Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Three Cartons Of C2

At around 3pm, my cellphone rang and I saw an unfamiliar number on it. A man answered to my “hello” and asked, “Is this Rinacareee?” For a moment, I was bewildered, no one calls me “reanaclaire”… thought I have a secret admirer for a moment..LOL…

Ok, cut the story short, he mentioned about 3 boxes of C2 drinks.. ahhh.. oh yes, my C2 drinks have finally arrived! So grateful that they come at this time....why? Well, this durian season had caused fever and heatiness in me, now that the drinks are here, I can cool off my body heat with these C2, Cool and Clean Natural Green Tea!

From what I gather, these Green Tea bottle drinks are “brewed and packed” fresh on the same day, pure and natural from Green Tea leaves. A powerful Anti-Oxidant drink, it can reduce the risk of stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes besides other ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, cholesterol, infections, impaired immune function and detoxification. Hey, my mum will be most happy to know that!

These bottled drinks come with three refreshing flavours, Mixed Fruits, Lemon and Apple. I have yet to try, they are being chilled in my fridge. Oohh.. Can’t wait to try them, C2 Cool and Clean is now available in Malaysia and sold in 7-11, Mydin, Giant, Jusco and other shops retailers.

Well, I will certainly try these cooling drinks out, my body is really in need of them, I can feel the yearning for them now. (hang on, I go try now).....

Hmmm… here are the 3 flavors.....

YES! Not bad.. not too sweet ..

yet quenching and soothing…

My sons will be back this weekend…
let me tell you, once they are around,
the three cartons will be“disappearing” in no time!
Meanwhile, let me enjoy this one now.... :)


  1. ya wor...durian season...drink tea to cool down..I just bght 1 tub from pasar mlm :p

  2. wah they even hv delivery for soft drinks now?

  3. if there is C4 bomb, there must be a C2 type bomb.

  4. I love this drink too! Btw, how much did they charge per bottle? If it's cheaper than 90cents, please don't hesitate to give me their contact!:)

    Have a nice day!

  5. How come got delivery for drinks? Wow! I want these C2 too!!

  6. Very "cool" post. I'm running down to Seven Eleven and trying one of each, because you are right about the health benefits of green tea! We have one of those Keurig coffee makers that makes one cup at a time, only takes about ten seconds to make each cup, no filters or pot to wash. But it also makes hot or cold tea and hot chocolate. We just tried the iced tea, and it is so yummy!! Already sweetened in ten seconds with no fuss. I love trying new items at the grocery store and can't wait to try these.

  7. kathy: can buy durian in tubs? wow.. show me and let me drool.. i forgive u this time!

    gratitude: this is a drink review :)

    isley: ooppss.. this C2 not hot bomb but cooling bomb...

    alice: let me find out for you.. i m not sure cos they were given to me free for a post review..

    foongpc: do you want? i can ask them to deliver to u.. :)

    ginny: me too, i like to try new stuff.. i tried it last night, it was not very sweet.. and the green tea taste was there..

  8. *sulk* my 3 carton all in my tummy liao... 1 mth all gone... aiseyyy, tarak cukup... i wan more. *greedy babi mode*

  9. cleff, go and voice it out to the proper channel.. put up a contract, review drinks every 3 months! :p

  10. Ahhh..finally they arrived ur house. Cool n refreshing drinks.

  11. ling: came from vietnam.. sure take a while longer . :)

  12. whoaa!! so nice one!! i also want! T.T

  13. whoaa!! so nice one!! i also want! T.T

  14. fishingguy: yes, neat!

    caroline: wah..dont have to mention 3 times lar!! hahaha...

  15. wow, 3 cartoons? is it for free? yay.. I love C2 too.. so refreshing


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