Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Mouse Bit Me!

My boil has "burst!" From a small cut initially to a yellowish molehill, it "erupted" yesterday and the yellow lava came out.... (disgusted?) After the yellowish fluid, reddish liquid followed... (doubly disgusted now)...LOL...

Yes, I know I am being "yucky" this evening but I am glad. The boil on my hand begins to heal today, not bad... the hospital cream is not bad la... the pharmacist gave me half bottle, very thick lotion, I have to put the bottle in hot water then only the lotion can come out of it. So...anyone who have boils, I can pass the medicine to you.. LOL...

Elin, my good friend, advised me not to hold the "mouse" for prolonged hours... the mouse has caused the BOIL...... Well, never know, she might be right!! LOL...


  1. that u also want to show the whole world...yucks..! there goes my supper!

  2. Ouch, must be painful.

    Then u have to leave ur mouse a while..hehehhe

  3. adoi. very pain le. like this hor, kenot do housework, kenot cook, kenot hold yr mousey. hehe!

  4. Oh poor u.. dun grab the mouse.. hold it with the tips of ur fingers ni lah..

  5. Ha ha ha... poor you.
    You love the mouse so much ah?
    let it go... just caress it lor.

    take care ok?


  6. Ouch! looks very painful. kenot eat prawn loh

  7. chrisau: i m doing u a favor, aint i? now u can lose some calories!!

    mommyling: cannot help not holding.. hahha...

    irene: that was why i cannot use the plunger the other day.. let andy did all the dirty work..

    merryn: hey, demonstrate for me to see la wei..

    shakira: now ok already.. dried.. thanks!

    kathy: i still walloped, that was why it took so long to heal.. hehehe...

  8. Yikes! Glad I wasn't eating when I read this. Glad you are mending though!

  9. Never heard of a mouse causing a boil. Although our son, when small, had a mosquito bite on front of his upper leg. I noticed he was walking like it was really bothering him, so I made him let me look at it, it was a boil that had come to a head. So I sterilized a needle, and very careful opened the top, we couldn't believe all the horrible looking stuff that came out of it. The he started to get one at his waist line, so I took him to the doctor, he said sometimes that germ gets into the blood stream, so the doctor gave him a shot of something in his thigh and he never had a boil after that.

  10. Ouch! I don't want to look at it. I can feel the pain. Your mouse has venom? he he..!

    I hope it will be well and gone soon.
    Take care Claire.

  11. mery: yes,recovered already...

    cheryl: thank goodness i didnt make u puke out yr food.. lol..

    cathj: it was not painful but inconvenient...

    patty: yes, it can turn from something small to this big in a matter of days.. i didnt get an injection that was why it takes more days to get it it dried up...

    sjb: definitely!! LOL...

    bengkee: that was what elin told me... hahaha..

  12. Aiyor...keep clean, don;t getit infected. Press before applying medication e.g. iodine or antiseptic. Sometimes, heal outside, inside still not ok...

  13. Hi Reana, Holy Smoke, looks like a gunshot wound, ha ha.
    Look after that wound Reana, it can get nasty if not careful.
    Take care, have a nice day, Lee.

  14. stp: thank u so much.. u r more detailed than the doc.. i like.. yes, it is getting healed now.. later i get a snapshot of it.. hahah...

    UncleLee: gunshot by a mouse.. hahahaa.. didnt take antibiotics as prescribed by doc.. just let it heal by itself..

  15. The boil was caused by the hot weather and because of a certain virus. There is no connection between a computer mouse and the boil. It is similar to the usual fish wives tales. Thanks for the post. God bless.

  16. Keep it clean. Else you'll get infection. Perhaps you should put a band aid over it.

  17. i think recently or lately you taken too much belacan or nasi lemak,..right?

  18. tao: only 2 teeth.. haha...

    mel: i also dont know when i got it.. suddenly it got swollen..

    cleff: yes, yes, went to see doc and apply lotion.. it works!

    ah ngao: not food.. i think its teeth got "poison"... too much blogging! hahaha...

  19. Aiyo! Just about to eat my supper. Now dun feel like eating oredy. Haha!

  20. Wah! The mouse so geng one? Better not hold it anymore! LOL!

  21. LOL, I really thought your hand was bitten by a mouse...


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