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Chinese New Year Dishes

Andy asked me whether next Sunday, that is the 15th day of Chinese New Year, will we have a closing meal like this one below.... he sure miss the home cooked food like this... I guess I have to learn up a few dishes from my SIL so that my kids will enjoy savoring them anytime they come back.. lol...

love this one best
especially eaten with fresh lettuce..


  1. cny is the day to gain weight hehehe
    just forget to keep fit... eat n eat

    keep fit after cny

  2. Wah!!!!!!
    Yau mou gao chor?
    That is a real feast for kings nad queens!
    Must show this photo to my mum... Sure she will feel ashamed of her own 'masterpiece'...

  3. holy moly!
    thats a table of storm! imagine me making that many dishes? impossible. I would give up after 1 dish! hahaha lazy me lah =)

  4. Omigawd!!! SO MUCH food!!! How many people were there?

  5. chvoon: keep fit? i think those words already deleted from my memory.. hahhahaa...

    mingna: dont la macam tu! u also put me to shame, i never cook those dishes leh...

    jen: actually i also cook one dish only, 2 dishes by own mum and others by SIL. :)

    stp: oh, i didnt count but definitely more than 10 less than 20.. hahaha...

  6. What is this last photo dish call? Look like the steam popiah filling.

  7. wow, so much food! i also like that dish :) my mil is really good at making it :D

  8. gosh so much food. cant think so fast n far yet... i think eat porridge or salad would be good....

  9. wow, so many dishes, cannot finish can call me for help....LOL!

  10. many dishes...yea, if cannot finish also can call me..hehe...

  11. mummuymoon: that one is a Must during cny, yeah, use lettuce to wrap up that sengkuang fillings!

    medie007: cny ma.. hahaa..

    barb: i must learn up also la.. only our mothers, MIL, seem to know how to cook..hehee..

    rachel: after all the big makan, yeah, must go for vegetarian for a few days...

    pete: sure sure..will send SOS!

    gab: u too! hahaha.. when coming to ipoh?

  12. Claire!!!! I am D.R.O.O.L.I.N.G al the way from the UK to Malaysia!!! Aiyoooooo!! Must be so delicious. Lucky you and your kids to get the chance to savour such delightful dishes. X

  13. much food, can finish or not? later become wastage!!

  14. Wah, please hide the weighing scale after the 15th nite! lolz

  15. Food, glorious food for CNY. After that, must diet leh!

  16. fely: no wonder a bit flooded here in my house.. tomorrow i post about it.. hahaha...

    chrisau: mana ada wastage, all walloped in no time la..

    gratitude: my weighing scale sudah rosak..thank goodness!

    jessie: i dont how to diet also.. can give me some tips?

  17. what a spread - I am so sorry I missed this one, my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail ...LOL ....looks like a wonderful table full of goodness

  18. drick, in that case, either u or i have to make a complaint to the post office! LOL...

  19. wow,what a celebration, a lot of foods and really looks delicious.
    I love to see table with plenty diffrent dishes.
    Happy sunday..

  20. wengss: yes, it is a chinese tradition over here...

    willie: haha..full table..

  21. Oh I love chinese dishes. I am so hungry now. thanks for sharing i just wish i could download it for real. lol

  22. wah.. that is alot of food for CNY!! make me 'lau hao sui' ahh... omg.. u making me miss home la!!! i miss loe sang too! never had it for 5 years jor u know!! good to know you had so much good food during cny! hope ur having a great time :)

  23. ruthi: i wish i could eat those posted on other blogs as well. hahaha..

    mei: then u must eat loe sang again, though it is not really really very nice, it is just fun to get the kick out of it.. :)

  24. ohhhh! i love the last dish too, one of my favourites =D yummmyyyy

  25. Omgh! so many dishes. Btw, am cooking "Choy Kiok/chap choy"today from the leftover roast duck

  26. walio I so envy you, so many dishes! nice ler! :)

  27. leona: once a year affair.. too many patrons.. lol..

    yanz: yes, definitely mine too..

    smallkucing: ooohh.. post it up, i love choy keok too!! now swallowing hau sui.. hahaha..

    sjb: thank God.. yes

    bigboysoven: yes, thank God for His provisions..

  28. OMG! Were you having party of the year or the decade? So much food!!!

  29. Next time got left overs, don't forget to courier some to me : )

  30. foongpc, i wont forget provided got leftovers ! :p

  31. Yummy food. you must be enjoying all those great food.

  32. What are traditional chinese new year dishes? Did you know?? Did you know??

  33. WALAOEH, check out the food on the table. hehehe. similiar to my cousin's table too. full of yummylicious food!


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