Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Preview On Kuala Sepetang Meal

Phew... alas... I have finished writing on my 3 "pimped" posts, so to say... sorry, I cannot help making a jest out of it now, though I felt very overwhelmed when I read it in my friend's blog, nevertheless it must not affect me in any way. I will do what I am supposed to do as long as my paid posts are done with my own efforts. (blood sweat money) hahahaa.... Now I m relieved!

It is not easy to earn some extra cash nowadays... with this bonus, my kids and I will have something extra to spend and spare... so I hope all of you will bear with my "pimped" posts these days...

Ok, I seem to be having a hang of that word... One sweet blogger mentioned she "solicits" for her paid posts few times already... hahahhaa.. I love to see that word too!

Back to Kuala Sepetang...
here is the layout of the open aired restaurant.. ?

and a glimspe of the food we took..
just the two of us!


  1. wei wei.. that's a lot of food for 2 ?

  2. Btw, how much you get from the pay? More than 'pros' or 'solicits'?

  3. elaine: we finished jugak! :)

    kristy: i tell u when i meet u up.. :p.. cannot tell here.. secret.. solicitating wor...

  4. Wow! So many foods just for the two of you? :D

  5. tekkaus: yes.. dua ! hahaa....

  6. yummy,
    kual sepetang is a nice place indeed.
    love the seafood there.
    it remind me to my mum's birth place which is also a fisherman village like this one.


Thank you, readers!

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