Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cook Or Blog = Cooking Blog

I slept around 1am this morning but before I did, I told Andy to do some "refreshing" for me since he is a "night owl." (he sleeps during the day and stays up at night, goodness knows what!) Anyway, to my amazement, when I logged in this morning, there was indeed 3 posts for me to write for, thanks to Andy for being my night owl.

Woke up at 8am and had buffet breakfast in Excelsior Hotel, courtesy from a friend who didn't want to take breakfast there cos she wanted IPOH food instead of hotel food. After my breakfast and marketing, I shot off home and did some biscuits baking. Wanted to finish baking them before 1pm cos of the Badminton Live. Sitting down watching the game and blogging same time, blissful or not?... yeahhhh, sure is...

Now... the problem is, what's for dinner??? Should I continue sitting here or should I cook?

(love this pic I got from Lynette)


  1. wow, andy is good eh? :D i remember my hubs doing this for me last time..refresh and refresh like crazy. now i no longer do that :D

  2. depends on his mood.. if he is too engrossed with his dota game..then sorry la...good that u dont hv to, it is a tedious job, yeah? our poor finger and wrist....

  3. ar good.. go for a cooking blog is good... to teach me.. i dont really know how to cook...

  4. Very apt for you...hahaha for me it is different...I have to cook becoz I have to blog! LOL!

  5. keeyit : there are a lot of food blogs around.. some are very good chefs too like Elin here...

    Elin: yeah i know, i know... u cook for blogging whereas i blog instead of cooking..

  6. I do it all the time - watch TV and blog at the same time. :)

    Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. :)

  7. I love to cook & also bake. And blogging helps me to improve in many ways. Everyday, I ended up extremely exhausted but I'm happy I did well. =D

  8. sjb: yeah..cute pic here.. depicts us well..hahaha...

    Tekkaus: paid posts.. :p

    Mylittlespace: blogging takes our mind off our stress, i guess... dont want to think of things unnecessarily if i have nothing to do..

  9. I will say! Order Pizzahut! and blog! hahahaha!

    Kidding kidding :P. Just cause I don't cook... but I don't blog that much either only very random times...

  10. LV: yes, we do that too at times.. but very expensive cos my son can eat a lot la..


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