Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Con Or Tact?

"Mum, I want to wear con."

"Huh, what con....? I asked her. She is a very soft spoken girl WHEN she is not angry, I always have to ask twice before I can catch her words. Either I am a bit/half deaf or she is talking too soft, meow meowww.....

We were at the mall and she stopped at Focus Point Optical. I made a wild guess... Con means Contact Lens, is it?? Do youngsters call them "Con" instead of contact lens nowadays?

Coming back to the story, she "pulled" me into the optical shop, went for her eyes' check up, had a briefing with the salesperson comparing this and that, and finally ... we came out empty handed.

Are teenagers wearing contact lens nowadays even when schooling? I remember I first wore my contact lens when I was in my late twenties... (and that was decades ago.....)

"Wait till u start working first, girl... meanwhile, continue to wear your blackie frame specs..."


  1. Actually quite okay to wear contact lens during school days wor. I cant coz my eyes are sensitive.

    not sure the rumours true or false but i heard b4 someone said if wear contact lenses the "power" would not increase as fast as using spec

  2. If my anak told me they want Con.. I'll faint thinking that it's condom! :P

    I started wearing contacts immediately after Form 5 until today :D And yes.. the power more stabil.. my eye power that is :D

  3. kathy: if she knows this, she will pester me again.. first he rbraces.. now her eyes.... girls!!

    merryn: i know u would be saying that.. Con for condom! knowing u.. :p so u wore con-during yr school days.. i mean tact not dom.. :)

  4. Let's hope she is not reading this then :p

  5. nowadays we can find plenty of fashionable frames and some could be rather costly. Maybe contact is much cheaper?

  6. Hi Reanaclaire, ha ha, luckily she did not ask for a YSL or Dior frames.
    I know a young girl, her frame screw loosed, and I teased her to buy a new frame.
    I got the shock of my life when she said, "Uncle! This frame cost $700"!!!

    Holy Smoke! And she only 15 years old! I guess her parents spoiling her.
    And I thought it was pasar malam frames, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  7. Gosh, so vain at sucha young age! Black frames specs is in trend now. ^_^

  8. Ahhh, my daughter also don't want to wear her glasses liao!

  9. wear spec very troublesome leh. Many activities like playing netball have to jaga2.

  10. Come on ma...all the other kids have contact lenses:)

  11. If my anak started to ask me for con, I'll start my lecture on safe sex and the responsibility that comes with sex. LOL... haiyorr... I would not allow this kind of abomination... must say proper word!

  12. First, your profile photo is very nice! And second, my daughter had a friend who wore contacts in high school. Its certainly hard when teenagers want to do what their peers are. Its hard on the parent(s) on where to set boundaries or when to allow what a teen wants..

  13. cons very expensive leh esp the disposable ones but for gals is a must lor...wana look pretty maaa....anyway i agree with everything smallkuching said hahaaaha

  14. Claire,bunyi "con".."con".."con" tu kan is follow the Hong Kong drama lah konon! The actors and actress say so ma in their drama eh.

  15. It used to be abbreviated to contacts! I guess the next generation is abbreviating it more!

    Wearing contacts to school....I also cannot imagine! But then again....maybe want to catch someone's eye?? ;)

  16. i think its perfectly fine for ur daughter to wear contact lens. in fact, contant lens technology has improved so much that its much better than wearing specs. furthermore, if u talk about hygiene and cleanliness, contacts lens r better. if ur daughter want, get her to pay on her own pocket money. it does not cost a lot comparing to maintaining a spec. my grand-father (mom dad) owns a optical shop n now run by my aunt (mom sis).. so i kinda knew all these. then later when ur kid grow into 20s, can go for lasik like me :)

  17. wenn: specs is cheaper if we r careful and when our power doesnt increase.. but if we change yearly, then contact is definitely cheaper..

    smallkucing: too late, she has! :)

    lynette: she will love your comment! :)

    U.Lee: Good grief! your fren's daughgter is from golden spoon!

    gratitude: she is wearing black frames now.. hahaha..

    cleff: we r outdated la.. admit it.. hahhaa..

    cheryl: i set my rules too, i cannot allow them to have what they want..just give and take.. set a time.. or condition...

  18. manglish: nanti attract more houseflies..and i got to buy more swaps.. hahaha.. just joking..

    amy: no wonder la.. she follows a lot of chinese series..

    ann: u think like i do.. shake hands*

    rachel: what sound advice.. i prefer her to finish her form 5 first.. then think of con-tacts.. i might end up doing the cleansing for her lenses.. wow, u did lasik ah? my fren also did but she still wears loe far specs at my age.. :)

  19. Well, it depends. I got a very updated mum. So, I only wear contact lenses since the day I knew I have short sighted at the age of 10. Which was 20 years ago. Glasses is just a spare for me all the time. :)

    Thanks to my mum in fact, no regret. As wearing glasses all the time is really uncomfortable.

  20. hahahaha, I agree, while they are still in school better wear the eyeglasses first.

    Sowi I wasn't able to emal you. what is it about? Just shoot me an email okay?

  21. Luckily she did not say she wanna do eye laser. Both my SIL done that 3 years ago and paid RM3000 plus and recently, they are on spec again. Never know laser is only for temporarily basis.

  22. lenses. i've tried using them before but since my friends say that i looked much like a pig, i turned back to my glasses....lolz.

  23. i think its ok for kids to wear contact lense when schooling, espcially when they are active in sports

  24. Thought we call them "contacts"... "Con" sounds like cheat as in con-man!

  25. in fact no need to worry too much. because contact lens nowadays no need much cleaning. its disposable type. wearing contact lens is almost similar to what type of dress/shoes u wear everyday! its not a major or fashion issue!hehhehehe

  26. everydayhealy: wow.. since the day u were 10? u put them on yourself? clever..

    mnhl: my fren also did and she advised us not to..

    mommyling: wow..perfect eyesight! good.. me now wear multi focal.. :(

    2ma: no, she is not active.. problem is she always nap in the pm.. so she got to take it out in the afternoons..

    stp: yeah..con can have many meanings.. u know la.. the way the youngsters sms, we may not be able to understand.. so many abbrv..

    rachel: no, i m not worried.. she decides later on.. cos she always nap in the afternoon, after hearing from salesperson, she has to take out while she naps, she has second tots.. :)

  27. calvin: how can they say that.. wear one more time and let me judge! hehehehe...

  28. Yeah! And some of them are putting on these coloured ones. :p

  29. I actually prefer to swear glasses than contact lenses. If contact lenses are not clean, the eyes can get infected very easily. To me, my eyes are the most important asset. Without them, I can't earn a living. Fair to say huh?

  30. I started wearing contact lens when I was in uni... off and on la. Kids nowadays are better in dressing up... my colleague at only 21 years old wears false eyelashes to work everyday! *pengsan*

  31. ahaha first off, i have to thank you for the food pictures.

    Looking at them gives me satisfaction since i'm far from home.

    well, contacts is a really wonderful thing. My mum got me one when I was 12 and I've started wearing them since ( I'm 20 now ). They're a life saver and they can really change your life.

    Just make sure she knows how to clean her contacts and wear them for appropriate hours only.
    And make sure you go to a QUALIFIED OPTOMETRIST. They are more responsible and they do better checks on curvature of your eyeball and etc. to see which contacts will fit you best.

    A contacts that does not fit the curvature of your eyeball can lead to contact lens slipping out, causing irritation and probably slipping to get stuck somewhere round your eyeball ( which is awfully painful)

    And some may not be suitable for contacts because they may be allergic to the components of the contacts.

    Some who don't know how to take care cause protein deposition in the eye.

    Nevertheless, it's always good to let her try. Maybe you could start with those daily lens, to weekly and monthly when she is more responsible and comfortable with contact lens.

    Malaysian student in UK


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