Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't End Up Like This, Folks!

This is the ultimate result from too much blogging!

Yes, true... it happened yesterday evening... all of a sudden, my left wrist gave a sharp pain, really sharp, like cutting through my skin. I slowly manoeuvred my wrist to the backward, front, backward and front... and ended up with lots of "ouches!" Pressed it down on the table... BIG OUCH!

cham.. what had happened??? I tried to do some typing, real slow... don't exert any force if can help it... that was why last night I did not do any posts, I ended up surfing with one hand... (still didn't want to give up ma... How to sleep without surfing and chatting, right?)

The pain began to throb during the early dawn... this morning I plastered my wrist with salonpas. Now I put on a ankle band.... (no wrist band ma), applied some Balsem Cap Kaki Tiga lotion and suffer the Hot and Spicy feeling now! kam lak geh....

Anyone experienced such wrist pain lately? Or am i the only one? :(


  1. ohmy.. cant imagine how pain it is but for sure its REAL pain. take care yea. :) *huggies*

  2. caroline, u r very sweet! remember, dont type too much like me... !

  3. This is must be carpal tunnel syndrom. Habis liao! :D

  4. You ah... it is not too much blogging ler.
    You know how much time I have to be on the puter since way back.
    it is the way you type too.
    Are you really having your laptop on your LAP?
    Pain is really all in the mind .
    I have send you an email.
    Hope you get better.
    I do care about you , you know.

  5. tekkaus yes, i heard of that.. can cure or not?

    shakira: no, not on my lap often.. just a few times.. normally on the table.. and at times on the bed table.. .. that kills?

  6. wah mum! so serious meh..think need more exercise, than spending time in blogging..shuld go for badminton instead..hehe

  7. auntie, i think u spent too much time in front of computer gua...mebe it's time to bring labbie out for a walk. hehe...

  8. 4months after giving birth I kena something like that. Feels like sprained wrist but I know I didnt sprain it.Just woke up like that.

    Also put ankle band.For about 1 week plus. It went away as mysteriously asit come. Dont know why.

  9. B: maybe this saturday, i go play.. tot i can exercise my hands by blogging..hahaa...

    gab: now come to think of it, maybe labbie sprained my hand la.. always pulling me only...

    kathy: so u experienced too.. maybe wind ah? i feel better like that.. bandaged up..

  10. Are there any signs of swelling? If there are, then you should seek medical help.

    Be careful when typing. Make sure that your wrists are not held in an awkward angle. Must practise ergonomics already.

  11. injured already la. Don't type so fast till it heals. It takes a while, probably 1 week.

  12. Oh oh... Wat happen? I dunno of such pain Claire but I do hope yours will go away ASAP... *hugs*

  13. Take care, don't blog for such long hours. Use something to support your arm when you want to type.

  14. henry, no swelling... but like kind of sprained failing..

    chris: u kena before? ok, i wait a week before consulting a pro.. :p

    merryn: yes, i overdid it this time! hahaha... i go slow tonight.. :

    pete: i guess this hospital table is not tat effective ... i better lessen my hours on the laptop...

  15. Hi Reanaclaire, do you get numbness in your fingers too??? Maybe a carpel Tunnel problem..I use a mouse pad that has a wrist support to help keep my wrist in the proper position. Take care of yourself ..
    Hugs, Baba

  16. Well Claire, It could be all kinds of things.. Just the posture you use while typing on the computer... It 'could' be Carpel Tunnel--but that usually causes numbness in the fingers, etc... SO--if yours is just a strain, it doesn't sound like Carpel Tunnel.

    I have arthritis in my right thumb--but it is not from using the computer. It's from using that hand for open lids, turn knobs, etc... I am using some anti-inflammatory cream on my thumb... So far, it doesn't help much though.

    Pain is pain.. It's NOT in your head... Go to a doctor and get it checked if you don't feel better soon.


  17. Mmm.. never felt before... hope it will be ok.. :)

  18. Maybe carpal tunnel syndrome? I had it in my left hand, wake up at night with the sensation like my entire arm was asleep, very, very painful. Also tingling in the fingers. I had CTR surgery (very quick and very painless), now my hand is like new! Have it checked if it is still painful! And I am hoping you are already feeling much better!!

  19. baba: no numbness in fingers, thank God.. just that the wrist is tender and stiff...and pain at certain angles..

    betsy: will give it a week's notice and see how it is going on.. meanwhile blog less :0

    cathJ: yes, hope it gets well. thanks.

    cheryl: hope not cts, i read about it... like all the nerves in knots.. gosh, i better exercise a bit on the left wrist there.. but wrapping it up helps!

  20. Hi Reana, its just a cramp. Your hand did not move much, affected your blood flow.
    Never keep your hand in one position too long, as well do not do overtime in blogging....stretch your hand every once awhile. Walk about, stretch yourself, get your blood circulation going, you'll be fine.

    You stay easy and keep well, Lee.

  21. Hi Claire!

    Hope you're feeling better by now. Take it easy on blogging! Hahaha!

    Take care always!

  22. aww.. check it out with the doctor..
    take care...

  23. u.lee, thanks for advice, will do that.. stretch and pull back, stretch and ... ouch!!

    gorgeousmum: i guess it is one of those days the bone will creak.. :(

    shirleen, yes, will seek medical if pain persists.. thanks.

  24. I shall pray to god on mighty that Claire will one day become the top top celebrity blogger, earning big bucks full time,, and quit her job, and can like the say "work from home, and earn from home" big time,,,,,,amen

  25. eugene, dont pray about that la.. there are more important things to pray about.. u er..

    sjb: yes.. i do.. really..

  26. Hi Claire....take care...spend lesser time on your lappy but more on your labbie :p

  27. Take care. I hope you will recover soon.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Ouch! Hope it will recover soon.

  30. aiyor...tell u dun blog till so late...dun listen..hahha

    tk care ya..Claire.

    mou kom chou lou edy....hehheh

  31. Maybe you need to go to the doctor, and need some rest from any typing works and that means you will be away from blogging world for a while hehe. I don't know how can you manage. But I understand your pain.
    take care.

  32. is it carpal tunnel syndrome?

    check more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carpal_tunnel_syndrome

    no harm reading abt it, hope it heals quickly!

  33. elin, good advice, i better start more on labbie tomorrow.. less of lappie..

    chvoon: today was better than yesterday.. maybe i typed less today :P

    mommyling: yes, mama.. i listen, mama.. dont scold me, mama.. :p

    wengss: u r right, less blogging more pain for me .. lol...

    kristie: no, cos my fingers were not numb.. only wrist pain.. i think nerves la..

  34. Awww.... me too... that's why I've learned my lesson ... hehehe! Caution! blogging can cause wrist pain ... seeing you back!

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  35. I'm not feeling so well too the other day! Back muscle pain (lower neck muscle)! Much better now! Need a lot of rest. You too, take care of yourself.
    Blessings, Kristy

  36. must be a carpal thing...you might need to get a support on your wrist...oh my...hope your wrist is feeling better now Claire...glad to be here..thanks for the visit!

  37. Me elbow...and whole arm needles and pins. Bad circulation. I also use tiga-kaki like you!

  38. yup... i've pain on my right wrist, and back pain too as a result of typing to much on the keyboard. To alleviate the pain, i'd just do some bending exercise. Even the eyes are affected so I'd get up and do some other stuff or just look outside.

  39. Wah, claire. Steady girl. We are not 18-22 anymore. Take care of yourself OK? :)

  40. hey do take care ya....better check with doctor....just take extra care of yourself ya...hope u feel better soon...

  41. Mine same case as smallkucing. Happened after I gave birth. I thot becoz I carried bb too much, sprained the wrist or something. I don't think I seeked treatment (cannot rmbr liao), it must hv gone away by itself. Hope ur hand's much better edi. At the meantime, let it get enuf rest ok.

  42. Dun sit in front of a computer too long. Do take a break. Health is always more important than blogging, don't you think so?

  43. sorry to hear this Claire, hope you're feeling better now. Maybe you want to see the "tit ta" sifu? Sometime they will tell you what happen.

  44. vernz, i guess most bloggers like me will experience this :)

    dhemz: yes, i m better now.. thanks..

    stp: same era again.. sigh.. 3 kaki is effective, btw :)

    kev: u too? same age group ah? hahhaa..

    mandy dear, thank u.. u r always sweet..

    slavemom: oh, i m ok now.. thank God..

    jam: yes, yes, i will not sit too long.. hahhaha...

    annie: maybe i get worse la.. hahaha.. better now, anyway..

  45. I recognise that ankle band..it is Nefful product right? hope it helps to soothe the pain...I used a lot of this -ve ION product from bedding to clothing...

    Try to get away from computer every half an hour to give your wrist some free time to loose up...do take care, if pain is still there do find a doc...


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