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Where We Ended Up That Night...

I am still in the birthday mood.. (please bear with me....) I did not post up my pictures yet, I mean our dinner....

We went out for dinner at 7pm.. I wasn't supposed to ask where Andy was taking us, he told me to buckle up and sit back and he would do the rest. Upon reaching town, he mumbled, "how to go to that side... ? where to park... " That moment, I couldn't resist asking him where actually he wanted to go... he was contemplating left or right...or what.. I was not sure...

Then he blamed it on his brother Aaron... "Goh goh never gave me the right directions...." (Andy, for all I know, he is not very familiar with town roads! He is like me, no sense of directions... lol... ) After turning round and round, he finally reached his destination, only to find Brewster Lane Coffeehouse was already closed.. CLOSED FOR GOOD! LOL...

We were feeling very hungry by then... I told him to go for chinese food... . but NO, he wanted western foood... so did Fernie.. (hey, I thought it was my birthday? Not I choose meh?)

Finally Andy drove us here...
Greentown YeOld English...

grilled pepper fish...

YeOlde English special
spring chicken with mushroom sauce..

mine.. salmon plus something...

Aaron...u r missing in here..
come back quick!!


  1. i usually celebrate the whole month hahhahahahha........not just a day hahha...btw where will u be in japan? r u coming to hiroshima?

  2. if u are coming in december it will be cold....sometimes can get to under zero depending on where you go....bring warm clothing...

  3. That salmon just made me feel very hungry! So glad you had such a great time for your birthday:)

  4. manglish: yeah. like bulan ramadan, celebrate whole month.. hahaha.. yes, will bring thick clothings..i very scared of cold one..

  5. Ur salmon plus something is really something eh? shiok nya.. i oso very scared of cold. almost 'died' in universal studios that time. U go there, bring good winter clothing.. not necessarily tebal, but make sure they are good!

  6. friends and I also went to secret recipe and yeolde, but it's at the jusco there one, last time auntie brought me there one. hehe...happy birthday auntie! hehee...

  7. Aiyo! Brewster Lane restaurant really closed for good eh? I wanted to go and try, but I guess I will never have the chance. Aunty, I half thought that Andy brought you to another restaurant opposite FMS near St. Michael's called Brewster's! Food there OK OK only lah (maybe not so good also) but very expensive leh... Only brought my parents there once to celebrate my mum's birthday - that also when the food there is still good lah...

    Now not so good already, who wants to go lah?

  8. Merryn, yes, salmon is good and mygirl ended up eating more than i did.. sigh.. hehee...
    hope mine is tebal enough.. oooohhh.. i scared of cold one..

    Gab: so u went there.. mine was in greentown.. wah, u pandai showed the way ah...

    henry: yes, andy, aaron and i been to brewster opp the fms.. yes, too expensive!! terrible..and not nice also..andy not full at all.. so he tot he could try the other brewster, dint know it closed down already.. .hahaa...

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!! I didn't notice it was your birthday until i open your blog~ :p hopefully you have wonderful birthday celebration for this year!

    Wah~ the Western food look like very yummy wor~ where is it? is in Ipoh?

  10. sjb: my favorite too.. not fattening also.. hehee..

    aeiween: sorry girl.. i also nv visit yr blog cos something wrong with the bloglist.. yr blog is not updating in mine..yes..western food in ipoh...

  11. wow!! everything looks so yummy!! I want!! I want!!

  12. looking at all the photos makes me hungry leh

  13. emmm..nice food and have a nice day..

  14. wah...great food. I'm sure u had a great dinner. Now i'm yearning for some.

  15. mandy: come! come!

    2ma: i still prefer asian.. :)

    liza: thanks... u too...

    tiee: yes, i had..hope u have too..

  16. happy birthday reanaclaire! :D ur kids are wonderful. :)

  17. Happy Birthday again, Big gal! :)
    I've passed that smoke place so many times but always opted for nice Ipoh chinese food. Gotta have my fav "Iced mocha" at Friends just a few shops away fm smokehse, whenever I visit Ipoh.

  18. Oooo...I love the salmon! Drool! Drool! Next time I go Ipoh, must stay for at least a week. So many nice things to eat and places to go...

  19. how long will u be here and where will u go? :)

  20. media007: thank you.. sometimes they can be Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde..

    gratitude: smokehouse? oh this yeolde english is called as one?

    stp: good good.. that is much better to hear.. but u wont be bored till u lari kuat kuat.. hahha... but when it comes to food, yes, it takes days to finish..

    manglish: from 10-17 dec but then i m not sure where cos i didnt rec itininery from my bro yet.. following tour, the time all are fixed.. dont think we hv free time to go anywhere we want..

  21. for the last pic, how did u put the heart shape? what software?

  22. nono.. birthday girl don't get to know where to eat.. you just sit back and relax till they don't know the road.. hehhehe.. :D Nice dinner.. :D

  23. Wa,, your birthday celebration is like malay wedding lah,,,, bersanding,, ber this,,, ber that,,, and lasted a long time lah..

    good children you have that,, tell them uncle eugene salute them

  24. Hi Reanaclaire, many happy returns of the day.
    Everytime I pop in here I see changes in Ipoh.
    The menu was well choosen by your kid.
    Love that grilled pepper fish.
    I go fishing catch Salmon, but don't really go overboard for it.
    Have fun Reana,.....and may you always be as beautiful tomorrow as you are today. Happy birthday. Lee.

  25. rachel: u can do it in neo imaging software or photoscape.. they r already in my computer one.. maybe my kids downloaded them, not so sure.. i m stll learning as u can see.. it takes time to edit initially..

    cynthia: i sat back till very hungry..hahaaa.. finally boleh makan ...

    eugene: month bersanding, yeah... but for my case, berbirthday.. can ah?

    U.lee: thank you once again! yes, i love salmon... but i think yours will taste better..cos fresh from the sea, right?

  26. i like the grilled pepper fish...

    the spring chicken look not nice... very dark Gr.... hehehe

    Salmon one ... hehheeh a bit healthy lo :)

  27. Haha, ya, I miss year then..that photo can include me inside also..photoshop it..hahaha..wei wei, poor..apa macam

  28. it is always fun to eat out on a birthday :P we can choose sometims hahaha

    looks like you having a good meal :).

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  33. i like that last picture.. yeah, aaron faster go back and make that picture complete. your mummy is missing you a lot :P Hahaha.. But that's a nice thing that you got treated with such a nice food and your beloved family :D

    Happy belated birthday to you again :D

  34. charlene: thank you, girl.. aaron is enjoying himself more over there.. hahaa...


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