Monday, December 7, 2009

A Thumping AHead

My head was thumping this afternoon while working in the office... it seemed to be saying, "stop, stop, u crazy!"

Yes, today I almost worked nonstop, going out for a short break in the morning and mid afternoon to do some tasks outside. After that, back to work, work and more working on the brain. Closing account, what to do... have to get everything done before I go on a long leave starting on Thursday.

I will be off work for 10 days... shhhhh... my superior might have forgotten about my leave cos I applied it two months ago... smart? My colleagues who applied for leave now were all rejected! So u see, I have to finish all my stupid work by tomorrow.... and thus the headache...yo! Better sleep early tonight...


  1. I will be on long long leave too till next year...can't wait!!

  2. smallkucing: thank you...

    mandy: u too? great.. u have a good, wonderful, great, enjoyable time!!

  3. Need more info...Does it happen when u walk? That could be house settling. Mine does that when I haven't been there for a while.


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