Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beware Of Your Car Number Plate

caught her in this funny position....

A lazy Sunday morning... spent looking and taking pictures of this "fierce doggie" which "chased" away my house tenant... Actually she was not really my house tenant cos I did not accept any room rent.. mainly also because Labbie did something to her car that I have to pay her back instead...

Yes, Labbie bit off my tenant's new car number plate!! YES, SHE DID! I was so apologetic.. I told my tenant that I would pay back whatever she has done... sigh..

Naughty Doggie..
funny though...
she did not bite my car number plate..
don't know why she bit that car..
See, she only bite her own bone...


  1. Although mischievous, i think the dog is cute, physically.

  2. adoi.. $$$ fly again. But that number plate must have been a good number. hahaha

  3. Maybe tat plate number smell good like its Favo bone.

  4. Maybe that number plate got fried chicken smell ah? Haha...

    By the way, I've got some Hong Kong and Macau pics in my blog. Will update more on my trip to Hong Kong and Macau when I have the time. Then I'll put in more pictures!

  5. hmmmm got buy toto or not? with that number? hahahahhaha!

  6. Tie a MILO tin around its neck... Then it will not be able to bite anything! That's what people in the old days did to dogs that bit chickens. LOL!!!

  7. willie: yes, very mischievous but lovable..

    kathy: everyday also $$! jom, make more money..

    mery: i suspected that too.. hahaha..

    Henry: hey, u and gab almost same time come back??

    irene: aiyah.. never bother to see her number u ask me.. i cannot remember...not those common numbers one..

    stp: hey.. got such idea ah.. then whole night i cannot sleep.. clinkclanking whole night..

  8. Hi Reanaclaire, ha ha, bet your tenant not to happy with your doggie. And you out some money to replace the plate number....hey, maybe should go buy empat ekor or whatever....

    I've never owned Labs, had German Shepherds, 2....but they shed hair....thus later kept only Dobermans, but more as guard dogs, specially trained too. One named Whisky, one named Brandy, ha ha.

    I stayed in Canning gardens a year, several homes were broken into...but my house not touched, either side homes was....

    As well in KL too, and I had 3 cars parked under the porch, and hardly home, only my maid and my 'take no prisoners' Doberman....He sleeps inside.
    Anyone touches my gate will see a huge black Doberman charge and try to climb the gate....that sure scares everyone.

    Hey, I love that apple strudel....your friend is very good seeing the present.
    Best regards, Lee.

  9. lol.. ur dog must have hate that tenant... =D

  10. U.Lee..yes, dobermans, rothweilers, alsatian.. they are the most man fearful dogs.. great to have them in the house.. my labbie.. she might be gentle but she has strong sharp teeth.. gnarls!! hahaha...

    tekkaus: yes, mine..

    june: dont know why.. she never hates her also..only scared of her..

  11. once my dog bit my sister's pair of sandals n i was so worried. Luckily she was not angry.

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    oh yeah, about the question you asked, glitterati status is revoked when we have adverts originate from company based in SEA or any company that Nuff consider as a competitor. You can send them a ticket(complaint, question) if you want to know why.

  13. Labrador Retrievers have this tendencies... huge appetite... so whatever she saw, goes into tummy. I guess Labbie is normal.

  14. Yeah, Aunty, it seems like Gab and I came back at almost the same time. Haha! Cheung Chau was a very nice island, with superb seafood! I almost didn't go, but a recommendation from one of the locals in Tai-O brought me and my mother to Cheung Chau, and we didn't regret going there. The only regret was that we didn't stay there for a night. It's so serene and peaceful!

  15. Oh, gosh!! But that is just the tinest bit funny!! Did you take a picture of the chewed plate, I would love to see it!! Does Labbie chew lots of things she shouldn't, or is this very unusual, how old is she? But it makes me wonder, perhaps there was a certain scent on the plate or something. Was this a metal liscense that was fastened by screws? Oh, did your tenant get very angry, do you think she'll forgive Labbie?? Give us a part two and tell us more!

  16. wenn: till today, i still put my sandals inside the house.. never know, dare not try.. hahahaa..

    nana: thanks for the info..

    henry: time if got chance, will visit cheong chau.. :)

    ginny: it was a shock to us.. so didnt manage to snap a pic of it.. never thought of taking pic that very moment.. :(

    sjb: hopefully she wont chew on my next tenant's car..

  17. haha notty Labbie. My dog did bite my SIL shoe previously, so bad I spank her mouth with the shoe and give her a really good reprimand, thus she stop doing that keke

  18. vicky: it really does work? i heard the same theory... now i also dare not put my shoes outside.. must try with an old pair first..

  19. Wah, didn't collect rent....I want to move in also leh!

  20. awwww... she's still so cute tho' =D

  21. Psstt....whispering...what is the number plate ah? Buy 4D. :)

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