Friday, June 11, 2010

I AM THE QUEEN for once...

Who says boys don't know how to cook? :p

Aaron and Gabriel gave me some good news yesterday when they said they were going to cook spaghetti for dinner. HUH.. serious?? Yeehhh, they were serious!! I felt so happy... why? For One, I don't have to crack my head thinking of what to eat, where to take them and of course thirdly, how much to spend.. hahaha.. naw...the 3rd one was meant as a joke..

When it comes to spending, I close one eye... as long as u happy, i happy concept...(offer applies to family only) LOL...

Lord, bless the hands that prepare the food.. Amen..

both looking serious, man...
oopsss... are u over 18 years of age?
a bit obscene, never mind, hor...

Double chefs.. no joke, man...

The main chef, Gabriel..
Anyone has daughters here? Wanna book Gab? LOL...
sorry, Gab is reserved already!!

Specially cooked by Aaron.... no joke!
surprised that the texture was just great!

delicious looking or not??

normally spagghetti is not my kind of "thing"
but I loved this... so so nice!! lol...
I "walloped" a BIG plate!


  1. LOL... how come the sauce looks like my spaghetti sauce wan? Ahahahahahha

  2. wow! looks, no, no, not the food but the cook...(ooopppsss! just joking!) :-) but they look handsome while cooking though.. Good job for the both of you! i am a pasta lover so 5 thumbs up!

  3. For once only? :p They should do it more often.

  4. ya, they should let u be the Queen at least weekly :)

  5. wuah u have a good life... shake legs while they cook for you :D

  6. Yuuummmyyyy... Can I have some? Lol

  7. cleff: aint all spaghetti sauce looks like that? :)

    seth: i will convey your message to them.. hehehe...

    tekkaus: hope they read yr comment!

    wenn: yes, YeS! once also i m super happy..

    benggeng: i will be online as usual... hehehe..

    jessie: coming to ipoh? :p

  8. Fewitttt!!!! [whistling]

    two male cooks in the house. you're so lucky la. Girls will be watching them...

  9. Do they clean up the kitchen after cooking? I love to have my son cooks, but I hate the cleaning up after his cooking.Lol! )

  10. Hey Queen for the blessed to have a son like Aaron ...can cook , can study somemore...still available anot ? :p

  11. Naked chef! :D

    spaghetti is MY kind of food so.. wee weeeet! two thumbs up for the naked chef and not so naked one :P

  12. kev: u also want? which??? whistling like a "wolf"....:P

    anonymous: sigh.. that answers your question, right?

    elin: *wink* which do u want to book?

    merryn: wonder whether he knows i put up his pics.. hahahaha..

  13. Oh my... the spaghetti looks awesomely delicious, you are definitely blessed with 2 handy boys!;)

    A wonderful weekend to you!

  14. did you have double helping ? cooked by your boyz wor.. I'm sure it's delish.. and what vege did he add ?

  15. Hahah..i also had pasta for my dinner but mine is white sauce.

    That's yummy and what i normally cook too.

  16. wow...u can tarn sai kai again!

  17. wow! those are really yummy plus the cook itself is yummy as well! :)
    I hope you can join us each Friday and share your yummy food with us. :)

  18. Wah, this is the real Naked Chef...ha ha ha!

  19. How nice of your boys to cook for you! You have taught them well! I am so lucky that my husband loves to cook, I tell him he can anytime he wants!

  20. I bet that dish tastes good. I love eating spaghetti. Sometimes I prefer to eat the sweet style spaghetti and sometimes I crave for the sour, Italian style.

    By the way, do you want to be one of the first few blogs on my link roll? Hit me a comment if you want to have a link exchange!

  21. mery: it was!

    something about us: I must ask Gabriel and what he did.. lol...

    alice: yeah, one is son and one is kai chai... hahahaa..

    elaine: sorry la.. didnt buy vege for him.. i think he put tomatoes ...

    ling: they said very easy... i seldom cook that .. unless they come back then more people to eat..

    chris: only for a moment.. :p

    friday: hey, thanks fo rthe invitation...

    pete: special or not.. hahahaha...

    cheryl: i didnt teach them actually.. gab learns himself..

    loseweight: ok, sure.. i jump over now..

  22. Gab booked already? What about Aaron then? Still available? LOL!!!

    Looks ok...can pass lah! Most important thing is it tastes nice. For one thing, after cooking ourselves, we find that the food isn't so nice - no appetite...but if we eat the same thing a while later - when rested, not so tired and feeling so hot, it will taste great. That's why always nicer to eat something somebody else cooks! Hint, hint...boys! LOL!!!

  23. can i book??? mwahahaha!!! =D nice ler! guys in my home too can cook well than me! paiseh!!

  24. yummy yummy!!
    You make me hungry early in the morning...


  25. oh you are indeed lucky and blessed Claire :) the gettis look delicious.

  26. Thanks for all the details.A very yummy post to read early in the morning.I am very fond of spaghetti and therefore would like to try this one out soon.Thanks a lot.

  27. Lidis mai can cook more often for you lor Claire? :P

  28. I'm sure it tasted so yummy because of the chefs!! Full of love and dedication when they're cooking, no? :)

  29. Hello Claire, this is a very yummylicious sphaghetti. Now, I am craving for one...hehehe.

    So sorry that I did not reply to all your messages because of the hacker incident, my time is consumed on my job...the good news? I will quit my tiring job in the casino...yes i am happy and we will be back to Florida. I am absent in blog hopping for 9months. I will do all my active blogging activities by July. See you around.

  30. extra love for the food because you are served.. :P

    I like the simultaneous cooking picture.. lol..

  31. You are blessed to have sons that can really cook. Their spaghetti looks so yummy and saucy. It's no wonder that you enjoyed it. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  32. Actually ah, Claire.... spaghetti sauce is not supposed to look like that. Usually ah... student's spaghetti and lazy ppl's spaghetti will look like that. AHhahahahahahaha....(that explains why mine oso look like that)

    This is the kind where you sauté the meat with some oil, add abit salt and pepper, den dump the canned tomatoes and sliced mushrooms inside oni.

    LOL... correct anot boys? Correct anot what jie jie say? LOL...sure correct wan, cuz ah jie here oso use same tricks, den ppl always say nice to eat oso. Hahahahhaha... they dono very easy to cook wan!

  33. Hi. I have placed your link in my site's Links Page. Hope you could link me up too.

  34. You're fortunate to have caring chefs as sons. I guess too many girls would love to introduce them to their respective mommies at home.

    Happy eating without getting tired!

  35. 2 chef master in ur house, you sure can be a queen all the times!

    it is good moment that they cook for u and u just get ready in front of TV to watch football. hehehhe

  36. Looks yummy indeed and that nice to see the men treat you and give you a little break...God bless 'em and y'all! :)

  37. WAH!! It look good!!

    No need to cook, the food always taste extra nice right? LOL!!!

  38. you soooo luckyyyyyy....hihihi


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