Monday, April 12, 2010

Dip Dip At Jack Fah

Come, let's see what's cooking here...

hot hot water...

both of them watching how to go about it...

first choose your pick...

much to choose from....

after that, can walk off...

the boys would serve us later... :p

Last weekend, AA and Gab came home to take the white babe back to college. As usual when they are back, we sure will go looking for food.... AA wanted to try the Dip Dip at Jack Fah's place...

I think many of us would not want to eat like this... standing and sharing the sauce, not like those days... now people are more health conscious, they rather have their own sauce served on their table.. Well, anyway, these were what we had for our supper on Saturday night.


  1. This is similar to the satey celup that we have in Malacca. I want! :D

  2. LOL...i thought dip dip what...i love the si hum:)

  3. Such a long time didn't eat lok-lok... Btw, where is Jack Fah? Looks like Menglembu...

  4. Yea, where's Jack Fah? I used to eat "lok-lok" at pasar malam only.

  5. Your blog template is sooo stunning...

    I don't ever like lok-lok because of all dip in the same pot of sauce and sell at the road this looks better in a restaurant, much better than those from van. Definately a good choice when want something light and easy to temporary feel the stomach.

  6. I'm with you, I want my own sauce, I don't like to dip into something where someone may have taken a bite then dipped again. Yuck, too many germs. But perhaps they have something in the dip that kills the germs. LOL

  7. i want lok lok too.. never tried it before.. in malacca we have satay celup.. dip straight into the peanut sauce!

  8. layout..nice! Wa why didn't invite me to the dip dip :p

  9. tekkaus: yes NUmber One.. u r!!
    next time give prize.. hahha..
    yes, i heard malacca famous for this too!

    kathy: yeah, we call lok lok also.. in chinese.. english call dip dip..

    mingna: it is in town, opposite the Public polyclinic... near Majestic theatre :)

    waikeong: jack fah got lots of tong sui and kueh too.. it is in town.. as i said.. near Rex theatre if u know where.. and opposite the PUblic polyclinic.. near the ONe STOP accessories also.

  10. (Double check the blog address)Hey Claire, you have just changed your blog's template kar? I was confused for the past few sec... :p

    My girl and I love dip dip too, "big germs eat small germs" no harm done! :p

    have a nice day!

  11. ya, it's more hygienic that way.

  12. alice: yes, i changed.. sigh.. finally can breathe.. but if i cant get used to it, i will change back to original :)

    wenn: actually i dont take much..

  13. eeeeee i love it too!!! yum yums! :D

  14. Hmm foods looks yummy. I want to have my own sauce too, to be safe hehe. Dip dip :)

  15. I would want my own dipping sauce! I don't like it when I see someone "double-dip" a dressing or dip!

  16. caroline: actually i dint like it much, maybe i si yeh.. hahahaa..

    wengss: yes, cannot be sharing with strangers, funny feeling..

    manglish: that one is in another place.. along the wai sik kai.. :)

    cheryl: somehow or rather we feel "unhealthy" if shared with others, right?

  17. I love lok lok! But I prefer to sit at a table - one hole of boiling water in the middle...and dip in satay sauce. Don't like dipping in satay sauce bubbling like volcano lava. I think they have that type in Melaka and KL.

  18. He he, lok lok, easy, everyone get to eat thier choice of food!

  19. stp: yeah..hole in the middle.. nowadays where to get that ah.. i m scratching my head..

    pete: and no sharing sauce please! hahahhaa...

    cathJ: lok lok.. yes!

  20. sjb: not bad.. but not so good for me.. :D

    chvoon: u sure miss malaysian foodstuff.. :p

  21. Yummmzzz.... I love lok-lok very the much! Think nowadays people scoop instead of dip in the sauce la...


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