Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Dream Houses

Last week when we arrived in this township, my kids and I took a beautiful evening walk admiring the houses or should I say mansions in this neighbourhood. My girl and I had a wonderful time, imagining and fantasizing..... this...

IF WE HAVE MONEY... what would be our dream house look like. As we walked around, we started to visualize our dream houses... (no harm to imagine, as the saying goes, aim high, shoot low... LOL)
Come, Let's Go....

let's start with this....
A No for me.. .

Nope for me...

how about this? Not bad.. actually..

She finds this cute, though...

nope, this one looks simple...

She likes this one here.. she is going up...

but I don't mind having this..
It looks very "Washington-sy!" Right?

ok, more houses to come tomorrow..


  1. I like the last one! Hmmm... Wait till I strike lottery first..

  2. inspired momx: me too.. me too!! Wait.. :p

  3. all also tarak ngum me. Coz am very lazy house keeper one. All those windows and vast floor area...wanna clean also half dead loh. kakaka

  4. i like the last house... very nice!

  5. kathy, imagine only ma.. if can afford to stay in houses like this, surely got maids, right? no need to work half dead liow.. all u do is to read books and more books.. haahhaa...

    merryn: washington hor? i wonder how it looks inside..

  6. Hi Reana, nice homes. But where are these homes? Ipoh? KL?
    Here the statud symbol for homes is number of garages. 2 common....3...doing okay.
    Then the 6 to 12 garages and monster, humoungous homes of 10,000 to 15,000 sq. ft.

    One Chinese man recently paid $15 Million for a penthouse suite. There's one now going for $30 million!! Most likely another Chinaman.....

    And yes, lots of Chinese from China, HK own HUGE homes here, and their driveway....BMW's, Merceds, Lexus, etc.
    Friend of mine drives a BMW, his wife, his daughter and his son, all BMW's.
    Oh well....the lottery draw this Friday is $50 million, ha ha. Lee.

  7. michelle: KL definitely.. not ipoh..

    U.Lee: so asians are doing good in canada too.. good.. so how many garage do you have,U.Lee? how many square feet? :p hope u will strike lottery and give us 10percent.. hahahha..

  8. Oh---aren't they gorgeous? I guess IF I had a house like that, I'd HAVE to have a fulltime housekeeper, maid, cook, and yard crew.... Then I could just sit and do NOTHING...

    Like the last one with those columns.

  9. definitely the last one.. :)

  10. I prefer an English Cottage... so all these are not suitable for me.

  11. I think I like the simple ones best. Of course, if I could afford those big ones, I guess I could afford all the people to help keep it up, too.
    Thanks for the visit to mine this morning.

  12. Ooh..I could like any one of them! Its fun to dream and doesn't cost a thing.

  13. Nice houses - I like # 1 and #2! :)

  14. Claire,
    You never know what's waiting for you round the corner. Might be a lottery win :)

    Those houses sure look nice. Wonder what some people do to be able to afford houses like that and there are people like me who still live the in laws! Eeek!!

  15. I love doing this! Absolutely no harm in dreaming!! My boyfriend and I take our dog for walks down all the "nice" streets and pick out the homes that we love and dislike. A good time! :)

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  17. Ipoh doesn't have houses like those? Sibu has a lot! But not mine though... Unfortunately, I'm not one of those kaya-raya people around. Sobs!! Sobs!!!!

  18. I love your choice, my second pick would be the second one hehehe. If only we can afford lol..

  19. Must be quite loaded to buy this banglo. :p

  20. Hey it's me.. visiting your blog...

    btw..I like the cute one :D

  21. I like the car...hahaha...I mean pics no. 6...the Red hot Ferrari..ahaks!

    I've seen a house something like pics no. 3....awesome!!

  22. Now you got me drooling away, i should go and check my bank account already, if those houses are sold less than 200k, i can still afford but dream on eugene dream one,,,,

    now i must dream even bigger , i want a big house with a pool, a tennis court, a gym, a masterbed room that is big enough that i can play hide and seek with my lovely wife hahahahah.

  23. born in those family's big house is like hit a jackpot.

  24. wow..i would love to own a bungalow but..

  25. Where is this? Tropicana?

    I like the red car parked in front of one of those houses... hehehe

  26. Betsy: My thoughts are the same with yours.. lol..

    Shirleen: u love the washington too, huh.. :)

    cleff: i love modern types.. :) so it is good, u can stay awhile here, i can stay in the cottage for a short break too.. win win..:)

    stephanie: yes, if stay in these type of houses, it would mean the helpers are there.. well, just a dream.. :)

    cheryl: Yeah, just an imagination, i guess it will not materialize..

  27. anthony: good, so now u got to make a choice of 1 and 2.. :)

    fely: living with in laws have its benefits.. at least there is someone standing by to take care of your kids when u r busy.. :)

    jenna: yes, i love taking out my dog too for walks in the evening.. but unfortunately, my own neighborhood doesnt have these type of houses to look at..

    ginny: wow.. great that u come by too.. i will answer all your questions in an email.. :p

    stp: ipoh has..but i never been there.. not so sure where too.. hahaha... that shows how "homely" i m .. hahahaha...

    chubs: yes, if only we can afford!

  28. Wah really mansions! *dreaming away*

  29. tekkaus: not quite..but very.. wonder what they do for a living..

    evelyn: which is the cute one? :)

    wyne: yes, awesome cars too.. wonder who owns these... hmmmm...

    eugene: wah .. 200K?? good de.. i checked checked my account also cannot see the zeroes there.. sigh...

    isley: can we hit one? sigh.. dream on.. hahahaa..

    wenn: u can..u can... ipoh quite cheap!! lol..

    kiasumum: yes, something like tropicana.. i been there once to look around too! browsing is the word..

  30. Wow..!! Nice! AHhaha.. I prefer the fifth pic and the seventh pic. The cute one. Looks simple and spacious.. I shall start saving more money to get those houses one day. AHahaha~

  31. i think small house better.. easier to clean...ahhahaha

  32. Oh..i love the white house. Very nice house.

  33. They all look pretty amazing to me.

  34. where is this place? wahsei...all also is my fream house...can see a ferrari car there sumore...damn...

  35. You are right.The last one does look like one from Washington.I liked all the ones actually.Hard to pick one.Lovely pictures of the mansions.

  36. Beautiful! KL does have a lot of these properties. I recently went to such a house for a housewarming. It's an almost all-glass 4-storey home. It even has an elevator. It looks awesome at night when all the lights are lit. Where are these taken?

  37. wensher: at least u got chance.. myself sure no chance.. look forward to the young..

    rachel: that is why we r staying in small houses..hahahaa..

    sjb: yes, looks very official.. lol..

    kay: yes, just can look.. cannot touch..

    via: in sg. buluh.. :p

    webdesigns: wonder when we can own one..

    happysurfer: in sg buluh.. :)

  38. I love the most simple one, the 5th pix. When we don't own it (yet), it's good to dream so there goes the motivation, push factor, momentum... etc! hahaha :-P

  39. Dora, yes.. aim high.. but we can shoot lower.. hahahaa...

  40. Gosh...all the huge mansions. It is nice to see rather than staying in it if with small family members.

  41. ling, yes.. unless u got maids in-waiting.. then ok lar.. otherwise, work like a slave.. hahaha...

  42. moon: yes.. too bad not mine! :)


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