Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hong Kong Tak Fok Restaurant, Kepong

This is not a food review... in fact it has been some time since I last blog about good food... :)

My SIL took us here for our dinner on the second night...
By the time we reached there, it was almost 7pm, kind of early, right?
BUT... the place was almost full...
Upstairs, downstairs, on the roadside... the crowd were already waiting to be served...
I haven't been here, from the card, it reads Kepong.. now only I know I went to Kepong the other night...

it was crowded... in fact it was a 2-shops lot restaurant

their signature bean curd
they look like pancake

ahhh.. egg pancake

stewed pork (tung por yuk)

3 mixed vege...

claypot mushrooms

crispy fried chicken

lala cooked with 'kamheong' leaves

cheese baked crabs
salted eggs crabs

36 pieces mantau pau

Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood


  1. really2 makes me hungry ! - younno what time now ?

  2. O lala with kamheong and the bean curd looks nice. tQ

  3. Looks Yummy... Maybe i should organize a blogger gathering there :)

    Do you have a full address? Coz Kepong is so big... BTW, do you mind to share with us how much is the total cost and for how many people :p

  4. Wow...that's a huge spread of food. The food looks so delicious. I haven't been there before.

  5. Haven't pay a visit yet... but would like to go for its cheese baked crabs, salted eggs crabs and golden miniature bun... superlicious!!!! ^0^

  6. i love the salted eggs crabs and lala... *yummy*!

  7. I always say that you can tell how good the food is inside of a restaurant by the number of cars that are sitting in their parking lot. I won't go to a new restaurant IF nobody else is dining there... IF however, there are alot of people there, usually that means that there is alot of great food. Thanks for sharing this one with us, Claire.


  8. with a name like that, the food can't be reasonably priced, right?

  9. Wow! The food looks really good! No wonder there's such a big crowd! Is it expensive?

  10. Must be a popular restaurant to have such a big crowd gathered. Do you all try some of each dish?

  11. Seriously- this food you have featured looks out of this world!! Love to try those clams..

  12. It all looks so delicious! I could go for an egg pancake and mixed veggies. :)

  13. Cheese baked crab? The first I have seen such dish before. :p But then again, it looked funny.

  14. Oooo...the cheese baked crabs look yummy! Different from those in Kuching - cheese plus crab and stuff baked in the crab shell. How much for all that?

  15. ah ngao: it is early morning, go take your breakfast la! :)

    bananaz: i like the way they cook the bean curd too..cute..
    the lala is worth ordering..

    wenn: yes, abundant food, Thank God!

    TZ: the card is just below the post.. go check it out, got branch too.. this meal cost 305 for 12 ppl..

    mummygwen: that was my 1st time too!

    alice: i rather have the salted egg crab..the cheese one.. looks fattening, hor?

  16. chrisau: u same taste with me.. :)

    betsy: u r absolutely right! if quiet means food is not good..

    doc: it cost RM305 for 12 of us.. a bit overpriced, i should say.. ?

    foongpc: 305rm.. expensive or not? KL standard.. if ipoh maybe around 250 most..

    cheryl: yes we did.. they were enough for us 12 people..more than enough.. :)

    kilauea : do come and try.. hahaha.. i love trying new food too..

    diane: i m sure u can go more than that.. the others are yummy too!

    tekkaus: funny? wait till u eat them! hahaha... then u tell me.. i also not used to eating cheesey baked crabs.. more on oriental style..

    stp: i prefer oriental style crabs.. either steamed or sweet sour.. :) all of that cost RM305.00for 12 of us.. expensive or not?

  17. OMG! cheese baked crab! I've not tried that but nobody wanna eat with me because they don't eat cheese. Is it nice?

  18. at 11.30am and feel so hungry looking at your pic's heheh

  19. have not been there before....wanna try out one day!!

    The foods are great!!

  20. Have not been there before. Pricing how ah? expensive or not. Love the look of the taufu

  21. sjb: not bad ah.. dont compare with canadian currency eh.. :)

    c.alv.B: quick, lets go for lunch now!

    mommyling: next time we can go too! tell me when u have...

    kathy: is it near to your place? the other day, it took us around 15minutes or so only. That meal cost 305rm for 12 of us..

  22. Wah... quite damaging to the pocket! LOL...

  23. Be tempted not, i am fasting today,, so see no food, smell no food, eat no food untill tomorrow morning, ok?

    you have a good week ahead sister

  24. Oh yes I've been here few times. The food is good and reasonable price. But it's surely crowded to dine here.

  25. OH!! So so yummy food!!! RM305 for 12 person, ok what, and you got two types of crabs lei. Yum i'm so hungry.

  26. gulp!! my stomach is growling rite now....lolz. i bet it tastes delicious :) will try them out the next time i'm in kepong.

  27. cleff: some said cheap..some said otherwise.. as for me, i think it was a bit costly too..

    rajathan: not to choose but to eat :)

    eugene: *salute u*

    vickylow: oh reasonable? maybe depends on what we order...

    annieQ: price ok ah? next time we go? hahaha.. just kidding..

    cal: yes, do try and let me know nice or not.. :)

  28. Oh great! They've got a branch in Puchong. The signature beancurd looks like Mickey ears! The kids wud be so excited.

  29. Never been there... the food looks so good! Luckily I've taken my brekkie :-D

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