Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Brief Getaway To Taiping

I went for a brief getaway yesterday.... where? Taiping... it is around 70km from Ipoh and we reached the town in 50minutes. What purpose? hehehe.. apa lagi, pergi jalan-jalan cari makan (what else but to go for a eating spree again!) I forgot to take pictures of our lunch meal....silly me, I thought I have taken it but when I checked with my camera just now, they were not there.... sigh..

We stopped by at this Taiping coffeeshop after our dinner (letswallop post)and this man recommended us to take his yam cake. Proudly he said that his yam cake was authentic styled, learnt from his grandmother/ancestors... something like that, my hokkien is no good, so I agak-agak he must be talking about that la... After his short "speech", I "obliged" by ordering a small plate... (still full after dinner)

when it came, i was like...gosh! looked so yummy one...

it tasted better than it looked! hmmmm.....

then we ordered some taiping rojak..
so much grounded nuts, man...

some sotong, fruits & homemade fried yau chow kwai...
it sure tasted very yummylicious ...
Next time must go eat again!!!


  1. Hmmm never ajak me...hmmmpf Sendiri makan sendiri enjoy saja :(

  2. Hmmm...I've never been to Taiping. Got a friend there...but now he's in Tjg Malim, UPSI lecturer.

    Rojak...they say a nearby town here - Bintangor - the rojak there best lah! Never been, but if you come...we can go hunt for it! And go Sarikei, eat GIANT prawns noodles!!! Yum! Yum!

  3. wow, the food sure looks yummy. pls tell us where you went cos i plan to go to taiping some time this year :) want to meet up with 2 blogger friends there as well :D

  4. elin: sure or not can go if i ajak u.. hahhaa.. wait la..let me get the form signed first.. hahaha...

    stp: ITS A DEAL!! we go look for makan when we go there.. jalan jalan cari makan.. hahahaa..giant prawns noodle.. wow...

    barb: it is right in town.. on main road coffeeshop..since yr frens are there, shouldnt be problem.. im sure they take u for good food.. :p

  5. Ooooh Taiping... i LOVE that place!

  6. i miss those food! Tpg is my hometown.

  7. LOL... kesian you, Claire... go all the way to Taiping den post up so many things to temp me... cannot jadi... failed... why? Cuz still sick and all i want is just hot milo! LOL...kesian... try again next time... ahahahah... wif hot milo!!!

  8. medie007: taiping is also quiet like ipoh in a way..

    evelyn: the rojak is as good too!

    wenn: next time i must ask u where to eat..taiping is actually a nice place too ...

    janus: thanks..i will look into it

    cleffairy: surely u dont think i want to tempt u? mama claire here, remember? ok, a cup of milo? no problem.. a hot nice one on the way..McClaire delivery!! hahha..

  9. Who knows? Jangkit from Cikgu... owez tempt ppl go Sibu wan! LOL... OMG, McClaire delivery. *pengsan* *sigh* these days no appetite for anything, and yet my hubby keep on force me to eat more fruits.... T_T evil feller!

  10. Oh, u went to Tpg?
    The yam cake looks pretty ok,
    what's the name of the shop?

  11. cleff: u indeed should eat more.. imagine me.. each time i put something in my mouth, i worry cos i m indeed sudah overweight.. but u? wow.. so nice to wallop anything without a single worry...

    mingna: yeah, went there for the weekend.. it is in town one.. big corner shop on the main road.. near the municipal office..

  12. the rojak!!!!!!!!!!! salivate! i love rojak with lots of nuts n sotong n kangkung n fried chakwai... aiyo.. i love rojak lah!!!! can smell dy.. can taste dy.. cannot touch oni.. :(

  13. A friend who used to live in Taiping said there is one stall that sells verygood Yam Cake. I am not sure whether it is the one that you went to. The Yam Cake does looks delicious. Sure hubi will go nuts

  14. Edi full, yet can wallop so many things. Good lah u guys.

  15. Oh my goodness! I am full just looking at these photos!! LOL!

  16. merryn: your place there got nice rojak or not? next time i bring u to Jelapang to taste the nice ones..

    smallkucing: i am also not familiar, all i know is this shop along the main road.. :) not bad.. he said ancestors recipe wor..

    slavemom: this is called rubberized stomach! :p

    cheryl: oh..good then.. u wont put on weight like that.. hahaha..

  17. Wow! Looks so delicious! Drooling...

  18. Ok! Next time I got there I must also try the rojak. :p

  19. foongpc: yes..not only looks but it tasted delicious too!

    tekkaus: i bet u will go there somewhere this year...

  20. Never been to Taiping.

    The yum cake do look very yummy!!


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