Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blogging Is Relaxation!

Yesterday some medical staff came to our office to do some basic check up on those who were interested. Of course I was very interested.. kiasi ma... so at 8.30am sharp, I went down to the canteen. There was a short queue already...

By 9am, I had my check-up done, with two drops of blood, my glucose and cholesterol test was as follows.....

Glucose 4.8, normal.... BUT cholesterol was 5.83!! The nurse told me to cut down seafood and meat and oily food and do more exercise. That is sad news... all my favorite food, I have to cut down... sigh...

Oh, high blood pressure is 130/75.... have to take care too... RELAX MORE in front of the COMPUTER.... DON'T work so HARD in the OFFICE.... this is the correct interpretion... must tell my boss that on Monday!


  1. then ur boss will ask u tapau..kakaka

    my colestrol also high :(

  2. Better take care of ur food intake. Best is to eat quaker oats.... lots of quaker oats.... for breakfast.... lunch.... dinner.... 24 hours a day..... 7 days a week.... monday.... to sunday....


  3. take care ah! MUST ah! WE LOVE U! Happy Mommy's Day! :))

  4. Claire, u tell ur boss that, ur boss will goreng you and tapau u. LOL... den u habislah. Cannot wan... :(

    Nvm la... u tak habis makan wud, can send to me, I makan for u. :D

  5. I agree blogging is relaxing and I love it besides getting an opportunity to connect with people from all over. Take care of yourself and relax this weekend! :)

  6. kathy... u r so young.. got high cholesterol meh?

    chrislim: please do not remind me.. huhuhu...

    caroline: thank u.. kamsiah.. we love u too! hahhaha...

    cleff: boss goreng me then i become my own bosssss... at home!

    anthony: thank u.. indeed blogging takes our minds off stress! at least for awhile..

  7. your bp a bit high.. maybe less bloggin n sleeping early helps. Oh dear ? You are only 47kg ? only a fraction of what I weigh. . LOL ! your health is still ok.. just need 'good maintenance' only,

  8. your bp a bit high.. maybe less bloggin n sleeping early helps. Oh dear ? You are only 47kg ? only a fraction of what I weigh. . LOL ! your health is still ok.. just need 'good maintenance' only,

  9. Eh... same weight with my daddy! LOL... while me, I'm 34kg! Hahahahaha... underweight! Doctors will tell me to put on more meat on my bones, and despite of having a fiery temper, I have low blood pressure and low sugar level. LMAo...

  10. Happy Mother's Day Claire...

    My weight is currently 46kg...and just nice with my height and age...hehehehe! (small size woman)

  11. oh.. take care my friend... have your self relax and take your self away from stress....
    and Happy mother's day too

  12. well, there's stress in every workplace. Just be sure to stay relax and everything would be just fine:)

  13. Never mind,today mother day. Bantam kau kau whatever food then tomorrow baru jags,ok?

  14. I too have high cholesteral and blood pressure. I try to walk more and definitely eat oatmeal for breakfast. Take deep breaths and try to relax, I know its hard! We women have to learn to take better care of ourselves. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  15. Claire, I'm health conscious oso cholesterol still high. it's genetic :(

    oh yeah.. blogging is definitely relaxing. high five to you!
    Happy Mommy's Day claire :)

  16. continue blogging, be happy!!!

    Happy Mother's Day to u Claire :) ♥

  17. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU and have a great day with your loved ones...take care of the calories !!!

  18. medie007: that is good news then.. today can wallop some seafood then..

    elaine: oh dear, medie just said i look fine. :) yes, i sleep too late i guess...

    cleff: aiyoh, yr daddy same weight as me ah? underweight too? that means your family genes is like that.. no cure one.. eat lots also wont gain weight! lots of people would love that... lol...

    wyenren: so im heavier.. ok, must lose one more kilo.. hahhaa.. just kidding! Happy Mother's Day to u too!

    bluedreamer: thank u... i suppose i cannot wish u, right? lol..

    Wenn: Happy Mother's Day to you too! guess we got to take it easy ..

    eugene: right on!! i will...

    cheryl: Happy Mother's Day to u too!!

    merryn: Plak!!! high5, not the bread, ok.. lol... Happy Mother's Day!

    kristie: thank u.. same to u.. Happy Mother's Day!

    Elinluv: i lup u.. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  19. Glad all's ok. My cholesterol also very high, don;t worry. I'm still alive... LOL!!! Take oats, Omega 3... Happy Mother's Day to you - bet you'll post on the celebration with your children *jeles!!!

  20. Do more exercise is good for health.

  21. stp: dont be jeles.... ain't we all blessed with good kids.. thank God for that..
    btw, take care of your health too.. u got to keep yourself alive for my kids' wedding.. hahahaaaaaa...

    mery: yes, i believe so.. but im just plain lazy..

  22. i think you're okay lah.
    bp is because maybe kancheong when the taking was done?
    sugar is fasting level? anyway looks good too. :)
    add more complex carbo like wholegrain bread, veges. they will lower your cholestorel and bring up the good ones.

  23. tuti, i m memang kancheong person..

  24. Blogging might be causing you to have high blood pressure you know. Due to the electrostatic thingy. :p

  25. tekkaus, are u serious or r u just joking about that electrostatic? i scared la..

  26. ai yoh...,at your age, bp 130-75 is not high - just okay so nothing to worry about.cholesterol also not high at all,as comply with what you been enjoying/feasting all these while(your posting of foods).some people dont feats like you and yet high cholesterol and thats a pity worry okay,go eat some more Penang char kuih tiao....yummy2


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