Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ciao Bella, Till We Meet Again...

For my two friends, especially Yvonne, my childhood friend...

These few days while they were here, Yvonne and I had a good time reminiscing back the good old days we had. From the day we were born, you and I grew up in the same house. Though we had different surnames, our bonding is just as close as sisters. We did almost everything together, from walking to school and accompanying each other in our outings. How not to be close when we were from the same house.....

Today both of you have flew off to China and in a matter of days, you and David will be back in Canada. Hope you have enjoyed your short stay here in Ipoh... I know David can't wait to go back though... LOL...

Here is a summary of where we went while the Cowleys were here..

Cameron Highlands


David, we will meet again in Canada...

Yvonne, I will miss you.. but I know will see you again
Once again, thanks for flying all the way to IPOH..
Have an enjoyable trip to China and
safe journey back to Canada...
Ciao Bella!


  1. wa...so lovely view of cameron :D

    ehy...what u did ah? Till David wanna go back fast fast kekeke..u fed him Dong Guai ah?

  2. Hahahhahahahaha! Looks like David is not a vampire leh... makan DOng Guai wun pengsan!

  3. hehe nice right when a fren of us come over to visit n spend time with us. :3 lol david cant stand with the weather in msia ah??

  4. u n yvonne grew up in the same house?

  5. kathy: cannot tell u one.. small kucing not supposed to know adult things! :)

    cleff: not to do with makan one.. u all talk about food and food only.. tsk..tsk...

    caroline: yeah, u r right.. partly of the weather.. hahaha..

    merryn: yes, we grew up together and stayed with each other till we were er... 18 yrs old.. heheheee

  6. byee byee Yvonne and David, hope you likee Penang as well. take care.

    next time, come to malaysia spend more money ho... we are welcome you :)

  7. good to hear that they had a lovely time in Malaysia.

  8. Hi Reana, nice to know you have Canadian friends. Bet they enjoyed their visit to Camerons.
    The last pic he reminds me of Bill Gates, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  9. waaa went to so many places ar? sure they enjoyed very much...u r a good host hehehe

  10. chvoon: why sound like tour agent one? hahahaa...

    wenn: yes, my friend definitely did..

    U.Lee: u r not the only one who said that..hahaha....

    sjb: yeah, i love them...

    manglish: not much time, so try to squeeze in few places.. :)

  11. While Hellos are always nice and goodbyes always hard, at least there was that togetherness in between that really makes up for all that. Looks like you had a lovely time with them. Goegeous pics!

  12. Wah you managed to bring them to so many places! Very productive indeed! :) No need to feel sad since you're going to meet them soon!! :)

  13. fely: yes, time flies and soon it was time to bid goodbye.. hope we will meet again in another year or 2..

    sweetwitch: a hectic tour, i can say..hahaha.. anyway, hope they will come again or maybe i fly over? :)

  14. So when do you plan to visit them in Canada? Do let me know...maybe I would want to tag along.... Hehehehehe!!!!

  15. Hi Reana,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow, how do you maintain 3 blogs! It is always sad when close friends leave, but then you look forward to meeting them again. Nice pics, btw!

  16. stp: i went a couple of years ago.. sure would like to go again if money allows.. ok, do tag along.. hehehe.. have to sleep on the couch though.. :) i want to visit niagara falls again!

    rachna: thanks.. yes, it is always the leaving that is hard..

  17. Good friends are hard to find,,, right? if you have found some, please treasure them

  18. do David got a culture shock when he visit Malaysia? haha

  19. eugene: sure will do, bro...

    isley: no la.he has been here few times.. he said enough liow.. hahhaa..

  20. You are a very wonderful friend for your old friend. Spending your time with them day in and day out.

  21. good frens are always near though they are far.... sob sob!

  22. kiasumom: not really la.. didnt go for training.. hahaa...

    sheohyan: we r like sisters..

    irene: yes.. treasure the friendship.. ok? :P

  23. Those are nice shots....it's great that ur friends have a lovely time in this place.

  24. Wow...the place is beautiful. I am sure you friends would wanna come again due to your 5 stars hospitality. :)

  25. bingkee: yes, i hope they do...

    tekkaus: hahhaa. r u kidding? where got stars at all..

  26. Yvonne must be like a sister to u. It's so wonderful that u've kept ur frenship alive all this time. And u've been a great tour guide. ;)


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