Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Dejected Looks Of Thomas Cup 2010

Managed to capture a few pictures of these dejected looks after the game, unfortunately did not capture Lee Chong Wei's interview. Malaysia must admit that our level of playing is not par at all, from my point of view, China is at least two levels higher than our players. Wonder how the China players did their training. Must be all blood and sweat training, reminds of those poor kids doing gymnastic. Those pictures I saw were of pure torture...

Say what you like, I hope Korea will win the Uber Cup today... lol... in fact they are playing now and the first single has lost to Korea... :p ....
A Sad Night for Malaysians...

KKK/TBH sad looks...

KKK admitted that the china players
had played with efficiency and accuracy

Wong Choon Hann

I think Wong Choon Hann will retire after this...
He had tried his very best...
but his stamina is just not enough..


  1. tekkaus: how wonderful if tomorrow Malaysia is playing against Indonesia!

    Medie007: yes, our level is not their class yet..

  2. See the body - so fat...not like Lin Dan's. Nice body!!! Like dat, baru macam sportsman!

  3. You know what? Korean Just Beat China in Uber Cup Final~~ Korean made History..

  4. i learnt or read it from somewhere,the china players trains against robots/shuttler cocks shooting machine like the one with tennis.and these shuttler cock shooting machine is computarized somemore.

  5. stp: that shows how delicious our food is...

    isley: yeeehhhhh... i was in church after the 3rd match.. when i came back, my girl told me... it was a miracle..

    slavemom: 2 years also cannot la.. no more players already liow

    ahngao: it may be true...

  6. hope our government will improve it... so sad!

  7. So sad.. but they have tried their best.. just that China players are very much skillful compared to ours I guess... Next year perhaps?


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