Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Is All Around...

Andy's belated birthday cake... LOL... finally he got to eat his special home made butter cake by Elin during the eve of Chinese New Year.... we sang a belated birthday song to him and he was beaming from left to right... as seen in this picture... :P

son, sorry for not buying u a birthday present
and thank u for saying that i do not need to give
for you understand how difficult times are these days..
hearing that from u, i feel so blessed...

one day, i will make it up to u..
we will get together more often..
many times we might get annoyed with each other,
we will forget that and make amends,
stick to each other thru' good and bad times..
this is what family is all about...


  1. Belated Happy Birthday Andy. What a marvelous looking cake and your best present is a loving family. Priceless.

  2. Claire, punya-lah bahagia u ni! Happy family.

  3. wow, beautiful happy family! happy birthday to Andy!

  4. arkansas: the cake is cute.. nice to see, yummy to taste..

    amy: hahaha.. sometimes bahagia, sometimes marah juga...

    wenn: happy and sad at times too..:)

  5. Dearest Claire,

    Children are SUCH A BLESSING
    and AMAZING, aren't they?

    Happy belated birthday, Andy.
    You are such a precious son.
    So loving and supportive.


  6. Glad Andy likes it * wink
    Here is wishing Andy a belated Happy Birthday and more to come....
    Let me know earlier so that I can design something nicer but this is one in a million eh :p you can't find this design anywhere rite :p

    You have a happy family :))

  7. shakira: that includes yours as well.. our kids are our blessings..

    Elin: u too, you have a very happy and supportive family too..
    to say each day we r happy is an understatement.. many times we get on each other's nerves too.. hahhaa..

  8. reanaclaire, you've thought your son well! :)

    "Ohana means family"

  9. *sob sob sob* i am so touch reading this. indeed if ever you guys gaduh about something, you guys should come back to this post and read. So much warm, love and affection in it.

  10. Happy Birthday Andy.

    Reanaclaire...often times the things that children value most in life is not "things".

  11. medie007: ohana is what language?

    smallkucing: *hugs* ...your joshua will be too.. now u remind me.. i wonder whether he reads my blog or not.. i mean my son.. :)

    lynette: yes, i agree with u.. it is not the material things but the way we treat them portray something wonderful..

  12. Awww...he is a good son. A BD cake more than enough actually. :)

  13. shld tell me mah....then i get him a present...

  14. Hi Reanaclaire, many happy returns of the day to your son. He sure one good looking boy.
    As well you have brought him up well....the kind of man one day an SYT will be proud to bring home show her mummy, ha ha.
    A good son always reflects back to his mother.
    See the son and you'll know the mother.

    Every mother hopes that her daughter will marry a better man than she did, and is convinced that her son will never find a wife as good as his father did.

    You don't raise heroes, you raise sons.
    And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes.

    One good mother is enough to govern one hundred sons, but not a hundred sons one mother.

    And Reana, Don't wait to make your son a great man, make him a great boy.
    Have a great Tiger year, and you stay young, stay beautiful.....Best regards, Lee.

  15. One happy family. Belated happy birthday to andy. :)

  16. waaaaaaaaaaaaa so happy for you, btw andy really look like you leh

  17. Hi Claire... Happy birthday to your son! And bless him for being so understanding! :) Happy Chinese New Year to you!!

  18. cas: thank u...

    tekkaus: but sometimes it is wonderful to rec a birthday gift...

    chrisau: hahahhaahaa... now is not too late..

    U.Lee: thank you for these meaningful words, i will remember them and pass them on.. :)

    june: happy, stressed, merry, blessed.. all mix into one..

    manglish: not like loe koong ah? :)

    iamawtich: thank u.. hopefully he wont ask for it later..

  19. @Medie... Stitch's fan too,a are you? LOL...

    @Claire... Ohana...means nobody gets left behind. means family! *grinZ* Happy belated birthday to my didi Andy! Ahahaha!

  20. @Claire... lupa pulak... Ohana is Hawaiian language... lol... Stitch, an alien-dog from Disney character always says 'Ohana'.

  21. Belated birthday greetings, Andy. Nothing like family love - through all ups and downs, blood runs thicker than water.

  22. Happy Birthday Andy! God Bless you.

    Claire..when on internet hor..must have color sense ma....grey+ orange...very unique combination!

  23. cleff: u know all the cartoons' characters by hard ah? u seem to know everything! :)

    stp: yes, true true... whatever happens, family is still family...

    rachel: so observant one.. tot no one notice.. i came home and changed to my orangy much more comfortable ma but rather odd, now come to see the pic.. hahahaha...

  24. Happy Belated Birthday, Andy!

    I always try to remember the glass container story... remember the big rocks first (FAMILY first) :-).

  25. A very Happy Birthday to Andy. What a wonderful son you have raised, to tell you those words. So sweet and mature! And yes, family is the best, and when all else seems to fail or fall apart we can always count on our families!

  26. hey claire
    here to wish your son a happy happy birthday! you still look so young ar!!

  27. boeyjoey: yes, i have read that before too...hope they stay this way..

    cheryl: sometimes it works both ways, hope we can continue to cherish each other, though at times, we get on each other's nerves too.. hahhaa...

    jen: thank u... for both compliments.. hahaha.. i actually look older than that.. :p

  28. sweet. And you sure did a good job bringing up your son...for him to say such a thing.

    But from your blog, I know that you really spend alot of time and effort on your kids.

    You are a great mum.

  29. ann: not all the time.. hahhaa.we can be loggerheads too at times., not the perfectly alright family. :)

  30. Happy Belated Birthday to your dear son. My oldest son just had a birthday today. They grow up way too fast. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi.

  31. LOL... I like to watch cartoons and read comics. LOL... sure know all these cartoons... but then again, Stitch was very famous in 2002...Stitch very famous wan. LOL...

  32. blessedmom: your son too? happy birthday to him! thanks for returning visit.. do come by more often.. :)

    cleff: guess u r a cartoon watcher.. so tell me, who watches more, u or your son? :)

    AnnieQ: thank u :)

  33. you were so blessed Claire... ^_^


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