Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day Out With Mummy Bloggers!

Went out at 10.30am... took our breakfast in Ikea cafe...three of us had our first meal there, taking meatballs, chicken drumstick with swedish herbal sauce, pasta.... and a piece of special cake which was one of the best i ever tasted...

After our meal, we walked one round Ikea... ended buying something for myself..... then by the time we paid, Kathy and family had arrived. Awhile later, sweet mommyLing came. She looked like one of my kids... haahaha... just a few years older than Aaron.

me and kathy...
before mommy ling's arrival...

Joshua, peace with me??? can???

can ah? joshua still contemplating.. :)
(thanks Kath, for these pictures)
We had a nice chat in Ikea cafe... till Joshua sort of hinting, "come lets go!" and finally we bade goodbyes and we went our separate ways... My kids and I adjourned to 1-Utama around 3pm or so... walked around shopping...shoppingggg... no la, i didnt manage to buy blouses... (jimat sikit)

Around 5pm.. another cute mommy came with her princess Breanna... guess u all know who.. i will post up the pics tomorrow night ...hopefully! She is very friendly too, just like Kathy and Ling, seems like we were old frens already! (ok, she young, me old) ...

Thanks Ladies for coming all the way to meet up.. I really enjoyed myself... hope there will be another opportunity for more bloggers to meet up one day! Once again, thank you very much!

...more pics tomorrow!....


  1. Nice meeting up too.Too bad the boy got restless kekeke..

    See yyou in Ipoh :) ... I wanna eat the fat fat Taugeh

  2. yes..yes... do come.. i wanna fry u up a bit.. i jeles seeing u all nice figures.. :)

  3. You are such a cheerful and friendly mom!

  4. joanna: yes.. wonderful to meet up bloggers whom u keep in touch with regularly...

    media007: yeah still in KL..

    alice: thank u.. guess all mums are cheerful...

    lynette: thanks..!

  5. Looks like loads of fun, Claire. I always enjoy meeting blogger friends. Some of them will be great friends forever....

    Can't wait to see more pictures!

  6. sob sob.. and i missed all the fun... :(

  7. betsy: yeah, sort of fun meeting for the 1st time...

    merryn: tomorrow we meet.. :)

    chrisau: yeah, kill 2 birds with one stone.. take mum.. and also meet up bloggers..

  8. NICEEEE! so did u get the apple slicer? hehehe...

  9. When r u going back ... ? So have you try YUEN yet?

  10. It's so nice to meet up with blogger friends. ^_^ You are also leng mummy mah.

  11. come all the way from Ipoh to meet up with them huh! :D

  12. irene: didnt la.. i even forgot to buy my favorite biscuits.. time really flies..

    tz: what is yuen?

    mummygwen: thank you for the nice compliment.. hahahaha..

    tekkaus: howboutthen! :) its one of the reasons.. u said u also wanna mari... right?

  13. so u wont be avoiding me har wen i visit ipoh hehee

  14. Claire, nice meeting and ur kids too!!

    Thanks for the Ipoh biscuits...yum yumm..chicken floss!!

    Ipoh, we coming soon.
    @ Kathy, taugeh tarak cukup la...fat fat steamed chicken...hehhehe

  15. aiyo...why never call me one...dont fren u already..for 1 min

  16. hehee... I tell you.. Merryn will be dead jealous.. muahaha.. :D

    OK, Kathy & Mummy Ling, Jom go IPOH!!! Next school holiday ok mou?

  17. Wow wow much fun ya! Sorry, can't make it to meet up with you this round. :( Really hope to meet up with you one day.

  18. Thanks a lot for all the details.You guys had a really good time.How i wish i could be a part of it.Excellent food you had also.All in all a totally fun-filled day.Thanks for the pictures too..described your mood perfectly.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

  19. eugene: tot u were coming!

    manglish: i dare not avoid...

    mommyling: hey..nice meeting u too!glad u like the biscuits... next time u come, i buy u some more.. do come to ipoh anytime!

    rachel: i dare not la... so many of u are working..

    sjb: i post up later...

    cynthia: glad i met all of u.. so nice la... next time hope to have one gang altogether one shot.. hahaha.. can chat longer.. sorry, got to rush back for dinner yesterday.. yes, come to ipoh.. anytime!!!

    prince princess mum: yes, very nice..

    annie: i let u "escape" this time round.. hahaha...

    ecommerce: yes, it is good to meet up with bloggers whom we contact regularly..

  20. since i know the 2 lady oledi, sure cannot "gaduh" wif them if met with on the street

  21. lovely pictures here. you seem to enjoy your day out!

  22. red: thank u.. we did!

  23. it always nice to meet up!!! but too bad i always cant make it... :(


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