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Welcome Home!

I am in KL now... came here yesterday and will be going back tomorrow. Met up Belinda for lunch in Rawang yesterday, she took us to Village Restaurant in Rawang, too bad I didn't manage to snap all the pictures... hahaha...

That was yesterday, last night I couldn't sleep well... what did I fear? NO, not slippers in my bed, of course... I din't sleep well cos I was afraid my hp alarm wouldn't work this morning. I have to wake up at 6am and to go airport at 6.45am....

Yes, AAron is back!! Three months are over! In fact 12 weeks in Italy for internship had just ended and now he is back in Malaysia.... finally! So glad to see him this morning... glad? happy? Yes, I m more than happy and glad! And not only him.... I met someone else too this morning in 1-Utama.....guess who?


  1. Good to hear about the multiple activities that you have been up to.The important thing is that you had fun.Thanks a lot.

  2. What did Aaron buy for u le??? Italian handbag, shoes, etc?????

  3. web: thanks..

    rachel: yes..yes... hahhaa...

  4. Welcome home, Aaron! Has he finished his studies/training? Going to work in KL?...1Utama? You met Mandy?

  5. Hahaha ... your excitement actually shines through. Happy Reunion! And a belated Happy Christmas :)

  6. So the 'Mafia' bozz is back to shake Ipoh huh, thought he only left a few days ago. Time really flies like mad 12 weeks is fast.

  7. stp: no,not yet finished..still have another year to go..., no, not mandy.. i think she must be working..

    joanna: thank u .. yes, arrived safely though a bit of coughing here and there.. :p

    bananaz: wah...scary la... promoted..

  8. LOLZ Manglish is super kaypoh! Btw, who who? lolz

  9. Ooppss, I thot ur son already finish his study and was in oversea for business trip? I'm wrong kah?

  10. wow, time flies, blink blink Aaron is home already!

    Who did you meet with this morning?

  11. manglish: come over tomorrow , i show u who..hehe...

    voon: what made u say that.. :p

    gratitude: the pot calling the kettle black? hehehe.. tomorrow i tell u..

    donna: esok cerita.. e..

    amy: my son is only 21..he is still studying la... hahaha...

    wenn: thank u on behalf.. :)

  12. Wa I guess tonite aso u cna't sleep much to talk about with Aaron...3 mths wor so lots to exchange hor...but I can see blogging still come first leh :p hope to see u soon in Ipoh :)

  13. i've read merryn's blog earlier so i know you met up with her :D how's aaron? i am sure you will be busy over the next few days to cook his fav dishes..heheheheheh

  14. elin, in KL..looking at his numerous pictures...

    barb: yes..met up with her last minute cos i dint know what my plans were... and no, he is not coming back to ipoh as yet...still have some reports to do...

  15. You went to 1U? Who? Who? Lol.. will be waiting for your answer hahahaha...

  16. woah...u shld be a happy mum today! Who do u met?

  17. Have you been to Italy before? I was supposed to visit Italy in June but was ruined by the outbreak of the deadly disease. *Sigh*

  18. what make me say that ar... because i just finish read merryn's post lo hahaha

  19. Cheh! u meet the lost submerryn lorrr...*scold scold* dono when wanna meet me up. *SULK*

  20. good to hear claire.
    Enjoy your days all the time.
    I bet you had a good christmas out there.
    Happy new year to you from all of us here.

  21. *STILL SULKING* lai! Post up the piccies! I saw liao, the picture you took wif the lost submerryn. Faster put up yours! look like merryn's mummy ahh...

  22. nice to be home...

    happy new year in advance Claire!

  23. How pleased you must be to have your son home. Did he get to explore the country while he was there? You are very busy lately with all this traveling, how fun!

  24. and you must have met up with i guess Merryn, right?

  25. So happy for you sister,now that aaron is back,, so more catching up to do, and lot of cooking of home cooked meals for him.

    rest well sister,

  26. I knew you met up with Merryn cos read about it on her blog, haha! How come didn't meet up with me? ; )

  27. wow...intern at italy for 3 months...great.

    u met me mah at one meh? hehehe

  28. Merryn: superwoman and a potential academy award actress! hahaha...

    chris: guess la... yr turn sudah, so next..

    mingna: no la..never been to europe yet.. would love to.. so when r u planning to go?

    voon: smart boy!

    cleffairy: please, please, i plead with u..listen to my explanation first.. hehehe.. in my next post!

    wengss: no..not many pics cos didnt celebrate much really.. how about yours?

    cleffairy: told u already.. looked like her mum more than a blogger.. sigh.. no make up ma.. no ICI .. and a sleepless night too!!! not doing me justice here.. hahaha...

    Me: yes, great to have him home...

    cheryl: oh yes, he did...he took uncountable pics and i have looked at some of them till my eyes cannot tolerate.. so so many.. :)

    eugene: yes, thank u .. he is back in KL and working today.. yes, met up with our small sweet sister of KL... cute little girl, huh..

    foongpc: can ah... ok, next time.. in KL with u.. and few others.. cleffairy will kill me if she knows this.. hahaha...

    via: yeah, we planned to meet up, right? sorry ah.. didnt turn up yesterday..hahaha.. .

  29. Claire ah! U know, that submerryn meet Eugene, ppl tot he's her father. She meet up with you, ppl tot she's your daughter. Walao. Meet me, wait ppl tot I'm who?

    I know liao... meet up with her, must ICI or Nippon paint kow kow... better still, go do facial! If not, ppl will mistake her as my daughter! Walao... sei lorr (I'm very vain wan!)

  30. cleffairy: no lar.. both of u together, ppl will come after like bees... wanting to sting.. hahha... one like karen mok and one like sweet sixteen.. celebrities wo... so do consider first before putting both of u together... i will definitely walk behind .. or perhaps i be manager..charge a small fee from them if they want to snap your picture!! hahaha.. i be rich liow!

  31. Thanks a lot mum for coming all the way from Ipoh to pick me up..hehe..and oso wei wei and fernie too :)Great to be back

  32. Son: yes, great to have u back too! i was practically counting the hours!! hahaha...

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