Friday, April 23, 2010

I Pinched And Pinched....

Phew... at this point of time, I am so dead tired.... (bet many of us are, right?)

Today I was on leave, early early morning took my girl to school and then went marketing. AT around 8.30am, we left for Penang. Yes, I went to Penang today, took my bro to Mount Miriam again for his blood count. Thank God, his blood count was NICE... nice means good... good means he has enough of white and red blood cells which is very essential for him at this stage.

Dropped him in hospital around 11am then I took this opportunity to go visit Andy and we went for a simple lunch in Super Danker food court. Half way through lunch, brother called up that he was ready to go... wow, super fast, this hospital! Quickly dropped back my son in college, I rushed back to Mount Miriam.... one north, one south of Penang island. With the heavy jam here and there, gosh... how deadly the drive was!! Wonder how I managed to scrape through it all....

On the way back to IPOH was very torturing. I couldn't keep my eyes open wide... many times I pinched myself, many times, I shook my head, two times I stopped to wash my eyes... but no, the sleepiness didn't go off UNTIL I have to close my eyes and snoozed off at the 3rd stop, just for a few minutes but it really helps! I was more alert after that snooze..

Really... today is the most tiring drive I ever had... never in my life, I pinched my arms and thighs so many times and sending pain to my brain to keep alert....


  1. I have the same problem too. I have to drive myself to Penang twice a week and every time I have to bear the risk of meeting with an accident as I always doze off when I am driving.

  2. I had the same problem too afetr attending a wedding dinner in Ipoh. I told my seniors (mom, uncle and aunt) that I really needed to catch forty winks at the rest-stop since the winding highway leading out of Ipoh made driving scary at nite esp when I wuz so tired.

    Glad you made it home safely. ^-^

  3. Keep a wet towel in the car to wipe the face helps when you are driving long distance. Good to hear that your BRo condition is improving. Have a nice weekend!

  4. i used to be sleepy headed even just for a half hour drive to school in the afternoon. But I don't anymore as I take Activize Fitline before any drive.

  5. Hubi also used to be like that :(.

    Maybe you could try keeping some candy or asamboi in the car. Can really wake u up.

  6. Yes, you did the right thing, a short few minutes nap can actually get away ur sleepy head...

    Do be safe on road and you should be stop for resting in any rest stop once u feel too tired to go on..

  7. wow, u take care oh. if really behtahan u better stop & have a power nap. a quick 10mins shut eye can do wonders.

    btw, love yr blog's new look. now make me wanna itchy hand go change my blog look pulak. hehe!

  8. Aiyoo...thank God you know how to take a snooze. Welcome home and thank God your bro is FINE...PTL for that good blood count :) Have a good rest this weekend:))

  9. mingna: u too? wah 2 times per week.. sien sei ngor..

    gratitude: thank u.. yeah, reached home safely thank God. really torturing drive today.. the eyes so pain..

    pete: thanks for the good idea! wet towel hor.. yes, i hope to remember that.. .

    wenn: wow..your fitline seems to do wonders.. good for me too?

    kathy: all i have in my car today, no effect.. till i closed my eyes 5 minutes..and snoozed off...

    lemonjude: now i know why accidents happens...

    irene: go go and change too.. trend ma..nowadays..hahaha..

  10. there should b a law 'dun pinch and drive' :P

  11. sigh.. claire claire.. i dun drive so whenever i'm sleepy i can just sleep in the car.. william though, will open the window n blast the radio loud loud.. but i personally think, it's better to pull over and nap kejap kan? but dangerous oso to nap in the car with the engine n aircond running.. kenot open window nanti kena rompak..s igh...

  12. whoa.. if my daddy, we will stop by at starbucks and bought coffee from there, and yes he is so fresh after that! haha. :D

  13. Ya, glad to hear your bro's getting on ok. You should have taken the weekend off - stay in Penang to rest and relax a bit. These few days have been very stressful for you, I can understand that. Sometimes we need to slow down a bit and pamper ourselves...

    P.S. Why is Andy Lai replying to all the comments? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  14. luckily you know what to do....very dangerous to keep on driving in that condition

  15. Luckily you took a short nap at the 3rd stop. Indeed it is very stressful to be trapped in traffic jams. Enjoy your weekend and sleep 'gao gao' :D

  16. dangerous ler. Next time stop...gulp a coffee, nap a while then just continue. :D

  17. Glad to hear abt u're bro's nice blood count. Good thing u stopped for a power snooze n reached home safe n sound.

  18. great about the blood count.
    i hope he can quickly build up his strength. i'll say a little prayer for him too.

    good about the power nap.
    sometimes when everything fails, it makes good sense to just stop the car at a safe spot and snooze.
    pray for safety whilst you sleep too. ;)

  19. yes, 5 minutes also can keep the sleepiness away.. actually i was just 20 min away from the ipoh toll.. but to be on the safe side, i still snooze for few minutes.. i know i cannot drive on.. phew..first time in history i felt this sleepy!


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