Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lets Wallop In Ipoh Garden South

The night before Andy left for Penang, I took him to dinner at a coffeeshop called Kopi Thiam in Ipoh Garden South. Actually my mum requested to go there because she likes to eat one particular dish which was served there. For us youngsters, (ahem) anything will suit us fine as long as our stomachs are filled.

Another reason we went there was that food was served in a nick of time.... why? Because not many people will eat from that shop these days... it is an open air concept.. no air con.. and the weather is especially hot, hot, HOT!!

these were what we ordered...

stir fried chicken with
dried chillies, ginger and spring onions

kai lan with salted fish
(my mum's favorite)

buttered sotong with curry leaves

beancurd with minced meat..
I like this dish...
I can cook this, believe me! :)

This simple dinner cost RM35 for 5 persons.


  1. wow. good stuff in ipoh garden. i was there during cny but dunno where to go. too much traffic, haha.

  2. wow. good stuff in ipoh garden. i was there during cny but dunno where to go. too much traffic, haha.

  3. From the pic, I like chicken the best! It looked so juicy and tender.

    Oh yea, of course I believe you can cook the tofu dish well. You have proof your cooking skill very well so far:-)

  4. Hi Reanaclaire, I have never eaten that 'buttered sotong', but it sure looks delicios.
    Reana, I used to stay in Ioh once, for a year, as well many times driving to Penang will stop in Ipoh for that makan shop...forgot the name of the road, but I think shop name was Kong Heng.

    Inside has large mirrors, outside there's a satay stall, the guy always wears a singlet and blue shorts. He always remembers me.
    No need to order, when he sees me, he straightaway brings in his delicious ayam and beef satay.

    Then there's a lady selling poh pia outside, and on the right of the shop a lady selling 'lum mee', I love that.
    As well I love their delicious nga choy with chicken whatever, fantastic!

    Just in case you ever pop to that place, please take some pics from outside, as well that satay fellow. Love to see what he looks like now. Last saw him in 1996.

    You have a great week, Lee.

  5. Gosh, buttered sotong!!! that's my favourite. LOL...

  6. cy: u will not get any nice food during is like a war zone during that time :)

    medie007: i agree with u..

    sarah'sparents: u dont know me.. hahha.. im not a good cook as most of them know over here.. :)

    U.Lee: yes, i know who u meant.. that uncle.. i think he is no more selling satay there, very old by now, even the popiah and the lum mee changed already..gone were the originals.. hahaha.. the shop is still there but the food is different now. Will try to get u a pic next time :)

    Cleff: yes, i like it too!

  7. ehhh claire, this post rerun meh? i clearly remember u posted this one not too long ago leh hahahaaaha so fast rerun oredi or time to take Brand's gingko biloba hahahhaa

  8. ohmigosh, the buttered sotong with curry leaves ....... yum yum !

  9. $35 for 5 person is very cheap leh.
    And the buttered sotong and chicken look very delicious.


  10. Yum! And so cheap! I had kailan with salted fish in KL...and when I came back, I asked the people at one restaurant to cook it that way...and everybody liked it!!! We do not have kailan cooked that way here!!!

  11. consider reasonable lor cos u didnt order fish/prawn/ etc....

  12. manglish: good memory u have! yes, i posted it in my Letswallop recently.. :)

    joanna: your mum might cook better than this..hahaa...

  13. spicychicken: yes, not that it is very cheap.. ok lar for coffeeshop standard..

    stp: salted fish goes with certain kind of vege and meat only.. with kai lan is the best, as for as i know.. good that u brought back a recipe to your hometown.. hahaha..

    rachel: yeah, no fish no prawn.. if there is, then the price will certainly be around 50 or 60rm..

  14. I shown this to my mum and your big sis and they all said..wah.... this fella ah... etc etc..

  15. chrisau: they all got lau hau sui or not.. wei, u didnt send me your bank account no. la..

    sjb: mine too.. :)

  16. that's unbelieveably cheap by any standards!! you'll have to take me there!

  17. One of these days I really have to go and find you. I WANT THE SOTONG!!!

  18. Look so yummy! I love the buttered sotong too!! Look at the food and the price, very "dai".

  19. doc: anytime.. as long as u dont mind the open air..

    kathy: when coming??? :)

    annieq: i like it too though not spicy enough.. simple dishes like like that in Ipoh..

  20. Agreed with situapui, never tried kai lan with salted fish in chinese eateries b4. It's a common dish in malay restaurants tho'. YUMZ!

  21. It is cheap to eat in Ipoh and the portion is always better than kl...

    I was in Ipoh too during when I read on 'Ipoh' I miss the fish head noodle at Fai Kee...poh got too many good food..

  22. gratitude: once awhile eat salted fish ok.. dont take so much.. nowadays salted fish not same with those those days.. :)

    lemonjude: fai kee? u should try the one in first garden, the fish noodles lagi shiok! hahaha...

  23. Oh no, now u have made me hungry! Haven't had dinner yet...

  24. sorry about that, Leona..hahaha..

  25. yummy! yummy! when i go to Ipoh, we go and makan ya..I belanja...

  26. when when???? bila datang? come quick!

  27. Where is Ipoh Garden South? I LOVE the bean curd with mince pork as well!!! Looks so yummy....

  28. All the 4 dishes are my fav. And RM35 is very cheap.

  29. ann, ipoh garden near Pantai Puteri Hospital..hope this helps..

    mnhl: cheap for KL std. right? ipoh is like that...

  30. Oh gosh, now I am hungry! The meal sounds so very delicious. No wonder you enjoy going there.

  31. Everything looks normal except the buttered sotong with curry leaves! They added minched meat? :p


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