Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Kiss In Danielle Steel

Yes, I still have time to read amidst all the blogging, working at home and in office, driving here and there like a crazy woman... serious! That is why I always wish for 48 hours in a day instead of 24 hours. Time really goes so fast that I ain't got enough rest even for two days a week. Before I know it, Monday is here already.... yucks!

Back to the topic, it has been ages since I read a real love story book. LOL... at my age, I thought romance is long gone, actually I prefer to read thrilling books such as psychopaths, murder, court cases, mysteries...... and when I got hold of The Kiss, I was like... emm... is this going to bore me to sleep? well, I was certainly wrong!

The Kiss made me awake.... it makes me lovey dovey again... LOL... why? Cos the hero and heroine were as young as ME... hehehee... if you want to know my age, read this book! (wonder who is interested) The story might be simple but the most touching part was that when they had their First Kiss..... it nearly brought tears to my eyes....

no wonder it was called "The Kiss"
So much happened after that...


  1. aiyoyoyoyo... lum sei edi ah? at nite sleep got dream or not? hahaha... i went over bookXcess again, bought some books again! hehe... i gotta MAKE time to read man! omg...

  2. War...what happened? :p Care to share?

  3. reading is read life on the refrigerator door before? it was a nice book..

  4. Have to wait till my exam's over. :p

  5. irene: not so kan cheong till cannot sleep la.. no more 18-22 already ma..

    kathy: all thanks to u.. i got kissy kissy!!

    tekkaus: oh, long story to share la.. u might doze off ..

    kumfye: got such book? :p

  6. I have to be honest and say I loved reading Danielle Steel's books until I got hooked on I can just not get into them.

  7. i wanna read newspaper oso no time.. or rather.. malas! lol. :P

  8. danielle steel books are too GOOD!!

  9. lynette: autobiagraphies? oh i dont read those.. lol.. mine are all fiction...

    merryn: i can understand why u got no time.. i know, i know how busy u r!! :)

    cik panadol: i have read a few but this one touched me...

  10. Aiya, lovey dovey book, not for me leh! LOL!

  11. :( I have yet to start on Danielle Steel. Now been reading some fantasies by Terry Pratchett. Quite nice... creative fairy tales. :D

  12. i bought this book too! yet to start, can't wait! :)

  13. pete: why not for u.. hahaha...

    cleff: u and yr fairy tales.. sigh..
    when will u grow up, fairy?

    kristie: read and tell me how u feel..

  14. The photo of the book very famous oh.. I saw few painting around... and got 1 here at my bIL house... ^_^

  15. Cath J...really.. i dont know how to admire it.. :p


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