Friday, December 4, 2009

To All The Men I "Loved" Before...

I received three CDs last week, songs from Olivia Newton John, Lobo and Bee Gees... Aren't they evergreen, they are my favorite singers of all times. This evening while driving home, Bee Gees was singing "Melody Fair' and it brought back sweet memories, the day I fell in love,no, I will rephrase that, I thought I have fallen in love with Mark Lester....

The movie SWALK was shown in 1971, I was 11 then, Mark Lester was 13 and I watched that show 5 or 6 times in Lido cinema, just walking distance from my house. Crazy me! With my meagre savings, I bought one mag called FanClub? Cannot remember the name but I do remember cutting out black and white pictures of Mark Lester, Jack Wild and Tracy Hyde, all starring in that show...

When I was few years older, I fell in love with another, he is Randolph Mantooth from the TV series, he was so gorgeous and witty, I was head over heals in love, infatuated.. whatever... lol...

i googled Mark Lester in his teens..

and now...
ain't he good looking??

Randolph Mantooth
cute, right?

oh gosh, now he is old... lol...
must be in his 60s now...


  1. Is the mag called 'Fanfare'? Mantooth who? Sorry! Whoa you can remember the year '71 when SWALK was shown. Mark must have given you no 'Less-ter' memory huh! Yup love the show too.

  2. Hahaha u so funny, people can't be handsome or pretty or young forever lah (*_*).

  3. thumbs up here have a great weeken :)

  4. Well...some people just will not age gracefully huh. :p After all beauty is just least the superficial ones.

  5. Hah! I think I had a post sometime ago on that...including a video clip of "First of May" from the movie SWALK Melody...

  6. wow.. I dun knw any 1 of them... now I knw.. ^_^

  7. cheah: yes, fanfare..hahhaa.. u really have a good memory la.. fanfare and galaxie were from our days, huh... 60sen..if i m not mistaken .. did u see that show too?

    sjb: eh, i also old la.. last time 11 yrs malu to reveal also..hahaa...

    eleanor: u too.. great weekend!

    Tekkaus: well, i think they look very man la..hahaa.. mark lester really changed a lot though.. my ngow cheong..

    STP: did u watch that show too? wow.. our time one hor? i really was very much infatuated with Mark then...very....

    cathJ: u were not even born.. hahaa..

  8. OoooOOOOoooo... public declaration of love *joking!*

    When I was young, I "loved" the guy in McGyver and Knight Rider... hahaha... can't even recall their names now :-p

  9. Ohhh that is funny and fun! Hope we aged better.

  10. boeyjoey: oh that guy.. yeah, what;s his name..i forgot already.. hahhaa..

    lynette: we ladies age gracefully :p


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