Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Praise And Worship Songs

Last night my sister and I led worship again in MSF dinner again. All of us had a lovely and wonderful time singing and worshiping our Lord in the garden terrace. Pastor and his whole family were there too, to our amazement. After our worship, he came by to give us some encouragement words, my sister and I felt so "high", all credit goes to our God. It was great singing praise songs unto Him. What followed was the food galore as usual and everyone was enjoying the food and the fellowship among the 100 of us were wonderful.

After the big feast, someone suggested that it was time to sing again. They called me to play the music while they sang. OH dear, I was not prepared for their songs and I did not bring any other music sheets with me. Apologetically I turned them down and I reminded myself that I must remember to print out more online music sheet from the website. There is a wide selection of music notes for all occasions such as Christmas, weddings, birthdays and anytime of the day.

The next time I go, I better take along more music sheets just in case the members want to continue singing throughout the evening.


  1. Praise God for that sis! I am so glad I have a fellow worship leader here. Thanked God for the talent He had given us.

  2. Praise God indeed when His people want to sing praises to Him all night!

  3. Kayce: yes, all glory goes to HIM... u r in worship too?

    Ann: yes, it is wonderful to sing praises to Him all the time.. in the car, in the house.. in office, a bit difficult only.. but can listen.. :p

  4. Yeah! Glory to the God for his love and care. :D


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