Sunday, January 3, 2010


Yo... school is reopening... another fresh new year for my girl who will be going to Sec 4. Waking up early morning like a zombie and dropping her to school around 7am and then snoozing in the office till 8am before I start my work. Will be "re-employed" as an unpaid driver again in the evenings and spending time alone in front of this screen for some hours before rushing out again. It is like a peaceful "war zone" in a way, the same old routine in about 12 hours from now!

How about u all? Any new changes in your life starting from tomorrow?


  1. no wo...continue to sleep until 10 or 11 am in the morning ler. hehehe...

  2. sian.... though I worked last week, it's not really feel like working last week, but not tomorrow. Everyone's back and it's back as usual like CNY.

  3. Thanks for reminding me! I need to go to sleep now as I have to get up at 5:15AM, cook breakfast, and start the mad rush! Life will be back to "normal" in a few hours time.

  4. I like routine...I dunno why, Claire. Perhaps routine keeps me busy and stop me from thinking nonsense. LOL... neway, strangely... I feel more blessed today. =D

  5. Gab: u r excluded... hahaha... so blessed one.. aaron is struggling to wake up at 6am still.. hahaha..

    mingna: ditto..

    chrisau: same in sg too? i tot only malaysians felt that.. last week was also a restful week for me too.. yes, today everyone will be back..

    william: 5.15? wow.. then i m slightly better than u.. at least i wake up at 6am.. then join in the war zone roads.. :)

    cleffairy: hey, that is good news, hope u feel blessed each day too!!

  6. In actual i like it when school reopen,i missed sitting down with my children studying together, and it does help us to cut down many of my evening binging sessions,,,,,

    hahah and save money somemore,no drink,,save more..

    have a good week ahead,and mad rush as well

  7. sigh sigh philip cried from me waking him up until to the classroom :(

  8. manglish: chiew kau, chiew kau...

    eugene: like that ah.. for me, i m like mad woman, rushing back to take her tuition and back.. hahaha...

    rachel: hope this crying will be temporary.. it takes time for him to settle to the new routine, i guesss...

  9. hi, good morning,

    sharing is caring, but caring is more than sharing,...right?

    I love the way you start the post, smart mind!

  10. School reopens? Good riddance to brat in my house lerr... I can get some peace, finally. Can't wait for my brat to grow up. As soon as he's in college... kick him out of the house and I'm off backpacking lerr!

  11. Very funny rite how it's a new year but nothing seems to have changed ... there's some comfort in that though

    By the way, Happy New Year to you !

  12. Mine would be waking up earlier, ferrying my kids to mum's, get HQ to eat breakfast and go to school, then me rushing off to work. Evenings are the same as before!

    Do enjoy your new routine!

  13. I've to go back to my usual routine - go over to my parents' to babysit my mum...rush home and rest...and tuition class at four...and marking to be done! SIGH!!! I long for the day when I can TRULY retire...just sit and shake legs and do nothing!

  14. Ji, thanks for coming by.. will visit u too..

    cleff: u er.. i tot who u wanna kick.. brat? hey, next time u might be depending on this "brat" for food and water la.. hahhaaa...

    joanna: Happy new year to u too! have a nice semester!

    mama mia: hope u will continue to enjoy the same old routine then! :)

    media007: yes, unpaid driver is like that one..

    boeyjoey: today is really jammed.. i guess KL will be much worse. anyway, enjoy yr evening!

    stp: what a filial son u r, sir.. a role model to your students.. do tell them not to discard the old.. me so scared my kids will "discard" me one day.. so u r still giving tuition? well, it is good to pass time, dont always shake legs, chinese saying ah, shake too much legs means take away prosperity.. so better dont shake legs at home! hahaha...

  15. Hmm.. I dunno Claire. I'm still here waiting for evening to come and THEN will Ethan start his class. OMG! That's just one and a half hour away!!! OMG.. now I'm panicking! OMG OMG!!!

  16. Yo! how is your 1st day of school, Zombie Claire ? :p

    Pancing ikan at the office or not tis mrg?

  17. merryn...merrynn... no panic.. mama is here.. now take a deep breath and say "I CAN.. I CAN!!!... after all, MALAYSIA BOLEH ma.. right?
    ok, tell me about it later tonight..

    smallkucing: i caught many fishes la.. all in the office.. taking back tonight to steam.. from morning till afternoon, i memang suka pancing ikan.. my work now piling up.. now only i finish pancing-ing.. ok, better stop here..

  18. hmmm ~ for me, new year with a new job in a new company.. totally new environment.

    still trying to get used to the new place and i hope i can cope well.

    wish u a happy 2010, rena!! :)

  19. no wor..
    still working like usual..
    happy new year..

  20. jocelyn: all the best to your working in the new company!

    donna: yeah, guess working is still the same.. only after the office hours, i have to do more than usual!

  21. Everything is same old routine for me, waking up and going to work.

    But one thing changed is the traffic jam is back! Very pek chek-lah...

  22. Haha :D Why not? After all she's your daughter. :D

  23. Claire, I'm the same too! Truely busy...My girl also in secondary 4 & my son is in secondary 1. How was her PMR result? Great!

  24. Jessie: over here same....jammed up too but not as bad as in kl....

    tekkaus: like in the song, he aint heavy, he's my brother..

    mylittlespace: she did about yrs?

  25. Claire, I'm truely proud of my girl. She did very very well. =)Almost..almost straight A's! About my son, he did Ok (only 2As). I'm really headache of him, you know! He never likes to spend times in his studies. He's complaining I'm very long winded! You see, this is my SON! He's the only one making me worried all the time. =(


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