Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Cocks Swimming Lessons!

Story telling time :
Incident #1 : In the midst of a meeting, the canteen fella brought us lontong meehoon. Everyone was quite happy (except me) because I don't really fancy that. But for the sake of my stomach, I walloped it and was the first one to finish. My colleagues asked me to wait for the "sambal" (chillie sauce), but I didn't... thank goodness for that. Happily they ate their meehoon and suddenly one lady screamed "eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Gosh, there was a baby cockroach swimming in the chillie sauce!!! Yucks! Everyone whose bowl has chillie stopped eating straightaway....

Incident #2 : My lady colleague "tarpau-ed" one packet of milo ice from canteen, went to the pantry and a loud commotion was heard.... we ladies being "kaypor" went to see what's The Happening.... What did we see?? It was just another baby cockroach learning how to swim in the Milo pool !!

can u see it???

aahhhh...whose baby cockroach is this????

2 incidents enough or not???
hence, bye-bye canteen...

now I am wondering...
how many cockroaches I have gulped down
all these years working here...


  1. u wan pic of roaches ML or not? I have .. :P

  2. how about chickens??? i mean the cock and the hen? ada?

  3. *pengsan at Merryn's comment*

    gosh i kena one time the "Katt Chai Shuen Mui" (Lime+asamboi drink) got baby cockroach floating in it. I dranked a bit baru discover. *vomit*.

    Haiz become KattChatt Shuen Mui drink liao. :(

    For very long time i dare not order this drink :(

  4. Cham loh cham loh...claire also got "contaminated" guess all mommies bloggers who kenal Merryn have to go for detox.

  5. report to the health ministry! :P

  6. It's time someone invented the "personal sieve" that we could all carry with us for testing meng-testing b4 makan or minum! lolz

  7. For a moment thought it's another one of those above 18 entry when I saw the second word. Phew! Found the murderer who killed the baby roach? Things unseen are always deemed to be clean not only in your canteen but everywhere haha.

  8. Wow....good lar. Extra ingredients. LOL :D

  9. Oh I see... Seeing one miserably small cockroach is a scary experience.... How about eating the same bottle of soy sauce infested with regiment of cockroaches?
    When I took up a part-time job as a waitress in a family Japanese restaurant in Ipoh (Mxxxrimoto), I was assigned to a special unit - Cleaning the sauce bottles on every table.

    Step 1: Empty all the bottles by pouring the soy sauce into a large jug.

    Step 2: Wash all the bottles so that it is always clean (???)

    Step 3: Use a strainer to separate the soy sauce and whatever particles left by the 'visitors' (legs, wings, thorax, abdomen, faeces, unrination etc.)

    Step 4: Refill all the thoroughly 'cleaned' sauce bottles with the 'well-strained' soy sauce.

    So, what's so scary about seeing a baby roach floating on your beverage?

    Japanese soy sauce is very expensive, so while your mind is stirred up by greed upon seeing the 'very good' soy sauce, you are free to pour as much sauce as you can into your food.

    Bon appetit!

  10. cocks and hens i think better ask cleffairy.. dia expert on chickens.. lol..

    @small kucing - wat did i do/say? *innocent look* :P

  11. I have baby aged 8 months and I have problem in choosing foods that are suitable. Do you have idea?

  12. small kucing: i think baby roaches are an inquisitive lot.. in the end,their curiousity kills them.. ouch..
    about the contamination here between the M and the double C, they r incurable already.. the brains have been corrupted! period!

    medie007: does it work? i doubt! hahaha...

    gratitude: maybe u can help to menginvent that? )

    bananaz: so..meaning to say.. ignorance is bliss! :) what u dont know dont hurt, right?

    tekkaus: milo kau kau!

    mingna: thanks for letting me know.. next time dont pour the sauce like nobody's biz... coming to think of it, no wonder the sauce is so nice, must be due to the "extras" legs and stuff.. aaaaahhhh! what's so scary?? cockroaches is my most feared object..give me a rat, i no scared.. give me a cockroach, i might get heart attack! yucks...

    merryn: cleff is lying low.. dont disturb her on chicken topic now.. sshhhhh.....
    innocent eyes? merryn??? gosh... *i have no other questions*

    seno: i think u better ask those young mommy bloggers, me is an old mother liow... outdated with the information on babies.. go to merryn blog and she will let u know what u should know! :)

  13. once my girl's soup had a housefly. she stopped drinking n cried. seeing that, the lady boss quickly replaced it with another soup.

  14. About the 'Chinese' clock its Copyleft. Kindly download from Google gadget kindly click on the clock for the link.

  15. Thanks to Tarts and Pies, she what she said...??? What you dunno does not mean its clean...hehehe. Hokkien saying "la sum chiak la sum pooi" - Dirty eat dirty fat haha.

  16. oh boy, this is soooo eeeewwwww. can you all make a complaint?

  17. *faints*
    wakes up.
    reads 'tarts and pies' comment..
    *faints again!!!

  18. wenn: housefly i also kena before in pg.. i gave it back to the man and he paid me back the money..

    banana: thanks.. i will try it out.. yeah, actually ah, restaurant food or all kinds of food, we dont know. cos we dont see ma.. but see already, cannot eat...

    amy: seeing is believing.. hahaha..

    barb: she made a complaint, she got a new packet of milo ice.. and the lontong mee, they compensated by giving free chicken rice for lunch.. i no eat.. hahaha...

    beng: aaahhh...

    tuti: dont pengsan anymore.. get used to it better.. hahaha...

  19. @Claire... that's disgusting... the moral of the story is... always go for bottled or canned drinks. Safer! LOL... Playsafe, wokeehhh? Understand? Playsafe! Lately... I pening wif the sodomize chicken... omg, the news ahh... very intriguing... ahahahaha... very suspence! Macam watch thriller! And yeeee... I can't believe you ask for cock and hen pic... ehh... u wan u go The Star see... can see two cocks wannn... lol... pakai lube lagi!

    @ Merryn... omg la... u keep porn pic of roaches ah... that one no fun la... keep Chio Soi Lek's wan la... better, can see a lot of lemak and jigly bits...or Edison Chen punya... the face handsome ma...

    @ Smallkucing... actually kan, Merryn a lot more worst than me! LOL... I hereby certify her otak kuning!

  20. Yuk...... I know they may have a little 'protein' (HA HA) in them, I'd prefer my dinner without any cockroaches...

    My Daddy would have just laughed and said, "Well, he's tiny. He won't eat much of your dinner." I still say YUK...

  21. cleff: a little protein as Betsy said, wont hurt..hahaha.. what u dont know, it is not yucky.. i dont like bottled drinks..too sweet, at my age, cannot drink all those already... :P

    betsy: i like what your father said.. it wont eat much of our food or drink.. it only wants to swim there after all! hahaha...

    lynette: that is the word!

  22. And here I am still fighting for my innocence! I am innocent until proven kuning.. but then again, got certified by cleffairy liao.. haih..

  23. @ Merryn...huh your "Innocents"?? anak satu liao ler :p

  24. @claire... cannot wan... my stomach very sensitive...abit dirty inside, confirm i will get food poisoning wan. that's another reason why I rarely eat out.

    @ Merryn.... yup... ur certified kuning. Yellow!!! Got jaundice punya! Fuiyooo!

    @smallkucing... *high 5* innocence? My ass la... anak oso 2 years old liao! LOL...

  25. No see can eat got see cannot eat..haha what Engrish???

  26. Oh no, gross. Like finding a hair in your food, even if it's your own, it just kind of turns the stomach, I know it does me.

  27. Hi Reana, Holy Smoke! Yeeech!
    If that happens here, its game over for the restaurant, closed immediately by food authorities.

    About 2 months ago, the biggest Chinese restaurant in Toronto was sealed and closed by the Health Authorities as someone had noticed rat droppings near the kitchen. He phoned the FA, they came, did an inspection, closed the restaurant.

    These FA people come to food stores undercover and inspect everything, food in fridge, on tables etc...if plates empty or otherwise on the floor, game over, heavy fine.

    All eating shops have a big certificate pasted outside windows.
    Green is 'passed inspection'.
    Orange, 'warning given' to clean up their act.
    Red? Game over, shop closed till cleaned and re-inspected.

    Thus one and all take precautions, especially diners now have phones with cameras.

    You take care, have a great weekend, Lee.

  28. yuckie yuckie. That is one canteen ought to be banned! FOREVER! Gong Xi Gong Xi. We are going back to Ipoh soon! Yummy yummy...looking forward to lots and lots of food. Recommend some good places, pleasee....?

  29. There too? Here in Sibu, lots of cockroaches. Have to keep spraying to get rid of them! I hear a lot of ants too...but my house has been spared so far, thank goodness. Dunno what's happening in the world...

  30. merryn: likedat, must get a lawyer to prove innocence liow!

    smallkucing: u be witness for defence or prosecutor? *reading too many court cases books*

    cleff: u got law-yer or not? someone is trying to prove her innocence here..

    cheah: understood-ed, wat inglish pun I min pai..

    patty: hair is very common, now and then also experienced hair follicles..hahaha...

    U.Lee: that is also one of the reasons i love to uproot.. clean air, clean food.. yes, over there very strict, if this case, sure tutup kedai long ago already...

    stp: u mean to say.. coffeeshops or makan places a lot of cockroaches in their food??? over here, at least once awhile la.. see who is the lucky one.. :)

    veta: yes, taking care..u too!

  31. Reminded me of the incident I once had...drinking Pat-Poh-Paeng at an open air kopitiam at night. I did not realized there was a full grown cockcroach in the drink because of the dark color of the herbal drink until I took the first sip!

  32. sjb: geli betul..

    9pek9bo:my did u sue the kopitiam??? big full grown cockroach!!! i think i will pengsan there and then...

  33. Aduh, the canteen food so dirty... I see the cockroach pic fainted hehe

  34. Ask the canteen fellow to get Ridsect bait to wipe out all the colony....when one corkroach eat it, it will go back to the nest and die....then all the other cockroaches would it the dead one...then all also 'mati' he he he!

  35. mommymoon: my worst feared insect.. so yucky..

    pete: i think he will lose his tender very soon..2nd time kena.. i wonder how many ppl has cockroaches each day.. hahhaa...

  36. OMG! I will sue that canteen till they are out of business! Haha!

  37. Ptui... ptui... ptui... hv to wash mouth with dettol edi. But really can't avoid 'kar liu' stuff when u're eating out.


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