Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Little Darlings... .

Let me go straight to supper pictures before I call it a night...
We went to Secret Recipe for our dessert...
a birthday is not a birthday without biting into some cakes and these were what we ordered.....

Mine was raspberry cheese cake...

Girl ordered a carrot cake...

and my boy ordered white chocolate....

When I reached home I was presented with a present from my girl and my boy...

thank you dears,
both of u know mum needs this...
anti wrinkle and firming cream
for both day and night...

(Aaron, thank you so much for the dinner, I know u r paying for it too.. and u still owe me a gift... hehehee.... and I am expecting something special from you too!!)


  1. Claire u so blessed with such lovely children. Truly God's blessing. When I see the gifts I ROFL!!!! you are definitely not 25 then hahaha ROFL! I got tricked! But u look 25 alright...so tomoro breakfast on you!!! :p

  2. Haha, Happy Birthday Mum! Wah, the dinner and the cream, they will soon claim from me..means i have to pay all also, but I dont mind as long for you..haha..Great night, miss this year, next year celebrate again..yap, something waiting here for u..

  3. Happy Birthday!!! and such a wonderful celebration with all your lovely darlings.. I am sure Aaron will give you a post birthday when he got back.. muahaha.. :D

    Wah.. my comment was stated at 11.31pm.. fuyoh... did not miss the time to wish you Happy BIRTHDAY!!

  4. elin: no problem.. breakfast is very cheap cheap nia..unless u want fosan dim sum.. hehehe

    Son, yes, i m waiting for your birthday gift.. mama is very tamak one.. hahha.. u better get ready yr cash for your siblings.. esp u know who la.. very very careful with her money one..hahaha...

  5. cynthia..thank you.. yes.. still my birthday hor..and now one year younger and sexier.. hahaha.. vain pot, i know..

  6. cynthia..thank you.. yes.. still my birthday hor..and now one year younger and sexier.. hahaha.. vain pot, i know..

  7. Oh my word, the desserts look sooo yummy! A belated Happy Birthday to you. And the gifts to you-haha! Sounds like something my children would give me!

  8. Ohhh...that looks yummy! Love cheesecake.

  9. claire, u definitely dont look 52! lol.. i know i know..u r NOT 52. did dat on purpose! hahahaha..

    seriously, u dun look ur age. i must go do rebonding too! n use loreal product too.. hehe..

  10. Hi Reanaclaire, Many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday....a birthday is just another 365 days trip around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
    By the way, where were you when I was handing out my resumes? Ha ha.
    Gosh! You sure one very attractive mom, *wink*.
    And your girl has your good looks too. Son handsome too.

    Have a great day, and don't worry about the number....matured women's beauty grows more beautiful as she adds an extra candle....
    Have a pleasant week, Lee.
    Ps, how come you guys live to eat but never put on weight? Ha ha.

  11. You have adorable children or should I say young adults.

  12. Wah good kids, taking care of mom. Buy wrinkle cream some more! LOL!

  13. Aaron is back? Ah...he's got good taste - like me! Rich white chocolate macadamian!!! But that day in SP, I had the Durian - very nice sponge with fresh durian cream! Yum! Yum! Don;t worry...next week, I'll be 57!!! LOL!!!

  14. cheryl: thank you...my darlings love cakes so i got to join them if i cant beat them! lol...

    lynette: i wonder how much caloires are in that one piece...

    Merryn: u dont make me laugh! u r 16 going on 18.. and u want to be young as 14? 12? hehehehe..

    U.Lee: thanks for making me smile early morning.. no wonder many ladies "melted" at your arms during your time in Malaysia.. lol... you have a charming way with wordings..perhaps my sons should learn from u? but then, not all can develop such talent, eh.. anyway, hope u still handing out resumes in toronto, of course not from u... perhaps on behalf from others???*wink*

    Patty: thanks..they r in their teens.. way to go!!

    Pete: taking care is one thing, wanting their mum not to look like granny before her due time... hahaa... how come u dont have posts nowadays?

    STP: my fren, that boy is Andy la.. not Aaron.. lol.. he is still in Italy... but last night we have him with us too during dinner, we On the 3G phone and there he was at his canteen taking his lunch while we were here taking our dinner... wow... what technology can do nowadays! but when my hp bill comes later, i will pengsan, i think!! lol....
    u r 57 next week??? aiyah, why never tell us earlier, we will book an early flight to celebrate with u all over there...ok, never mind, we be with u here too.. drooling... any big plans yet?

    sjb: expensive? oh, i dont know, actually i never use this brand before.. hahaha... but of oourse, i will after receiving this!

  15. LOL!!! Wait for my 60th!!! 2012...and the movie says the world will end on 21st December. I will get to celebrate my birthday first! Hahahahaha!!!

  16. I prefer the cake than the facial stuff. LOL :D But when my beloved late mama was still around, me and my bro gave her something like that too. Ha :D

  17. Revitalift will surely give you revital cheeks,and that will sure make you more "how sang" 10 years,,,

    sincerely you got a nice family and God bless the whole household

  18. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a good one with your loved ones. There is no better way to spend your special day yah.

  19. stp: yeah, not to worry.. if 2012 really come true, we will be celebrating our birthdays in paradise.. LOL.. no need to take flights anymore!

    Tekkaus: i guess my kids think the same.. see their mama old liow.. must get her something to rejuvenate!

    mumsgather: yeah.. everyday is blessed.. but on a special day, special memories remains.. :)

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY yay.....btw when are you visiting japan? hee =P

  21. eugene, thank you.. hope can really look more how sang than u but i know it will be impossible.. i am years older .. oh..sorry, i was supposed to be 25, right?

  22. manglish: around 10 december lar.. u planning to elope somewhere then? hahaha...

  23. awww...how sweet. when is aaron coming back huh?

  24. owh..that's really nice of your kids. I hope one day my kids can give remember my birthday too. :-) You are so blessed with wonderful children. Happy birthday once again. It doesn't matter if you are not 25 but at least you still look like a 25 and feel like a 25 yr old lady. haha...

  25. Oh cheese cakes! Yummy~

    I didn't get any cake this birthday of my this year >.>;

    But it is ok ^_^ because I still felt all the love from my friends and family ^_^.

  26. barb, he is coming back end of december.. another one more month.. :)

    tiee, how sweet.. i m sure your kids will do better for u.. just wait and see.. and let us know.. hahha.. yes, must feel young though my body is contradicting this statement.. lol...

  27. LOL...how long would those creams lasted? Need to ask them to re-fill. :)

  28. happy belated birthday to you!!!

  29. Later u let us know ah, whether the cream work or not? :)

  30. Ah! I'm late.

    Happy Belated Birthday Claire.

    Wish you young & fit forever!!

  31. Gallivanter: thank you..

    chrisau: next time u come back for cny, u wont be able to recognise me :p

    mama mia: doing a promotion for loreal? hehee.. if turn out negative, then they will be in a fix...

    annieQ: no, u have 365 days to tell me that.. hahaa... no late at all..

  32. Awwwwww Super Mom is so blessed. Many more wonderful returns of the day ya!

    Stay sweet! ^_^

  33. Know what you did on your last Birthday, you put all the three cakes together and the three mom, daughter and son share at the same time? Raspberry cheese cake looks nice. Oh got cream as b/d gift to smoothen the "railway tracks?" No wonder you are turning 25, secret is out now.

  34. hey, that first photo not your daughter ah? Haha!

  35. Ooh! i love the cakes! Secret Recipe is famous for their cheese cakes yes? But long time didn't go SR already. I think their quality went down the last few years! At least that's how it is here in KL!

  36. Your cake reminds me must get PJ Hilton's choc cake - only RM25 it's a steal! But worry about expanding waistline! : (

  37. Btw, your son and daughter has no blog of their own? : )

  38. Wow! Loreal anti wrinkle and firming cream! A great gift! Not for me though, haha! Like Tekkaus, I prefer the cakes! Haha!

  39. amy: thank you ah.. can give me a treat when i go penang? *tak shame* :p

    Mylittlespace: thank you.. u arent late and i do need the lift..badly. Late nights staying awake to blog, no joke... hahaha...

    cheah: u r so smart.. how did u know?? eh, i tot u looked back to my last year, but no, u were relating to this one.. yes, each of us ordered differently, can try little bit here and there ma.. :p

    Foongpc: SR to me same only.. i havent tried hilton before though u always compliment it .. must try.. maybe u get one for me next time *another not shameful request* ...
    my son has a blog, it is in my bloglist.. storyboard something.. my girl, no.. she is more glued to tv...
    i know u r young la.. no need cream yet.. me need nightly, daily.. sigh..

  40. happy mother and lovely son.

    One more again!


  41. chvoon: i no shy..i still wanna thank u...hahhaa...

  42. Happy Birthday my dear friend!!! ^_^

  43. Happy birthday..
    your children are very pretty..
    HAHA.. not 25th, then 26 loh..
    happy 26th birthday.. XD

  44. Terima kasih banyak banyak Cath J..

    Dolly: as long as less than 29yrs old.. hahahaa... thank you for your compliments..


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