Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Black Sausages.....oooppsss...

"Stole" another recipe from Elin's blog. Thanks luv, for taking me to get the necessary items from the 100yen shop and teaching me how to do this too.... Hope this student didn't disappoint you in any way.

Fernie is always pestering me to make her some sushi to eat... I kept procrastinating cos I really don't know how to do, what type of rice to use, I am also not sure... so instead of Japanese sushi, I ended up doing Ipoh sushi. Went to Leong Sin Nam Shop to buy 300gm of fish/meat paste...
Very simple, just the paste and the seaweed pieces...

first step, spread evenly the fish paste...

then roll it up with the sushi mat
(had a hard time rolling, actually... why ah...)

what does this look like...
a sausage, right? only it is black in color..
(i can sense someone grinning)

ok, fry with low low fire...
(stop grinning....please....)

(ok, stop grinning!!)
this is the AFTERMATH...

Let me tell u....
Don't judge them by the cover..
They might look "strange" but...


(next time add in some carrots for more colors...
this time i think i murdered the recipe again...Lol..)


  1. wow...auntie, you can really cook and bake stuff already! so good...hehe...

  2. Looks interesting, I'd try this one of these days. :)

  3. henry: rice? u mean in the sushi or the rice on bowl? this one is not sushi so no rice.. but we ate this with rice.. do i make sense? hahahaa..

    Gab: cuba cuba saja.. not expert yet.. playplay first , next time i teach u.. ok?

    tes: do try... hehe.. u end up laughing too..

  4. heheeheeh...sure looks funny but i'm going to give this a try. do you roll it with the mat or just the sushi? i am really confused when i see other bloggers making sushi.

  5. barb: i rolled this using the mat.. not so used to it but boleh la.. otherwise very difficult to get the round shape if u dont use the mat.. add in more liews next time... make it more colourful like elin's recipe... i was just trying out yesterday.. next time i know what to do.. hehe...

  6. Looks good wat... We don't compare compare with pro ma...sshhhh... 'ngak dou sik' one... can pass!!

  7. The fish paste? how does it look? May I know...a funny-looking dish..yet yummy-looking too...and interesting too.

    It turned out well after being sliced...nice :)

  8. This looks interesting, not sure if I would like it though. Fish paste is something I have never seen or heard of, but then there's a lot of things I have never seen or heard of. LOL Thanks for your visit and comments. I do appreciate them.

  9. P.S. I forgot to mention, it does look better sliced. LOL

  10. :D hahahaha.. i dunno if u r talking bout me or not.. but i was sure grinning from ear to ear when i saw dat and william was like.. 'apasat with u?'

    but then again.. yummylicious lah claire... nice black sausage.. ROTFL... seriously, i might even wanna try this! :)

  11. LOL you so cute Claire!!! No i would never judge your food by just looking one! hehehe as long as it taste nice then okay already lah~ Happy Cooking~ ;)

  12. Hmmm...I have never tried sushi although my husband has, having lived in Japan for several years. I must admit it does look very intriguing when all done.

  13. can you notify me if your neighbour is moving out ah... then I can now start to tumpang makan at your place.. how nice if Andy is back often hoh... hehehehe... :D

  14. Holy Smoke! Black sausages? Never seen before...but looks good.
    Eat with what? Ha ha. Fries I guess.
    Reana, you are really good with your culinary skills...
    Have fun, Lee.

  15. Eyew...I wouldn't wanna eat that! But it looks ok AFTER it has been cut into slices! LOL!!!

  16. agnes: boleh tipu sikit, yeah? learner is like that..give me a couple more years.. hahaa..

    ummi: yes, fish paste from the fish.. wrapped with the seaweed..

    patty: the seaweed is black in color thus looked funny.. :p

    merryn: u know i know.. heheeee.. me not shy one.. no nice pics also must put up ... to make u happy nia..

    Aeiween: as long as walloped finish, sudah la.. hor? :p

    cheryl: yes, only when cut up, it looks better...

    cynthia: he has to be the tester whether he likes it or not...

    u.lee: yeeah, still learning. long way to go though...

    stp: i might do this for u to tar pau back.. LOL!!!!

  17. hahahahhahahhaa.....not bad lar...a little strange looking only haahahhaa...ya lor where is the rice har?

  18. before cut... er....

    After cut... wah... look great and yummy. Can i try?

  19. Like that also can kah?


  20. sjb: not bad also not so good.. :p

    chvoon: before cut, no one dares to eat.. hehehe..

    eugene: like that also can wan.. wanna pluck up your courage to try?

  21. Looks yummy to me. :) Wish I can wallop it. Haha.

  22. wow, nice! something new to me. Can I have some?

  23. no time you beta than the sifu lo...Elin beta watch out! LOL! keekekeeek

  24. i've never made sushi before. wah, suka juga rolling the sushi aa..the guy at the supermarket make it so easy breazy...hehe..bila cuba sendiri, baru tau kan, Reana..

  25. cy: sure u meant that? :p easy like ABC...

    superman: i tell u ah, men are easier to please.. hahaha...

    elin: dont worry, patik will not be betta than beta.. a sifu is always a sifu.. understand me or not?

    mamamia: yeah, setuju..tengok senang, bila nak buat, suuusaah sekali, ya!

  26. hahahhah...agree with STP, it look ok after you cut them into slices! :)

    I would love to try this out.

  27. Something new to me! Normally, MIL will wrape the fish paste with 'fu chok' and fry. Very crispy. I think the seaweed is nice too. hehe..great try.

  28. annie!: yes, i like the pattern too.. in fact will do it again, this time, i add in some carrots or some crab meat filament..

    mNhL: geli when not cut up, right? but yummy when put into mouth.. :p

  29. that looks good~ Looks like seaweed yong tau foo :P.

    Self-made sushi~ Yummy~

  30. Gosh, the ones in the wok looked like sea cucumbers or........! lolz

  31. sounds delicious!! can't wait to try the recipe :-)

  32. Wrapped with...seaweeds? Hmm...must be delicioius. Gotta try it for myself. :D

  33. wah, another "cheng yeh"..ish, miss that again..i think i must write down how many food tht i

  34. Gratitude: hey, i never tot of that.. they reminded me of something else ...

    dhanggit: very easy to do only :p

    tekkaus: if u like seaweed, then it is yummy.. if not, just so so... but easy to do.. otherwise i cannot do.. :0

    son: i bet u have better food over there.. yes, mum is learning how to cook after all these years.. trying new dishes at last... :p

  35. hahaha.... looks like black 'foo pei' from the yeong tau foo stalls!

  36. Claire... I think its look good... Recipe pleaseeeeeeee....... if not I go down Ipoh cari you 1 oh... hahahah

  37. *drools* lol.. not bad huh, fishpaste in seaweed.. both also i like.. maybe i shud try it next time. but the fishpaste how to do ah? LOL.. looks very fine wo.. u grind them?

  38. So creative! 2 main ingredients are HQ's favourite... I'll try cooking it one day ;-)

  39. chris: mana ada black foo pei one? hahaha..

    CathJ: easy, 300gm fish paste, 3 pieces seaweed... itu aja.. u can add in shredded carrots if u want.. so senang, kan?

    chrlene: i bought in a shop here in Ipoh..but u can also get it from market... all ready one.. no need to blend or scrap ...

    mery: i will do one more time this weekend.. add in more ingredients..

    boeyjoey: do try and let me know, ya?

  40. LOL....they really look funny!!! But bet they taste good!! You are so funny!!!

  41. Nice recipe. My son would love this!

  42. ann: funny mother makes funny recipes... hohoho...

    pete: try it...not bad..if u like seaweed...

  43. Don't worried! Not that bad at all. I think they look nice & yummy.


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