Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Farewell In Olivenz With Princess

A night to remember, a song dedicated to Princess....

Coming back to The Night To Remember, it is all about another farewell to my good friend, Elin's princess. Her princess will be leaving in a couple of days for overseas to further her studies. (Elin,Elin, please don't cry, I can sense u dabbing your eyes now, forgive me if I made you cry again ....and again, nah, take some tissues and sniff them out....)

Prior to her departure, Princess insisted on "treating" me to a dinner and Elin suggested Beacon Point but unfortunately, it was closed. We adjourned to Olivenz Bistro instead. It was my first time there and definitely it will not be the last. The food was not bad or perhaps it was due to the company that left some good memories behind... Anyway, we really enjoyed our evening together..

Before we could "walloped" the food,
someone here was very busy taking photographs...
she didn't realize she was being taken as well...
OOhhh... she will "murder" me for this! LOL...

first comes our refreshing drink, lemon plus honey...

my BBQ salmon - wunderbar...

Elin's chicken chop...

Princess's lamb shoulder

sidedish-soft shell crab

and lastly, Princess & Auntie Claire
Thank you, Elin & Princess for the Wonderful dinner! I....
Wish you all the best in everything you do &
May God pave a smooth way for you too...

(more pictures in Elin's Tidbits Corner)


  1. made me feel hungry again..throat not feeling so well...haiz..if only have ice lemon tea...

  2. I thougt you're the one who is leaving not Elin's princess! haha... Aiyo.. you should be the one supposed to give her the treat lol! No wonder you put on so much weight lately! Hope you're having a great time!
    Cheers, Kristy

  3. caroline: thanks :p

    kathy: poor thing... did anyone come by to pay u a visit? lemon honey? ok, let me send sos rightaway!

    kristy: do u have to remind me that i put on weight.. ai ye... since the lavender cakes until today.. whose fault is that? :p

  4. Wow'the food looks good. This place is in ipoh?

  5. You use WonderBra???

    Oh... wunderbar! Chey.. i need to get my eyes checked!!! :P

  6. diana: looks good?

    chrisau: yeah..ipoh garden east... near ye olde english

  7. hmmm hi claire! hey the blog template... very nice! u did it on your own? very user friendly

  8. wah~ all the meat is in steroid size~ yum yum~~

  9. wow, bbq salmon looks appetizing!

  10. juann: thanks.. i asked someone to do it for me.. :)

    isley: steroid size? big piece? or small?

    wenn: yes, just nice for me.. plus the mashed potato..

  11. wah... bbq salmon look so yummmylicious!!! you're in ipoh rite... i must check out this place next time i go back.. hehe..

  12. Wow, the food, looks really yummy...made me hungry

  13. waaaa love that soft shell crab leh hhahaha

  14. irene: yes, do check it out.. hahaha.. seems i m promoting it for free.. :p

    iceah: sorry about that.. lol..

    manglish: yes, soft crabs are nice.. everything finished clean...

    femme: quick..go for your meal now!

  15. hello aunty claire!

    thanks for dropping by though. :)

    and yes, you're aaron's mommy right? say hi to him too! :)

  16. Oh never been to this restaurant! Food looks good! And good luck to Elin's princess! :)

  17. lyng: thanks for returning visit.. yes, he is my prince..hahahaa...

    sweetwitch: thank you...

  18. Yummy foods..makes me hungry.. hehehe!~
    Good luck to princess.. :-)

  19. nice food....need some lamb shoulder now.....hungry!

  20. Claire, i edy skipped my breakfast...hop your blog only hungry seeing these..

  21. Clair: It looks like all had their favorite meals.

  22. Come, Elin...come! Welcome to the club...let's cry on one another's shoulders. Sure you'll miss her a lot - the way I miss mine all the time but the years will pass...and she'll be home. All the best in your undertakings, Joanna... Take care and God bless.

    The food looks so good...especially the salmon. Yum! Yum!!!

  23. A pleasant farewell dinner, all the best to your friend Elin's princess!

    I like the spread of food, it looks delicious! Please have a nice day!

  24. Still as good? It's been some time since we've gone back to Olivenz, reason being the food quality has dropped, as well as the portion.

  25. Foods look good especially the soft shell crab! All the best to your friend!! :D

  26. honey: thank u..

    pete: they served a few pieces.. worth it..

    sheok yan: memang ho chiak!

    ling: go eat now! this is an order! :)

    fishingguy: yes, we had a good time too..

    stp: thanks on her behalf.. yes, hope elin and i can make it to sibu via free air asia tickets! hahahaa...

    alice: thanks on behalf.. the food was very nice.. yeah..

  27. j2fm: i dont know about last time cos that was my first time there the other day.. maybe u should go and review it one more time? :)

    lindy: yes, i love soft crab.. it was nice and crispy..

  28. i would like to say the food there was really awesome in the form of outlook...about the taste i should have some provement one day...good day ahead...

  29. I'm quite interested on the BBQ salmon... hehe..

    i have also did a farewell dinner for my bestie who is leaving to Sg.. sigh, we're going to miss them arent we? :(

  30. sjb: yes, the food was yummy!

    kumfye: do try one day..

    jfook: me too.. best!

    hayley: yes,goodbye is always the hardest..

  31. the bbbq salmon looks delicious lah...

    thanks for the ads yeah....hehehe...


  33. via: i kau thim this evening.. ok?

    hazel: once awhile only.. :)

  34. Soft-shelled crab? can eat the shell also?

  35. tekkaus: yes, of course.. walloped everything can..

  36. sweet to spend precious moments together and thank goodness for internet, can still keep in touch easily. i wish princess a safe and smooth transition.

  37. gee, claire, u make me feel like going to ipoh... cos it seems like there's sooo much good food there... *drool*

  38. tuti: yes, thank God for the Internet, yes, i think her mum will not be so distraught..

    yanz: come la.. invitation is always open..

    fish: wanna eat? :p

  39. Wow, the food looks so yummy. Luckily I'm having my lunch now... haha


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