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I M Twiddle The Second...

What was I thinking of??

I reached home this evening a bit later than usual, parked my car and was gathering my handbag, tupperware, preparing to get down from the car, when suddenly my eyes caught the sight of Fernie's schoolbag behind the passenger car seat. For a moment, I was thinking, "hey, why is her schoolbag here?" OH GOSH!!!
Then I suddenly panicked.... I had lunch with her this afternoon and dropped her back to school after that....AND THAT MEANS.... I WAS SUPPOSED TO FETCH HER AFTER WORK!!!

YO!!! Quickly, I started my car again and Zoomed at full gear to her goodness, it was already 5.30pm, well over her time to go home. All the while driving, I was thinking why had I forgotten to pick her up.... The first thing Fernie said when she got into my car was "Mi, u never thought of me?" I didn't have the heart to say "Yes" ... Sorry is a much better word...


  1. hehehe that's normal...:-) well, hope she's not feeling bad about it

  2. Yo.....lucky u remembered her ! But the afternoon classes is still on, so no worry... especially after she heard of the story I told while having our lunch :))

  3. i was busy working and i forgot all about my son who was still waiting for me in school. when i remembered, i was 2 hrs late! that happened last year. this year he takes the bus. Better this way!

  4. hahahhahaha... she will know once she read your blog....hihihihi...

    Oh my... I will face that 1 day.. ^_^

  5. I think we get so preoccupied with our thoughts that we just forget. When my children were younger, I would drive all the way to work...and they would sit quietly on the back seat...not saying a word about them having to be dropped off at school:) Which would make me seriously late for work.

  6. veta: no, she isnt..she understands this mum too well.. :)

    elin: only after i reached home.. heee..

    mery: sure did when i reached home ...

    wenn: wow..then u lagi late..hhaa... but better late than never, right?

    sjb: yes, it does..i hope no more...

    cathJ: dont think u will... u r so much younger..hahaha...

    lynette: hey, i did that before too.. my girl didnt voice out till i bypassed the school..i was really engrossed into my tots.. :p

    medie007: she said lazy to walk inside to call..she knows i come sooner or later..

  7. Poor girl.. You are sometimes just too bz lah Claire. You need a PA :D

  8. Don't worry, we also make mistakes like these! U must have been busy at work :)

  9. that is close,
    things turn out simply great as always,

    happy Friday,
    You Deserve Happiness.


  10. LOL...kesian fernie... T_T

  11. Oh... poor Fernie! She must have used to it already....

  12. Luckily she's big edi. So won't cry in sch if u're a lil late. hehehe But no matter wat, still hv to be careful. Hv to make sure she waits INSIDE the sch compound.

  13. merryn: not too busy.. only thinking of some other things such as the gathering..hahaha..

    kristie: sometimes the mind went haywire..

    jingle: have a nice weekend yourself too..!

    cleff: kasihan for the mum too??? driving around like a mad woman..

    cindy: yea, u r right.. tat is why she doesnt have to call me..

    slavemom: yes, told her, nv to come out of the school gate..

  14. you have to thanks the "school bag" for remind you about Fernie. :D

    Sometime our mind just too occupied with too many things.

  15. Can understand that sometimes we just tends to forget things need to be done.
    Luckily she is not crying while waiting. Good girl.

  16. Kesian u soso... but fernie so cute... "Mi... you never thought of me ah?"

    OMG... so kesian!

  17. annieq: yeah... if not for the school bag, my mind would not have register what I have forgotten..

    superman: 16 yrs old lo.. still cry ? hahaha...

    cleff: to say YES?

  18. I have done a similar thing myself. Moms have a lot of their minds most of the time! At least you remembered her and went and picked her up!

  19. cheryl, i guess we mums are not that super after all..hahaa... we have too much on our minds..

  20. Uh oh... I hope this doesn't happen to me cos I'll have to run! (Chloe's kindy is about 5 mins walk from home) Sometimes I tend to be too preoccupied with things and become very forgetful too...

  21. Sometimes it just happens huh! :D So you'd better set more reminder in the future. Hahaha :D

  22. chloe: if it is an everyday affair, then surely can remember.. but my girl, one day this time, another day, different time.. that is the problem..

    tekkaus: yeah, better set alarm on hp..that is the purpose of it, right?

  23. this is "one of those days" when we forget things *haha*

  24. 2ma: of the days that the gray cells refused to function..

  25. Twiddle? Is that the character form Enid Blyton's book? : )

  26. So did your daughter get upset with you?

  27. yes foong..i tot no one realized that..twiddle is the poor old man who kept forgetting ... my girl upset? naww..she is used to me by now.. i mean being forgetful. :)

  28. nice post. thanks.


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