15-20 min....the outcome

phew.... phew... after 3 hours...
our mission accomplished ... finally!!

oh btw, this is choc chips walnut cookies
(siapa wants recipe, hands up? oh, no one geh...)

Girlie is very "kan", halfway through, she went missing and Mummy has to shout like Tarzan then only she reappeared... (next time cannot trust her words).. after much grumbling, we managed to get 4 plastic tins of cookies...
(one for u, one for her , one for him, one for....... Italy boy?
macam tak cukup.. guess he has to wait for another round... )
Recipe here


  1. alamax! Italy boy back end of December oni lah! Make another round for him then lah.. this one, mail to me instead! hehehehhehe.. i can already smell it from here.. {thanking you in advance! Lol}

  2. wow!! Hehe, ya, make another round for me...I wanna taste it, seldom can taste home made cookies...make more chocolate chips ya..and hot ones

  3. hahaa...merryn, see, my son can see already.. he said next round.. ok.. ok... so what is yr addy, merryn? maybe u will end up eating the crumbs by the time the cookies reached u..hahaha...

    son: no problem, just name it, mama here do it! cheeeyyyy.. hahhaa...

  4. hhaa...italy boy....those in utp got to taste o not? LOL...

  5. Well done Claire! Don't be smart..where got sniffle my laughter I ROFL and holding my sides! Well done once again for someone who doesn't want to wear the apron:p keep one for me or I won't give u tips leh...keek keeekkk. Meet up for lunch wei :)

  6. Ok,,, first one you mail to Merrlyn, second you mail to me,i am not a cookies man, but my wife is,that's it only two of us,, Merrlyn and Eugene.

    Thank you Claire for the cookies

  7. that's nice of her..eager to bake..outcome well done..

  8. i m laughing very loud u cute... ur cookie how come so big? didnt use shape cutter???? i thought tak jadi from the pic....but it did..good job. get ur luilui to get all

  9. gab: i wrote there "one for u.. " one enough? hahaa.. u will laugh too when u eat my cookies..

    manglish: from an amateur.. ok lar..

    elin: u better come early for lunch..some of them munching here now.. :p

    Eugene: u so clever to guess one.. so what do u like to eat?

    Wenn: she sms-ed more than she helped me.. sigh...

    Rachel: big? no la.. small..heheh.. but all odd sizes.. hahaa..some make with teaspoon, some with hands.. wanna fast fast ma.. hahaha..

  10. no no no claire...first one you mail to Merrlyn, second you mail to eugene,and 3rd u poslaju to me yah! i hungry ni, duk tunggu ur cookies leh....

  11. wooho very nice cookies! can we order online? hehehe

  12. no wonder u r so busy yesterday night time to msn..LOL

  13. you just make me wan to go take out my 'ka cang' and make one batch!! BTW, now that your kids are all grown, I am sure you explore the kitchen more often.. or else, you kana complain like nobody business! Elin, your blog got invader soon.. :p

  14. I always wanted to make chocolate chip cookie, let me have the recipe pls....

  15. Can smell in Gunung Rapat area... *sniff sniff*

  16. can I have some bite s of those yummy cookies hehehe..

    Thank you so much for casting your vote which led to Rylie's Victorious Smile.

  17. Not bad for the late night cookies! Looks delicious! Can I have some?

  18. wow, you are good, Claire. the cookies look delicious :D

  19. Looks good.. No one will laugh la.. I appreciate something cook from home eventho' it doesnt look so errmm.. 'PRO'.... ayaaa... same here... ^_^

    aya.. my fren you wish to be 5 years younger??? I tell you my son 3yo also always complaint 'tired'...hahahahha... means any ages will feel the same one... ahhahahah

  20. hmmm...yummy :9 wanna try this soon c:

    just wanted to tell you am sorry for not visiting soon enough anyway, thanx for the constant visits c:

  21. Amy: u made me laugh.. thanks for cheering me up on this busy day in office!! feel like pengsan-ing already...

    eunice: u will regret if u order .. hahaha..

    chrisau: tonite la.. tonite we sembang sembang lama sikit, ok...

    cynthia: yes, go invade her blog.. macam macam ada.. the mango cake, sedap tak? the green tea walnuts is very nicceeee...

    cindy: ok i post the recipe in my letswallop blog tonite.. (hopefully got time)

    Agnes: sifoo.. sai lei wo.. your pei kor.... hahaha...

    chubs: when u come to malaysia, just tell me in advance, i take u to much better food than these anytime.. :)

    superman: can say "up, up and away...." fly fly.. fly robin fly...

    Barb: *tam ngor hoi sum?* thank Q,,hehee.. very busy day in office.. yo...

    cathJ: u r very girl wont know the difference one.. as long as she did some parts, she thinks the cookies are wonderful.. hahah..

    Gallivanter: ok lar.. boleh sapu la..

    iceah: no problem, do fly over anytime u want.. :)
    will visit u too ...

  22. Wah! Not bad lei, first time bake cookies can get such a good result. I can smell the cookies here, now sipping my coffee, how i wish i can drink my coffee with your cookies. *hinting*

  23. where got enough, i very big eater ma...hehe...

  24. i want!!!
    I want!!!!!!
    courier to me!!
    eh.. u very geng chao also leh. after badminton still go to make cookies, if me after badminton, ask me walk also no energy already..

  25. Looks ok to me! You should see the ang moh making cookies using the spoon method! Big and ugly...but rich and delicious!!!

  26. annieQ: kam lei hoi? "cookies is in the air?" hahaha...

    Hailey"s: Looks can be deceiving! lol...

    Gab: what i meant is one big TIN! LOL... but of course, have to wait lar.. till this auntie's mood of baking comes back again... :)

    donna: u dont know ah..i nearly collapse chor... drained off energy.. will sleep early tonight.. phew...

    STP: me also used teaspoon lar.. my girl only rolled and rolled.. for me, i use teaspoon and put them on the tray..that was why different and odd odd shapes! LOL...

  27. oooh yummy cookies... where is our share? *puppy dog eyes*

  28. looks yummy but the way u prepare it...hahahaha

  29. Looks like Famous Amos cookies!
    .....can market under Famous Claire, Ipoh Mali cookies!

  30. I love it! I love it! I love it. This is my fav during Chinese New year. Mommy used to bake this for me. But no more... :(

  31. I guess this round Elin got lucky! At least one container of cookies for her huh? haha...


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