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Ambulance Cries Wolf Too?

ON the way home each evening, there is one stretch of road that is quite jam up... but jam in Ipoh means only 5 minutes later than usual, so it is not a big deal actually. Ok, let me story about this...

Very often, very very often whenever I go home by this way, there is always this ambulance who also passes by this road around the same time, ie. 5.05 or 5.10pm... and this ambulance always "beeeeboh.... beeeebohhhhh" all the way along this stretch of road and cars like mine, have to give way... now ....that sets me thinking... how come this ambulance always get patients around this time??? Something fishy or not??

So I guess this ambulance drivers wanted to rush back to hospital, either to "punch out" their cards or they are too impatient along this stretch of road.... koret?

Then yesterday, I heard from my colleague.... the road to my office was blocked cos of the State Assembly meeting. Police were everywhere.... and then one ambulance appeared with its "beeeeboh, beebohhhh," wanting to pass through. But the police stopped it... (do they have the right?) ... then after a few questions (according to my colleague la....), the police asked the ambulance to make a U-turn back!!! Meaning to say.... this ambulance just made siren only, actually no patients and not going to pick up any patients too!!!!

My gosh... are they mis-using the siren? What if there are genuine cases, I think by then the drivers do not trust these sirens anymore.... As the saying goes.."Cry wolf too many times, people will stop believing..."


  1. drivers everywhere are getting rather too impatient.. the same applies to ambulance drivers.. sigh..

  2. This was an interesting post to read.Hard to believe that even ambulance drivers have gone down to this level.You are correct...when the actual time comes then no one will believe.I wish there was a law to penalize such drivers.

  3. Well...because ambulance driver is still a Malaysian mah. :D

  4. don't you just hate them? there will be some idiots following closely behind..just so that they can be fast too :(

  5. merryn: in fact it happened during lunch time too..where there is a jam, the ambulance will come in siren..

    websitecompany: the car drivers in time to come will not let them thru.. :)

    caroline: got one.. esp during peak hours.. they will misuse it..

    tekkaus: and... Malaysia... BOLEH, kan? :)

    barb: yes, today 2 motorcyclist.. followed so fast from behind.. yo, the cars nearly banged them...

  6. You know, I know, the god knows! These government servants are almost all the same especially the police. They think they've no need to follow the rules and always have the reasons. They can make turns wherever they like even it's no entry! Still remember many years back, 2 police officers blocked my hubby somewhere around Ipoh. They wanted to summon him for talking over the phone when driving. SEE, the problem was my hubby's handphone is NOT even ON! Then, my hubby asked them are they trying to threaten him! Finally, they scared and went off. Malaysia really BOLEH! The government fed them well and we're the one work like donkey!

  7. smallkucing: saw the ambulance with no patients? heehe...

    kristie: should take down their number and buy them at toto.. hehehee.. no la.. just kidding.. nowadays ppl not so scared of police so much as those days...

  8. I used to think that way too...try to peep see is there any patient or nurse...some they no patient but on siren just to skip off the jam...good that the police ask the ambulance to re-tour...just to be fair..haha..

  9. sigh...that's the way of m'sian life! BOleh!!

  10. One would hope that such services would abuse their privileges.

  11. Ambulance driven by Tg Rambutan immates leh....maybe they are trying to escape!

  12. Shame of them, pandai pandai guna tu siren for nothing.

  13. ahhaahhaha.....quite usual lar...tai hoi ti..

  14. i heard that they used the beeeboh sound to pass the tol without paying and also to avoid jam. So terrible. But then....the hosp said in papers that they canot do that cos they have this meter thinggy, everytime they beeboh will be counted and need to have report wan wor .. i mean in kl la. not sure about ipoh.

  15. kathy: hopefully i m wrong.. :p

    lemonjude: maybe the police also got to know this gimmick already :p

    chrisau: we have alot of Bolehsss here..

    amy: memang hebat too!

    cheryl: yeah, hopefully they dont abuse them...

    pete: u..err... i never tot of that!! :p perhaps the patients took over the van?

    sjb: hopefully i m wrong..

    manglish: no need to see open, already used to it.. :p

    sasha: good,in that case, they dont simply abuse.. but then, there are always loopholes here and there.. :)

  16. lol, cry wolf or not... we still have to give ways, I reckon most M'sian wouldn't like to take a chance of getting troubles! Just have to bear with this kinda nuisance when living in M'sia!

  17. I long suspected this already lah,, abuse in a subtle way,,,

  18. Everything is abused, sigh. No integrity, discipline - what to do - Malaysia Boleh - semua pun boleh!

  19. Funny, I was a patient in an ambulance en route to ipoh general hospital many years back, and they didn't even bother to put on the siren.

    It was afternoon and the sun ray was piercing my body because I only had my boxer on. "Can go faster or not?" I thought to myself, skin burning, heart aching.

  20. alice: yes, true.. we must give way also.. but nowadays i see cars not not bothered.. some la.. not all..

    eugene: penang got ah? :p

    raynebow: we are living in a country of wonders..

    gus: what happened to u? boleh cerita in your blog ah? so u were one genuine case..

  21. Haha, the other day was just asking dad the same thing.. what if the ambulance is merely crying wolf ? But then, what to do, in case really there's someone in there then .. still havta give way in the end ..

  22. joanna.. benefit of the doubt.. yes, we got to give way, life might be at stake.. so u were also wondering. :)

  23. I is a long story and it's burried in my blog. Will dig the link out and post it as a side story when the time comes.

  24. this is such a terrible thing to do!!!

  25. gus: ok, will hop over to read when u have done with it...

    2ma: not so sure, benefit of the doubt as i said..

  26. That's terrible of them to misuse the siren. They shld be penalised.

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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