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Dicey Business Or Dirty Business?

A lot of you will laugh at me... OK, I m ready for your laughter anyway...
Yes, after all the food we ate and walloped, this was the consequence??
Call it coincidence la.... don't think it was due to overeating... LOL!!

The pictures speaks a thousand words, YES.. my toilets were sort of "flooded." Water couldn't seep out at all.... I didn't realize till I have showered and noticed that my toes were under "water-deep!" GOSH!!

And not only my toilet but the adjourning toilet as well... YO!!!! I SOS-ed Andy....ANDY!! ANDY!! COME QUICK!!! (Aaron escaped this "wrath,"- he has gone back to college already, what a good timing...)

Poor Andy, Good Andy, Kwai Andy... with all his strength, he used that "pumper" (or sucker?) to do the dirty job till he was sweating and sweating...

yucks..!! whose dirt was that???

Andy in ACTION!

and ACTION!!!

after an hour of agony...
the water were released!!
Andy, mama owed u a big angpow! :)


  1. Wa Andy a good son. You are blessed to have good son to help you in time of need :)) Big angpow!

  2. haha... he is ok lar.. must pacify and bodek a bit one.. hahhaa...

  3. Hehehe...Claire's called a plunger. i should know, i'm a plumber's wife. Sad or what to know the names of things like!

  4. fely, thanks for the name of that stick..hahaha... plunger.. not pumper.. ok.. :)

    wenn: he is big boy already.. going to be man of the house too.. :p

  5. He is the man of the house liao loh

  6. sjb: mum also did something.. like supervising.. and taking gambar.. :p

    smallkucing: yes, i need a handy man, so many things got to rely on them.

  7. You are so spoilt.. You can suck on it yourself wat! lol.. When my sink got clogged.. I 'suck' on them myself... everything to do with 'uck' i'm an expert.. eg.. 'suck' 'pluck' 'yuck'.. dat's all! :P

  8. Good 'Andy' man is around :D

    Hey thanks for visiting my blog :D

  9. Thank God got a son!! and a very nice son.. ^_^

  10. *sigh* It's called the plunger, Claire. 8faint* Wud sucker ah? haiyorrr...

  11. Hopefully my son will do all these too when I am old. :p

  12. LOL!!! I would think a suction cup would be better than sucker! LOL!!! Just pour boiling water in...and flush with lots of water. If that does not work, they sell some chemicals that will do the job! Don't do like me - used a stick to poke...and poked a hole in the pipe! Had to call a plumber in the end! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. merryn: ladies are meant to be spoilt ma.. pampered, manja-ed.. but unfortunately, i m not one of them, sigh, siapa nak pamper me except in such exclusive cases like this! :)

    shionge: u r welcome..

    chrisau: next time give him bigger uncle, wei..

    cathj: at times, only at times.. hehehe...

    cleff: if i dont say that word, u wont come ma... *grins*

    tekkaus: your sons, your daughers, all will come.. :)

    stp: tot of calling plumber already, me helpless one... no strength to pump so long too.. then have to dig with hands.. yucks.. chemical ah? never heard of it too.. this one happens only once a blue blue moon... :)

  14. yoooooo luckily it is not where you put put hhahaaha

  15. Yes, its a plunger! Good thing for your son coming to the rescue!

  16. Pls call this number for your plumber services,,,, please press 1 for english,press 2 for Malay, Press 3 for cantonese.

    Please hold one, all our CSs are busy, will shall attend to you shortly. please hold.

    I am sorry, all lines are still busy, please hold again.............

    Thank you for waiting,our operators are still busy, and we regret to inform you that we shall not be able to attend to you right now,,,, so for your plumbering problems, we shall direct you to ANDY...... Kuai and good service

  17. Yeah... Poor Andy, good Andy, Kuai Andy. Luckily you still got Andy! Hahahahahahahahaha.........

  18. lucky son at home... else one hour also cannot finish yet :P.

    I know I don't have such energy to push the dirty things out that are stuck in the drainage... only my hubs can haha!

  19. Mandi and singing ....until forgot toilet clogged up leh!

  20. Yeah you are right...the picture spoke a lot.Andy came in as a savior.It's good to have a guy like Andy around.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

  21. manglish: fyi, my put put is smell-less one.. (disgusting) haaha.

    cheryl: superboy to the rescue, yes.. a handyman can!

    eugene: u really made me laughed! i tot that type of msg normally from banks, telekom, astro.... etc..but not plumbing! hahaha.. u er.. so funny today...

    everydayhealy: yes, andy the handy!

    pete: u mean the water cried, "mercy, mercy!!" no more singing please...

    ecommercesolution: right, u will hear from me each day.. hahahaa..

  22. Luckily got Andy to help out!

  23. When mom needs help, son to the rescue...thought vice versa one..hehhehee

  24. God bless yr son :)
    Thank you Andy for helping ur mom.

  25. Wah, luckily you have your son to help you in times of need!

  26. mnhl: yeah, he is handy.. :)

    mommyling: what goes round comes around.. now he is big boy already and mum has become smaller.. :)

    rachel: God bless our sons.. i m sure your Philip is a good boy too..

  27. haha. mommy so spoiled. nasib son so kuai2. if me hor i think i pour hot water de :) no plunger at home le ;p

  28. Wah, if mama gave me an angpow for every house chore, I would have a drawer-full of ang pows lolz!

  29. irene: eh.. why ladies here all so geng one (except me) puts me to shame..if hubby around, i sure call him to do.. this is technical work! hahahaa...

    gratitude: hahaha.. no wonder my son is so "rich"..hahha...

  30. Andy your hero!!! When i read this post, i am eating a banana!!

  31. annieQ: ouch!!! so how did it taste like, can tell? haahaha..


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