Friday, June 4, 2010

In 20 Years Time...

On the way home from work yesterday, I stopped by at a shop to buy some groceries. While walking to the shop, I saw my ex-colleague getting down from her car. I called out her name and her face broke into a smile when she saw me.

First thing, sure ask, "hey, how are you? how's your new office?" Formality ma, right? But the first question she blasted me was "Hey, Claire..... how come you have aged?" OH GOSH!!
For a moment, I was dumbfounded.. then I quickly broke into a smile, "yeah.. old already ma, u think I always young meh....hehehehe..." (then thinking to myself, first thing to do when I get home is to look at the mirror, mirror on the wall!!)

Have I really aged??? *sobbbb*

So is this how I look in 20 years time??
Or do I look like that now?? oh goshhh!!

btw, I came across this from Donna's blog.. have fun with this.. see how u look in 20 years time!!


  1. 20 years you look like Ang Moh ah?

  2. Can't wait to try on my photo... hehe I also want to know how I would look 20 years later...

  3. kathy: i cant wait to look like ang mo..hahhhaa...

    bluedreamer: so how did u look?

    mingna: show in your blog OK? see how u look as an ang mo...

  4. walao... i 没有胆 to try my....

  5. lol at smallkucing's comment!
    so funny. anyway i will give the same response as you if someone tells me i've aged. what else to say mah!! haha

  6. Eihhh i know this one also! bro did a whole family picture using this one last two months. lol!!

  7. Mine not much diff... like vampire! LOL...Very hot... I like...20 years time, hopefully, I got many cucus to balas dendam for me! :D

  8. not like ang moh meh? those president First Lady.

  9. Hi Reanaclaire, wow, talk about tact and diplomacy. Your friend sure lacks that.
    Reanaclaire, a woman never age, she only moves her beauty to her heart.
    And incidentally, you have seen that pic of my SIL in previous posting?

    She has been with us with hubby more than a month, leaving for KL next week.....and everyone of our friends complimented her on her flawless complexion and exceptional beauty, and her body to die for.
    Only last night at a big gathering of friends over a dinner party, several ladies, even men guessed her age....some 60, a few 'middle 60s'.
    One gentleman friend said, "I mati2 will bet she about 56 or 58"!

    My SIL is 72!!!! And yes, she looks more in her late '50s. And wearing her sarong kebaya last night, she made all the much younger wives envy her, as their husbands were discreetly admiring her......

    So Reana, not to long as you have a lively sense of humour, avoid late nights, fast food lots of vegetables, fruits and drink lots of Chinese green you have your traffic stopper attractive looks now.....YOU will make heads turn when past some milestones in your life.

    And incidentally, my wife much older than you still have much younger men wanting to date her, ha ha.
    You keep well and have a great weekend, Lee.

  10. women are super vain. just be reminded that your friend might have aged far than you!
    well, keep happy always. take care.

  11. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAH...urfren so frank one ar hahahahahahahhaahahhahaha.....the pic looked like a vampire more than u aging lar hahhhahha

  12. @ manglish: you don't have the right to laugh at ppl, coz your look is 10 times worse... =.="

    eh... try the one with "drugs addicted" la... =.=
    coz my one addicted to drugs one... =.=

  13. Actually, you look not much differnt in 20 years time. Got a bit ang moh look leh.

  14. lol! Claire, you look like 'ang mor' in 20 years time.:D I'm keen to try this out on my little sprouts, thanks for sharing!;)

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  15. well, yr friend was indeed very straight forward..she should hv said, Wah, u look good!

  16. well nobody can run away from time & tide...So cheers & enjoy life for now as it's at this moment ...Have a nice weekend with your family & loved ones

  17. tuti: if really look like angmo, then come come..aged faster!! hahahaa...

    caroline: so yr brother framed it up on the wall?? hehehee..cute.. thanks for posting this link up!

    cleff: i wanna see it how the old vampire looks like!!

    U.Lee: reading this makes me guilty.. late nights, fried food, fruits and vege less... ouch! yes, i read your blog the other day.. i better not stand next to your wife or SIL.. (anyway, no chance to!) hahaha... thanks for the tips and u take care too!!

    tekkaus: who? me? u? 25 yrs old sure young..hahha...

  18. anonymous: never mind her.. i know myself one.. thanks.. u take care too!

    manglish: no fangs ma.. but looked bloodless hor?? haahaah...

    donna: i dare not click drug addict, now without drugs also looked like this liow.. with drugs, i think i pengsan! hahhhaaa...

    spicy: maybe it says i should stay in ang mo country..who knows huh..

    alice: make sure u post up ah....

    wenn: she is not hypocrite.. very frank ma...hahhaa...

    robinson: thanks, i will try my best to accept that!! :)

  19. Ooer, how come the pic looked as if you have dried blood on the nostrils?

  20. Old already, so look old lor... Must know how to grow old gracefully. Already in 50s, still dress and act like teenager - big problem lor! LOL!!!

  21. sjb: show us.. :p

    gratitude: why u so observant one.. i also didnt realize..hahahaa..

    stp: what to do hor.. cannot accept the fact ma.. ladies..! hahahaa...

  22. Aiyoh, this is how you really looked in 20 years time?

    I wonder how will I look.

  23. i wonder if i try on ethan wat will he be like? lol.. dat's not YOU in 20 years time lah.. that's YOU after being 'kacuk' with mat salleh blood :P

  24. hahahahaha...i'll try this out soon. looks fun :D

  25. Err... i wouldn't wanna scare ppl with my look 20 years down the road :)

    hey u might look different than in that pix.

    TQ for commenting on my blog.

  26. i not so confident with this software... it make all people look vampire

  27. The software something wrong is it? Makes you look like you're not Chinese in 20 years. Let's see how you look like in real! Then we'll know whether we can trust this. LOL!

  28. eh not bad wat. but angmoh face hor. hehe...

  29. I terkejut how come suddenly Claire's look become lidat...hak sei ngor onie 20 yrs later...cheh..

    Claire, u now still leng leng mer...


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