Thursday, January 21, 2010

A "Sadistic" Sharing From Penang

I just came back from dinner with some of my outstation frens... it is quite late now and I have yet to put up this post... so tonight it will be a very short, sadistic post... not only for U but also for Me...

Why? Cos while my kids were having a time of their life in Swenson, I was not around with them...when I was with them, we ended up eating typical chinese food, not "sinful" ice cream such as THIS!!!!

isn't this a beauty?

whose spoon was this??


wordless & speechless


  1. That ice cream looks strange. Banana inside ah? OMg... no thanks... give me strawberry ice cream pls. :P nah... ambik Eugene... i am first today. LMAo...

  2. Looks yummy, is that a sauce over the ice cream that was hot when poured over it?

  3. hahahhahaahaha...! yr kids really noty!

  4. oooooooooooooh looks so delicious.
    Love it..I love ice cream

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  6. Hi Reana, I love ice cream, bananasplits.
    You eat out very often, huh?
    Let me know when you next eat nasi kandar or banana leaf rice, ha ha.
    Best regards, Lee.

  7. I never try ice cream like this before. Mesti sedap punya.

  8. haha you mizzed the boat having fun...nevermind next time we oldies go together and have our fun :p

  9.'re not torturing me! Not really into ice cream...and whatever that was did not look enticing enough! Try again, and better luck next time! LOL!!!

  10. I am saved, not a ice-cream lover either,,hahahah.

    i shall be back...hello,,Cleff,why you mentioned my name there in the first comment here lah,, make me jelos only,, i have tried like century to be the first,nah cannot still,,,,

  11. cleff: if like that, i think i like to go out with u, what u dont like, i finish it up for u.. but the only sad thing is, i become a sumo, u become a model!

    patty: yes, i heard it is sort of caramel..

    irene: yeah, they left these pics for me to droooooool... noti, noti..

    wengs: me too..i love anything sweet..

    smallkucing: sort of exaggerating, right? hahahaa...

    anonymous: thanks for info..

    u.Lee: sure wil let u know.. nasi kandar actually is not one of my favorites but if i do eat, i sure post it up!

    sjb: i tell u when i tried it next time..hehehe...

    elin: one of these days, korean, right? we skip lunch ok??

    stp: good, at least u dont yearn for it as much as i do.. i simply love anything sweet and cold.. but due to age, i got to cut down :(

    eugene: yo..u guys dont know how to enjoy ice cream one? but then generally i think ladies love them more than men, huh? only that we scared of gaining what we r not supposed to! :(

  12. come over to KL.., our blogger gathering will be in Western restaurant. How about Tony Romas :p

  13. =_____="
    really sinful... especially 8am in the Friday morning NOW!!! T.T
    i want ice-cream too..

  14. hmmmm...I would love to indulge in ice-cream.

  15. TZ: u r also having a bloggers meet?

    donna: i think my lunch will be ice cream! but mine will be McD..hahhaa..

    wenn: how wonderful to indulge without worrying about weight..

  16. That looks like it'll add 2 inches to my waistline @.@ bt i heard swensen's really heavenly

  17. I love ice-cream! Especially taken with bread or waffle.. But the best way to enjoy ice cream is in bed! lol.... shiok! :D

  18. @Eugene...I'm very noti today.

    @Claire...everyone loves to go out with me. they always get extra food to eat. Ahahahahah!

    @STP... the ice cream looks very strange, no?

    @Merryn...oiks...enjoy ice cream in bed.... waaaaa... kawan... very kinky and sexy. Next time, try Hersheys chocolate sauce... lick em off...ahemmm... i better stop before mama Claire swat me away!

  19. adoiiiiiiiiii.... hungry!!! hahahha

  20. the ice cream looks so sinful!!! nevertheless, i still wanna give it a try *hehe*

  21. @Cleffairy otak kuning!!! Mama and papa gonna spank you upside down today! :P

    I think Claire is having a big headache with our presence here Cleff... hahahahahha..

  22. Do I see it wrongly? Is it ice cream on a hot pan? Or just the plate is black color?

    My kids love ice cream. And ice cream is a better snack food compared to sweet and candy. So nowadays I keep a tub of ice cream at the fridge at home, for the kids (and of course myself too) during weekend. :)

  23. @Merryn... awww... come on Merryn... dun tell me you never thought about it? Dun you think it'll be interesting to do such thing in bed? Ahahahaha.... lmao.... hmmm... now... what should I choose... chocolate sauce, whipped cream or ice cream? Ice cubes would be interesting too, no? Ahahahahahahaha! Food, food, glorious food!

  24. Ice cream with hot boiling gravy?? Looks kinda weird. hehe..

  25. I'm glad that i'm not the only one who thinks it's weird... but give me strawberry sundae any day, I'll gulp it all down! :-D

    *mama Claire... get my hint anot? i wan McD's sundae!*

  26. Ok,cleffairy,you stop here, no further comment from you,you have snatched the first commentor honor from me already, dont you dare to take away my only pride of being the last commentor here in our famous Claire's blog. ok.

    you comment here, i no friend you, you hear I NO FRIEND YOU

  27. Ok Ok Cleffy, may be you dont buy hard knock approach......wait let me change...

    Please, tolong Cleff,dont leave any comment here,ok, help me to be the last commentor in Claire's blog,

    I will forever be indebted to you,if you just gave me this honor of being the last commentor here, ok or not?

  28. Bwhahahahahahahaah! Last commenter is the hardest la, kawan! Ahahahaha.... with Merryn, me and Claire lurking around here like nobody's business...there's no chance of you being the last commenter....Cikgu never join in the fun, else you'd have to compete him too.. ahahaha. Better luck next time, brader... ahahahaha! *golek golek* Try being the first commenter in my blog.. or Cikgu's blog. It's easier than hot Mama Claire's blog! Ahahaha! i give you hint. Me and Cikgu are early posters!

  29. Wah... the ice cream looks like it's sizzling. :O

  30. It's icecream for me tonite! :P

  31. wow..COLD ice cream becomes HOT talk! my gosh.. i cannot leave u all for a few hours.. my office pc let me down today, that is why no time to give some tutorial advice to u-know-who.

    eugene: dont be the 1st or last, as long as u mari each day, i am equally contented...

    Cleff: u know something... the flavors and the beds got me confused as to what u were implying... ohhhh..ok, ok, no need to clairify, maybe i put 2 + 2 together, i will get the picture 4. :)

    Merryn: i dont know u or cleff, siapa yang jaguh.. both equally creative in bed or off bed..

    cheeyee: my son said it was caramel, i didnt ask the details.. i dont want to be tortured further.. hahaha...

    smallboar: i also never been la.. must be heavenly for those with sweet tooth..

  32. It's food sex fetish Claire... that what I was talking about to Merryn. Ahahahaha! My weekend mood here liao. Ahahahaha!

  33. Cleffairy, i m so happy to hear you got mood liow.. if u r happy, i m happy, we r happy.. have a sweetsweet weekend!!

  34. They took those pics for u to blog? Or for u to drool over? Or BOTH? :D

  35. @Cleffairy - Eeeee.. pls! Don't talk bout food sex fetish to me! I'm underage! lol... :P

  36. slavemom: these pics taken by another blogger, Gabriel..he likes to take pics ...

    merryn: food pornography la...this one..

  37. Wah! What is that, ice cream on top of "something"? Look so yummy!!! Don't know how many years i never been to Swenson already. Now you make me drool and want to eat ice cream!!

  38. yer claire.. you have pornographic material in ur blog!!! I tell your mother! lol... :P

  39. annie: my son said caramel..jom, i never been la..... i wanna go too.. next time take me when in KL? hehehe..not hak hei one..

    merryn: tell my mum? she will look at u with eyes blinking blinking.. "apa cakap lu?"

    salman: yeah.. nice icecream.. hahaa..

  40. Oh how delicious....I am hungry!!

  41. Indeed it looks so delicious. I wonder if they are really enjoying it. Ha :D

  42. cheryl: me too..i have yet to try..

    tekkaus: dont hv to ask.. hahha.. indeed they did..


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