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Dim Sum No More..

I think I will not touch dim sum for another few months.
When I go for dimsum, normally I end up not eating them but other varieties like char siew pau, chee cheong fun, porridge, egg tarts, desserts and fish balls. Too much meat makes me queasy.... anyway, I think eating dim sum is very costly, I definitely cannot afford to go there often. Just a four of us will cost around RM50.00 and if there are 10, will surely cost more than a hundred ringgit. For a hundred ringgit, I rather order a set meal of rice and dishes..... yes, I am "kiamsiap" one...



  1. Me too.. But hubby likes dim sum so much. I would rather eat something that is filling to the tummy. Another "kiamsiap" one here. Wuakaka..

  2. Oh, gosh, Dim Sum! I used to know what kind of food that was, but have forgotten. Not good, since my granddaughter is Chinese. If you scroll through some of my posts, you will see her. I have put you on my sidebar blogroll, as well! In answer to your comment, yes, what you can see in this post is out house and yard. I will take a picture of our house and yard in the near future and post it on my blog so you can see!

  3. Thats quite a lot for 4 of u can eat there...I like dim sum as it always so filling..coz all meats

    I got the same way of thinking like u too, they are costly not afford to eat always..

  4. I think eating dimsum once in a month is ok and if it is too oily, I like to order tea to go with the food.

  5. inspiredmum: so we ladies are kiamsiap in a way.. :)

    ginny: over here dim sum is a norm.. esp in my town, it is famous too..

    lemonjude: yes, super lots!! my young nephews and my kids can eat a lot..good gracious! hahaha...

    spicy: normally go with chinese tea but then after drinking, i cannot sleep.. sigh..

  6. ya dim sum are costly...but once in awhile okay la

  7. hmm...i don't quite fancy dimsum either. yes, it is very costly to eat them. i prefer a bowl of noodles :)

  8. Not kiamsiap...just being smart, careful with money! It is certainly NOT cheap! Can get many other nice things with that kind of money. PLUS they always use too much msg!!! Very bad!

    Maybe for special occasion, want to treat special friends, special occasions...ok lah! We can pamper ourselves sometimes...but not ALL the time.

    Economy is not as good as people would want you to believe. Save!!!

  9. WAH!!! You all had so much dim sum! LOL!!

    Normally, if we go for dim sum i will only eat siew mai, chee cheong fun, porridge, char siew pau, lor mai kai, that's all.

  10. For me dim sum is a once in a while food 'coz I don't fancy too much of pork as it usually made of pork... I like loh mai kai but it's quite oily too, haiz...

  11. omg~ you can enter Malaysia Book of Record.

  12. Aiyo... Did you go onto a weighing scale after stuffing yourself with all those 'adorable' morsels?

  13. Is this for real? You guys actually ate all those dim sum...... stacks of them! Gosh, I think I will never take any dim sum after that. Hope you're havinga wonderful weekend, daaahling!
    Cheers, Kristy

  14. Haha :D Then don't go to the restaurant at all. Just sit and home and eat bread.

  15. kathy: yes i do agree.. it is expensive..

    stp: so i m not kiamsiap.. hahaa.. yes, our meagre pay is just enough for us to have 2 meals per day...

    dora: that is why they offer chinese tea to wash off the oil..

    isley: not me.. not me.. hahahaha..

    mingna: all i can take is one Loong...

    kristy: definitely not me.. all those by the younger generation.. haahaha..

    tekkaus: sigh...

  16. Agree! Dim sum is too expensive. Especially in foh san. Hahaha..

  17. yes, wensher.. i dont go foh san one.. very expensive and not so nice too.

  18. yes, dimsum can b v expensive and not v healthy too. high in sodium n fat.. i usually just order lormaikai as that's the only dim sum item I can't go without.. and I so hate it when they dun hv lmk but hor yip fan instead.. :(

  19. WHOA. that is a lot of dimsum you guys whacked. oh sedap.

  20. elaine: i am like u too. love the others except siew mai.. and all..

    irene: yes, we are great wallopers!

  21. Yea, it can be very costly but i think eating dim sum with lot of ppl will be merrier and the apetitie also seems to be good makan more and cost more..LOL!!

  22. sjb: yes, a lot we ate...

    mommyling: if shared out not so bad.. one person paid, very costly..

  23. i love dim sum very very much too. cheapest place to eat is still in melaka :)


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